Chapter 0:

There is a Demon Lord in Town

I Guess I’m Villain in this Isekai

“ I don't usually get out the house but Today is a special day & that's Because Today , the New Long Awaited MMO Game Clash Of Kings Will be released . i had to put a pre-order on this one and have been waiting for months , i just can't wait to get back home and start my adventure .“ Thought the 17 years old Haruko Koen to himself as he was getting in the game shop .

Few moments later As Haruko is passing Down The street With the Game in His hand ,thinking about the great Time he will be having once he gets home .
he doesn't pay attention To the Lights as they turn Red until , suddenly he hears Breaking sounds followed with a Loud Horn , He turns right only to Be faced with a huge truck reaching one feet away from him .

Haruko Can Only Think Of One Thing
" Damn It , is This is It ? is this how I’m going to die ?! , I wish i Could have more Time
I wish i Could have another chance . Please God don’t let it end like this , please give me another chance ! "

Everything went Black for an instant . yet somehow haruko is still conscious , although he can't see anything in this pitch black realm he can still feel somewhat alive …

" Next Please …. Haruko Koen" a Women calls for him in a Soft Voice

" Haruko Koen" She Calls Again

' Huh , where am I ??… ' He open his eyes in shock gasping After he just saw his life flash right in front of him , Only To Find Himself in what look like a hotel Reception Room .There is a lot going on in this room with people walking around him in what seems to be works uniforms . while he's sitting in a chair awkwardly alongside old people . He doesn't understand what's going on, wondering while looking around him until he is interrupted As the Voice calls for him Again " Haruko Koen … "

He turns aside to see a blond woman With glasses in a Reception uniform calling for his name . He walks straight clueless about what’s going on and as he reaches to her desk She asks "Are you Haruko Koen ? "

“ Y...yes ! " Where am i . Is this a dream . Thank god That means I’m still alive . ‘ he thinks to himself ...

" My Name is Celia . unfortunately for you Haruko- San your lifespan have been cut short due to an accident this morning , few moment afterwards you were pronounced dead “

'’Huh .... Come Again . " he said with a pale expression on his face
"You had an accident Haruko- San. And you died . thus you are here at the ‘after death’ post office ."

' HOLY SHIT !!! This isn't a dream. I’m really dead . I messed up really Bad . Now i can't play Clash Of Kings. Wait why am i even thinking of That stupid game , i can't play any games ever again . now it's GAME OVER FOR REAL ' he thought to himself Freaking out .

" However Haruko- San it seems That someone from the HQ has Heard your prayers and decided to give you a second chance "
"HQ ,... You don't mean ..."
Celia winks with a smile and reply " yup. "

" So does That mean That I’m gonna be able to get back and play my game . "

" I’m afraid That’s not the case Haruko- San , once you are dead on your World you can't get back . "

Haruko is speechless . Just when he thought There is Hope " Then What do you mean by second chance ? "

“ wait a minute ...” haruko thinks to Himself as he just realized something
'This can't be it . Could this really be it . I’m i gonna be summoned as a hero to another world . What a great turn of event , I will probably be the greatest hero, the most powerful there ever was . man i Hope they have elf’s and cat girls in That World . Probably Women With hugs Cleavage too , Here i Come my HAREM !! … “ as he is scheming his plans to having his own harem and becoming a hero Celia looks back to him with a smile “ you have a Second Chance to become a great farmer “ she stated

Haruko plans just got shattered .

" Huh ... Farmer ….. FARMER MY Ass " Haruko shouts out loud making everyone there stare his way " i didn't get hit by a truck just to Spend my next Life with potatoes ,tomatoes and other Vegetables "
"actually tomatoes are fruit! "
" That’s not the point !! .I’m not becoming a farmer why can't i become a hero "
"Sadly there have been a huge demand for Heroes lately . So all the post have been Taken . " She Said That while looking at her notebook .

" The only ones left are farmers . Doctors . Chefs and .... "
She looks at her notebook . Stares at haruko then looks back only to close the Book hurriedly " That it That all the posts we got " she said with a fake smile.
Haruko stars at Celia , He know that she's hiding something so he takes the notebook quickly from her desk & start riffling through it quickly as Celia shouts " that`s Office property , Please return That immediately !"

Haruko decline her request smirking while taking a look furtively at what she saw earlier & uncover what he did not expect . There is another empty space . Under the farmer & Doctor Posts there is something else . a note that said
Empty Post : Demon Lord .
Haruko takes a step back with a heavy breath. he remember how his life used to be .he never did anything Bad , he never hurt a soul. So why is did the thought just crossed his mind . why did the idea of a demon lord seems reasonable . is he seriously thinking about becoming a one . Someone who feed on other people despair & spread evil & chaos in the world . why this idea seems normal . was it because he is eager for an adventure no matter what side he take on . or he is just scared of having another boring life . either way , he is now in a tight spot , he doesn’t necessarily want to be a demon lord .

