Chapter 0:


Cor Falsus: The great replacement

537 years have passed since the world we knew changed, the planet made of biodiversity and different species that inhabited it, this world always faced a lot of changes throughout its story from the ice age to the industrial revolution, discovery of a new continent, evolution of languages and so many other things.

The most notorious species of planet earth, the human race both have experienced difficulties such as survive to internal changes, however everything has a limit, war,pandemics ,natural disasters these things always kept human numbers on line, until this species and its skill to adapt made it go back to its origins, from built advanced civilizations, kingdoms & empires, they went back to isolate themselves, so claimed first world countries were the first to fall in this, a problem that they had since decades, expanded all across the globe to the so called third world countries, a axis, good or bad guys never existed , just victors and losers with bad propaganda.

The insostenible fertility rate gave the last thrust to the once called superior race, it was not an alien invasion or atomic bomb, just uninterested of keep existing, a infinity of banal problems kept them busy instead of manteining their ancestors legacy alive, even if we see from the other side humans always were like any other animals, living following their instincts, they delimited the territory extension of their communities, if a predator came to end their lives, humans themselves dug their own grave.

Still, not everything’s lost, at least they made the impossible to keep a spark of their existence, so Huma were born.

They failed attempt or that’s how they catalogued it, under the principles of androids and cyborgs, the last remaining humans, Huma or Humanoid was the project to save mankind facing the imminent threat of its extinction from history, the project consisted in mixed the human genome adding androids a human core, in other words merging cyborgs with androids, but it was like, to obtain a stronger yellow, you only have a small portion of that color, your only options to mix it are orange and blue, blue is not an option and orange is already mixed so you mix it with orange and hope for the best.