Chapter 4:

What's Next?

Testamentum Novum

Liam and Ellie, who was comfortably resting in Kellie's body, walked down the streets of New York with no real destination in mind. Occasionally Nathan would pop up and ask a question or request somewhere they could go, but he was usually left ignored.Bookmark here

Liam had forgotten how rowdy the streets could be. He'd only been to New York once in his life, and he was barely old enough to remember in the first place. He'd come with his parents, aunt and two cousins when he was 6 for a family vacation. He seemed to very vividly remember eating an ice-cream with the older cousin, Lauren, at the Coney Island beach. He saw how heartbroken she was when he died. The younger cousin, Gerald, was always in hospital because of suicidal tendencies due to being bullied, so Lauren always viewed Liam as a younger brother.Bookmark here

Shaking the thought from his mind, Liam turned to Ellie and asked: "Where should we clock in for the night?"Bookmark here

"I'm not sure. I don't think I have any money on me." Ellie responded.Bookmark here

"I think I had about a four hundred bucks in my backpack." Nathan said. "See if it's still there."Bookmark here

"You had a backpack?" Liam asked. He hadn't realised there'd been a bag on his back the whole time. He turned his head and saw the blue strap over his shoulder. "So you did." He knelt down, took off the bag and opened it. Inside, Liam immediately spied something very curious. It was a condom.Bookmark here

"Really?" Liam almost burst into laughter.Bookmark here

"Leave that!" Nathan hissed. "My mother gave it to me... just in case, you know?"Bookmark here

"Sure she did." Liam chuckled. He started digging through, pushing aside books and paper. It was a solid 5 minutes before he found the 8 green $50 American bills. Ulysses S. Grant stared at Liam as he took them out.Bookmark here

"Perfect!" Ellie cheered. "We can stay anywhere in America with that kind of money!"Bookmark here

"Not so loud, Ellie." Liam quickly shushed her. "Who knows who could be listening. And I don't think you know how to fight very well, so if this gets taken from us, we could be in serious trouble."Bookmark here

"But... don't you know how to fight?"Bookmark here

"Yeah, I know how to fight Demons and Angels. Even if I was 18, I never fought against anyone."Bookmark here

"Oh..." Ellie mumbled. "Okay, sorry."Bookmark here

"It's fine, no need for apologies." Liam said. "Do you have any ideas of where we can stay?"Bookmark here

"Kellie just said there's a nice comfort inn down the road we can stay in." Ellie smiled.Bookmark here

"That'll do then. We can get a room and figure out where to go from there." The two nodded to each other and began making their way to the inn through Kellie's instruction.Bookmark here

It took them a good hour to arrive at their destination. The Comfort Inn Times Square South Area was a welcoming site, as the pair were growing tired and in need of a rest.Bookmark here

"I'll go and sort out a room, you just wait here." Liam said as they walked inside. Ellie nodded and went up to lean against a wall.Bookmark here

Liam walked up to the clerk and asked for one room with two beds for two days. Coming to about $300, he paid, and he and Ellie went to their room. Room 15.Bookmark here

"Oh, I'm going to sleep for hours." Ellie sighed as they walked in. She walked over to one of the beds and fell face down on it. "Wake me up when September ends."Bookmark here

"Music reference. Nice." Liam chuckled. "But, that begs the question. What are we going to do now?"Bookmark here

"Might I suggest searching for others like you?" Nathan said. "If what you say is true, then we have roughly 12 hours to find other souls that were cast from Heaven."Bookmark here

"Assuming they haven't already found a host, yes, you would be correct." Liam nodded. He put his hand to his chin and began to think. "I'm also willing to bet that others have also began to prepare to take Heaven back. Or, at least I hope they have."Bookmark here

"It's possible. It seems that others are just as, if not more, inquisitive and determined as you are."Bookmark here

"How did you know that?"Bookmark here

"You memories are started to combine with mine, it seems. I'd wager you've been seeing somethings you don't remember."Bookmark here

"You're not wrong. You've certainly had an interesting life, Mr. Gallagher." Liam chuckled. "Either way, you're correct. There are many others who would be more determined to take it back. I know of one called 'Keiran', who was said to be one of the Archangel, Michael's closest friends. I can't imagine him being too happy about Lucifer killing Michael."Bookmark here

"Then, let's try and find him. It couldn't hurt to have someone so determined helping us." Liam suggested.Bookmark here

"No, it wouldn't." Liam mumbled. After thinking for a few moments, he looked up and snapped his fingers.Bookmark here

"It's settled." He said. "We're going to find Keiran as soon as we can."Bookmark here

********************Bookmark here

Well, it's been a while. I'm really sorry about that, but school and work have taken up a lot of my time and I've not been able to do much writing.Bookmark here

I'm trying to prioritise my time properly so I can deal with school, work and leisure time equally, but that's proving difficult.Bookmark here

Either way, I hope you did enjoy this chapter, as it did take me some time to write it. Feel free to leave any feedback, whether it be positive or negative, I will take it all to heart and make sure to improve my writing based on it!Bookmark here

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