However Although He was a kind person , life didn't treat him the same way . After all he is stuck in this situation . Where he need to choose between being a normal human being with a daily routine . Or a demon lord in a magical world , feeding on other people's fear and anger ….
After a brief moment . Haruko looks at Celia with determination look on his face & State
" I want to Become a Demon Lord !!! " Suddenly Every person in the room Looks At Haruko with shock in their faces .

“ Shhh lower your Voice haruko- san “said Celia while shutting Haruko mouth .
“Are you trying to cause a riot . “
Haruko tries to move her hand saying That that`s what he choose to be . and he doesn't Care if people don't agree with him . all While using her force to shush him , Celia explain to Haruko That people don't choose to be Demon Lords . They get chosen based on their previous life , basically they are Bad people and if they die as Bad people they become demon lords in the next life. Nobody ever chose to become one , so she never did it before what if something goes wrong, Beside why would he want to be a demon , they always Gets Defeated by the heroes. And he doesn’t look like a Bad person either.

Haruko looks at Celia replying That he doesn't Care as long as he Can have a life full of adventures and Be Powerful in the next Life . he lived in a bubble his whole life , it’s about time he gets a chance to be something . he begs Celia to Help him , to give him a chance , plus there seems to be short on demon lords . So he; Haruko Koen would like to apply for The Job .
“ apply !! “ Celia looks at Haruko and she grasp a determination in His eyes , ‘he is really serious . This young man really want to be a demon lord . ‘
She smiles while closing her eyes . " Huh , you are really a special human Haruko Koen . I Guess there isn't really a choice then . fine , stay still ! "

She makes a green magical circle around Haruko covering his whole body as he starts glowing all While chanting .

" I Celia , Allow Haruko Koen a forward passage To the New World . To be elected as the next Demon Lord , may he have the god’s blessi....
May he have a safe trip and achieve Great Fortune in the Next World .

And with a final flash of light , Haruko departed leaving no trace . While Celia smiled and sat back to her desk .

" Good Luck Haruko - san you will definitely need it "

Next Please … “

And in another world a New demon Lord has been summoned .

Somewhere in an  Old Tavern Like hotel Room . Haruko opens his eye After he was allowed to Travel to another world .

He now find Himself laying on the ground having a painful headache with some strange written letters forming a circle around him .

" Yes I did it i finally did it !! " he hears a young girl in the same room as him .

He tries to wake up but something feels strange . His Body feels a somewhat Numb , he looks at his hand And he seems to be in a strange outfit . this is awkwardly weird , is this not his usual body ?? , all he can do is lay there and stare at the unfamiliar celling .

" So i Guess i made it to the other side huh . " He Said to Himself in relief .

“ Oï . Are you awake . Mr. demon - san “ said the voice of the young girl

“ Oî Can you hear me ??? .”

Haruko tries to stir from the floor and as he's getting himself up there stand before him , A charming young girl with blond silk hair and piercing Perfect Blue eye, yet what mostly caught his intention was her pointy ears as were very much standing out .

Haruko realizes immediately That she is an elf as he is used to play Video Games & Reading manga , he was also ready To Come across upon one in this World . But not Like this …

He never thought the day would Come Where an attractive elf girl is right next to him probably Closer than she needs to be as she was looking down to him sitting there breathing in his face so much that he could feel her warm breath .

Trying hardly to get up , still not accustomed to this new body of his , He takes a peek at Himself in a mirror That was close by in the room and sees his New Body , A young Dark Haired teenager in His 17s with somewhat well-built muscles than his previous one . not to mention the Horns sticking out of his head. Even his outfit looks like something a villain from the mid ages would Wear . His Long Navy Blue Trench Coat With The Metal Shoulder Pads wrapped around it were letting off a powerful presence & his Black leather boots were nothing less than badass , he Couldn’t help but to enjoy his new ‘ Devilish look’

Haruko stared at himself for a brief moment then turned back to the elf girl .

“ Who Are You , & Where am I ?? “ he asked with a cold voice trying to be cool for his first impression .

“ My Name is Celestine R. Crystal I’m the youngest elf of house Crystal and we are in a Hotel room located in Nozomu Town , I summoned you here using an incantation Spell Because i need your Help Demon Lord – Sama .”

“ HUH..! Summoned me You Say ??! “. He asked scorning.

Haruko looks to Celestine and sees a mark shining on her chest , out of curiosity asks her what's That about , So She reply saying That this is a contract sealing. Some sort of an insurance to make sure That he will not be able to hurt her and will be obligated to Help her . and if he refuse ,Well he know the rest ...

" Help you with what ? may I ask . " he reply with a smug expression still not realizing the situation he is in .

