Chapter 20:

fuel on fire

love sick delinquent

it was lunch time when i noticed reiji and gabriel sitting on the table near the window in the cateria

i wonder why they're here?i'm pretty sure there's a cafeteria in the music department which is three times much better thab our cafeteria here

i wonder why they decided to eat here.out of curiosity ,i timidly walk towards them when reiji noticed my.presence and glanced at me with the bored look on her face''oh its just you katarina''

''you don't need to sound that disappointed reiji!''i said in protest''what were you doing?''i added as i slightly tilted my head

''i said i saw a wanted criminal on academy ground but he wont believe me''gabriel said in annoyed voice as he pointed at reiji

''he?''why does gabriel always use he as reijis

i looked at him and thought about what he said for a second''there's no way for a wanted criminal to get on academy with High security''

''but i saw whim and i man sure he was a wanted man!i wouldn't mistake it"gabriel slammed the newspaper on the table"its right here on the newspaper ,clear As day!it was this guy''

hm?''i mumbled as i leaned on the paper which is gabriel pinned o. the tabl

''lemme see'

''this is today's palantine times''reiji calmly said as she pushed the paper for me to get a good angle

palantibe times it was the most well read newspaper in palantine says that the chief editor was kinda strange but it said that she's a student from general department

i looked down at the paper to see a variety of article talking up on the page

the first thing grabbed my attention was the article was-

''who cares about delinquents?im talking about this guy right here!"Gabriel pointed an article of a guy at the corner of the newspaper

''this is the guy i saw!!''

''quite blabbering around gabriel''reiji scolded him

''this guy''the moment i saw the man in the photo gabriel pointed to..i knew it was Rindou

no way!my eyes widened in disbelief

i traced the long article line with my finger as i read it

The mans name was randel?

the article said he is a member of the top administration of a gang and spent his childhood as a leader for an organized band of thieves to illegally steal a mass money,and simultaneously the beginning of his inclination toward monetary gain and now he was the leader of a criminal organization and a wanted criminal.

i don't believe this!suddenly the conversation i had with yahiro yesterday came flashing to my mind as clear as day''rindou....he's an old friend of mine''

i froze as my mind went blank yahiros gentle smile....rindous kind gesture. was it all i lie? deceived me

''oum something's up kyashi??gabriel asked with a concerned look on face

''what's wrong?''reiji added in a serious voice

''oh I'm sorry,I'm going to borrow this paper for a bit''with the palantinetimes in hand,i dashed out if the cafeteria

''rindou..whats going on here?''i whispered as i run away back to my classroom

i sat down on my desk as i held on tight at the newspaper

i thought everything was going well...and now this

rindou is yahiros friend and yahiro is also friend

i was lost in thoughts when someone walked in the classroom and all pf classmates whispering in excitement

i looked up to see what's going on when i saw cecillon standing in the middle cebter of the room''i came here to pick up miss campbell''he gently said and flash a sweet calm smile

the moment he saw me.his face lit up ''there you are''he said as he walked towards me and reached out his hand

even tho i'm confused i shocked the newspaper under my desk and reached out his hand and stood up

''whats going on cecilion?''

something cane up''he said and gently drag me out of the room

my classmates eyes were on me ''shes so lucky!''i heard them said but cecillon seem walking faster than normal

''are you okay?''i couldn't help hut asked and cecillon stopped her track and glanced at me''its nice you are worried about''he said with a smile and continue to walk until we reached the music department building in the practice room where nicol used to practice alone

i got surprised to see yahiro among the crowd but he seems not in his usual self today.cecillon pulled a chair for me and let me sit down first

''thank you cecilion...''i timidly thank him which he responded with a smile and sat beside me

i couldn't help but to stole glance at yahiro

''I think you all have a general idea from the newspaper or other sources but there's a tension between palantine and our neighboring school....''sir glen started''But those are the rumors that the newspapers are pedling''

''I'd like everyone to try to keep the students at unease to make sure that no one panics''he added

''Wait you called us here just to say that?''gabriel asked''You could've just told us tomorrow ''

''there must be something else''i second the motion

''This is where we moved into the main topic''

''Someone is talking advantage if the music completion to steal something...probably''sir glenn nodded as he stood up from his seat and lean on the table with his arms''There have been reports that a man named rindou has infiltrate the academy''

''See i told yah''gabriel said proudly and looked at reiji which seems annoyed as she crossed her arms


I took a glance at yahiro who was simply looking right at sir glen his expression unchanging

For some reason i found that terrifying

''Ah yahiro..that guy you''i immediately cut my own words and clenched my first which placed on my lap

I've got to ask him about rindou but....I couldn't put that question into words

katarina something weird about you today you're hiding something arent you''reiji said as she stared at ne

''Come to think of it you ran off with that article about rindou at the cateria''

''Well...''i was lost in words

''You what?''.yahiro finally look over in my direction

Really?''cecilion glabed at me in surprise

''I did''i whispered as i looked away from them

''Katarina you know something don't you''gabriel fired at me''If you've got something going on spit it out now''

With gabriel pressuring me.i looked down and went silent

In my head i was talking to myself whether i should talk about rindou or not

I wasn't quite sure what would happened to yahiro if i did

Those thought and worry dominated my mind making me indecisive come one wether to say it i don't know anymore

''if you don't speak up-''

''Quit it gabriel!''.yahiro step in between us''You're making katarina uncomfortable''he said glaring at gabriel

''Stay out of this''Gabriel yelled out “and i'm not making princess uncomfortable and why are you even here anyway!

'' i'm not staying in!''yahiro stood up from his seat and walk towards me as he reached out my hand''i won't let you make her uncomfortable''

''Come again''to my surprise gabriel grabbed my other hand using force to pull me away from yahiro

''thats enough''sir glenn yelled''Right can we calm down and talk''

''Shut up!how am i gonna keep calm?''hhe responded frustratedly

This is an emergency we can't just sit on our heels''euphimia said calmly agreeing with gabriel

''how about you quit fighting with anyone and everyone gabriel?or do you want me to kick you then?''yahiro glared at gabriel as i felt the tight grip in both my arms

''You want a death match? i won't hold back at you paxley''

'i won't hold back either''yahiro responded as their grip getting more and more tighete

i badly want to react but im scared if it will make the situation worst

this is all my fault