Chapter 9:

Chapter 9 (In a glass cage)

Ankh Holder (Season 1)

Zeya felt like he was underwater but didn't drown. He could feel the coldness and his nakedness. The air he breathed was pure and clean. He opened his eyes slowly but couldn't see the view clearly. Everything was shaking in his view, like seeing underwater. He saw an unclear view of two Taterains talking at a distance. Zeya was in his undies and there were some wires attached to his chest and hands. There was an oxygen mask in his mouth. Zeya began to realize that he was inside a glass tube filled with water.

Zeya tried to break the glass by punching it hard. But, his fists were not as strong as usual. He felt so weak but he kept doing it. A Taterian came near to him and said to him, "Why are you hurting yourself, you dump little creature," The Taterian looked like a high class. He knocked the glass and mocked Zeya.

At that time, Zeya was so dizzy and confused. He couldn't focus on his fist. He was also angry because of the mocking of the Taterian. Zeya stared at the Taterian with blazing eyes but the Taterian kept seeing him as a helpless bird in a cage. He laughed at him. This made Zeya angrier . Zeya was feeling sensitive to these things because the Taterians added some drugs into his oxygens in order to make him weaker. So, Zeya was like a boiling pot at that time.

Zeya closed his eyes for a moment. The confusion, the Anger, the irritation all were mixing in his mind. Suddenly, they all turned into one single feeling, Rage

With great rage and furious anger, Zeya striked the glass with his fist. The glass tube, that can resist laser beams, shuttered at this mighty punch. The Taterians were shocked to see that. Zeya came out of the tube with his feet in the air. His eyes were bright as stars. A symbol of the ankh appeared on his chest. Another power was awoken. The Taterian, who mocked him, was lifted into the air. Zeya didn't touch him, he was controlling with his mind. " You still have your powers......?" the Taterian said. But before he could say further, he was crushed to the wall and faced his doom.

The other Taterains soldiers came inside the room, surrounded Zeya with guns and were ready to shoot at him but Zeya made a wave just like he had done at the pyramid. All the soldiers were stepped backward. Suddenly, they lose control of themselves and begin to aim at each other with guns. The soldiers couldn't resist it. Their bodies had been fully controlled by Zeya. "Don't let yourself turn into a disgusting creature like Koed!!," Xuron's voice appeared in Zeya's mind. He saw Lora in a flash. "Gahhh" he yelled and the soldiers began shooting at their lags.

Zeya holded the head of one soldier and asked."What have you done to me?" The eyes of the soldier turned white and said "We were trying to get your power of ankh for an experiment". " What experiment??" Zeya asked. The soldier tried to resist but finally he said, "The project..... The Mutant Project!!"After telling that, the soldier fell down.