She told him the story about how her sister have disappeared few days ago alongside with many people & there is a rumor that they are being used as slaves & are getting sold by traders. She doesn't know Where they are being Taken , Or Why exactly . but she is going to save them all, Including her sister . She is not strong but she Can use some summoning & healing spells . And the only way To save her sister and the others was to summon a Powerful being to help her . And That’s Where his part comes .

Why don't you ask Help from someone with an actual authority . Aren't there any heroes or Knights in this Town?

They have become slaves to their own Minds and pleasures. when they came here they were obsessed about fighting demons and saving the World . But one day they all turned their backs on us , few heroes even end up disappearing & for some reason every adventurer or hunter that goes after the traders never made it back , so they gave up soon after .

' heroes turning their back on people huh , Never Heard of That before ' he whispers to himself .

“ Did you Say something ?? . “ she asked

" No , never mind . This seems Like a good story and all but unfortunately i have no interest of doing a search and rescue mission. I have to find out more about this World so i can't help you, good Luck though" he said heading outside

" Wait a minute I’m not finished !!!You can't just leave...Hey are you listening “ she shouts for him in bewilderment . but he shows no sign of slowing down as he reaches for the door turning his back on her .

She then scream in despondency " I SAID STOP !!!! “ suddenly he feels a huge electric shock going through his whole body dropping him on his knees .

‘ What the hell Was That!! ‘ he thinks to Himself as his whole body tremble.
He held his head down to maintain his calm only to notice a shining red symbol on his wrist. Same one that Celestine has on her chest .
He thinks about That for a brief moment , & then it finally hit him . he realized the meaning of the mark . just as she said , It's a biding spell meaning That he is bound to her and she has control over him , her orders are a must to comply by and if something happens to her , it will probably be the same fate for him as well . meaning he can’t even force her to break the spell .

" So that's how it is " He said in anger as he turns to her with a deadly look on his face . Celestine is now petrified by him & scared for her life as she took a step back but quickly managed to calm her nerves changing the look on her into a determine expression & stood her ground stating “ Yeah that`s how it is , I’m in charge now , & since I’m the one That brought you her , you are going to help me , whether you Like it or not . “ she stated bravely

‘ hah damn it I was naïve , i thought That all it took was from Celia to send me here And the business is done , but it doesn't work Like That does it … . There needs to be someone on the other side to receive the package in some sort of saying . And thanks to my shitty Luck , the one who was waiting for me Here was this elf with some serious family problems . which are going to be my problems too as it seems ’ . he thinks to himself as He takes a deep breath to cool down. after a brief rational thinking he turned back to her smirking
“ Say so what's the plan , my lady !! “

She makes a cute clueless face and laugh awkwardly saying
“ Well , i thought you Could Help me with that hahahahah “

as he stares at her bluntly wondering what kind of sick twisted fate deemed him with this being . he hears a voice shouting upstairs followed by loud steps from down stairs coming up his way . " They are here ! " said Celestine.

“ Who's here? “ he ask And as he said That, the room door gets busted open .

A huge man walks in with an angry look on his face . He is a lot taller than Haruko’s New Body & clearly more muscular and if That wasn't enough , he got his own men standing behind him and they don't seem To Come here for a chat.

“ Who the hell are you ?! “ said the man in animosity looking down on Haruko but
he doesn't answer . Not Because he is afraid but Because he actually don't have a name for himself in this World and Haruko doesn't seem like a good name fit for a demon lord .
“ I asked you a question you bastard what is your business with That elf !!! ”

he said unsheathing his sword while staring at Celestine in anger as She takes a step back frightened . But Haruko takes a step forward instead and ask her To stay behind him . & turns back to the giant man standing in front of him .

" i don't know what's your problem with this woman ,but she is kind of my boss , so i must ask you to lower your weapon as it seems that you are scaring her a bit“ .

“ You bastard . don't you dare Come between us and That girl , she stole something very valuable from us . And she will pay one way or another . “
“ Stole something ... ? “ Haruko looks back at her waiting for an answer.

“it Was a Magical potion that was necessary for your summoning & i had to use it all in order for the incantation to work !! ‘’she replied in worry .
“ I see , Well then i must apologies to you sir .I don't have any money right now but i promise to pay you if the near future for whatever the item costs . You have my word . “

" SCREW YOUR WORD !!! you Think i Care about your promise . That girl stole something for me and she is paying right now . Or else ... “ he said griping on his sword .
"But i don't have any money right now ... " she replied

" Well then , i Guess you have to pay in another way kahkahkah " he said with an evil disgusting look on his face & his men started chuckling goggling & staring at Celestine in a perverted manner . They don't seem To Care about Money , They are more interested in her . as they are preparing to charge at her, One of them who was approaching slowly notices the Horn on Haruko .
" Boss ,… those Horns " he said & The gang boss is startled.
" Yeah this no doubt about it . That’s him !! “ .

suddenly the tension in the room change as of now , the whole gang have their eyes set on Haruko .
" Boys we hit the jackpot this Time !!!. " Said the boss as They all got ready to attack Haruko

" What do you Think you’re doing ? " he tells them while taking a stand getting ready for a fight .

“ Oh .. so you don't know ... There have been a huge Bounty on you these past weeks . “

" Bounty... What do you mean ?? "

" People are being attacked by a demon , so hunters are looking for him everywhere . And we seem To find one in a hotel room alongside with an elf kahkahkahkah t, his is my lucky day . " He said chuckling while raising his Sword to be faced with Haruko’s way and with a calm evil manner he gave the order " Boys ...... Bring me his head !! "

The Whole Gang Goes for Haruko's Head with their Sword & weapons .
" WATCH OUT !!! " Screams Celestine alerting him . haruko panicked at the beginning but as he took a step back , something inside him just clicked , like an animal instinct that accrued allowing him to act based on his deep consciousness as he Lifted His Right Hand making a Red Circle drawn simultaneously on his palms , And He chants with a cold Voice & a dangerous look on his face … " Infigar !!! "

Suddenly a huge explosion bursts in the room , blasting everyone away , the fire was so big it could be seen from miles away followed by a big cloud of smoke settling in the town . few moments later the men are all thrown away like flies due to the power of the blast . And the room have been completely destroyed .

The gang leader is outside tossed on the ground stunned by what just happened & he looks up To see Haruko's standing on top of the Hotel building That was just shattered . people are wondering what just happen , What could possibly have caused this huge explosion .
Everyone are in total Shock even Celestine who was standing behind haruko is unharmed yet speechless . But the person who was more astonished than anyone even the gang leader . was none other than Haruko Himself as he stood up there stumbled thinking to himself .

'What just happen .!!Did i just ...! Holy Shit!!! i Can use Magic !!!! wait , how??? , something in me just clicked . was that my inner conscious talking . all i did was visualize the fire and it …just happened … and what did I say … Infigar …. What the Hell was That supposed to mean … was That what they call chanting … I’m guessing it was Latin … or maybe an Arabic chanting . That was like a super powerful Magic Spell.... No wait That wasn't powerful . I barely put any thought into That . And I ended up causing all this damage ..!! I’m really Amazing !!!'

" what... what the hell ...just happen...M...m...Monster ...Demon … devil !!! Who the hell are you ?!" The gang leader Shouts in fear .
Haruko Thinks for a brief moment . Then steps forward looking down on him And laughs in an evil manner " hahahahah a Monster you say .. that's cute ... I’m not a Monster , I am something far more superior …. I’m The New Demon Lord : VARIYS !!! “

“ Variys … “ whispered Celestine to herself
“ Demon…Lord !! “ said the leader
" Yeah , & you just witnessed a small Portion of my power Don't you dare insult me Again you damn insect . or else i will give you hell on earth " . He said staring at him with a killing look on his face.

The leader screamed in fear as he started running away for his life and the town people are all staring at Variys as he stood there looking mighty & he looked back trying to look cool . only for Celestine to jump behind his back and clinch to his shoulder " That was Amazing . You defeated all those men with one single spell . I knew That you were powerful , but this is on a another level . " she said laughing But he can't listen to her , as he is way too distracted by her cleavage rubbing against his Shoulder , smiling in a perverted way while asking her to let him go . “ yeah , yeah , just get down off me… you were the one that summoned me so you should have expected this type of outcome “ he said
" that probably true !! By the way Variys – Sama. how are we gonna pay for The damage That you just caused ..." she said laughing bluntly .

“ huh !! “

Chapter 2- Level Up .

this morning a demon lord has been summoned to the town of Nozomu.
"Variys - sama Where are you going " said as she follows him through the town .
But he doesn't respond .
' i need to find more about this New body of mine & about this world .you said this Town is called nozomu . am I right?? “ ,

“ yes , it’s an eastern town in the Kingdom of Doeretia , do you want to buy a map or something ?? “ “ Probably “ he replied ‘ but first things first , I need to know more about myself before going out there , I’m already strong I am well aware of that That . But how strong , Where is the limit of my power . That's what i need to find out ' he thought to himself only to suddenly stop causing Celestine to bump into him from the back asking “ Why did you stop !! “

" Is That ... " he asked looking forward as he sees huge semi-familiar building with a huge symbolic shaped emblem on top of it , probably from playing too much MMO Games

" oh that … That's Azami , the main Guild of the town . Hunters from all over Come here to take quests and make easy Money " she replied & He smirks while heading towards it .
"Oî … Where are you going you still need To Help me you know !!"
"Yeah don't worry . I will help you save you sister and whatever .. "

“ Promise me !! “ she said as she stopped in the middle of the road waiting for an answer . After a taking a deep breath he stares back at her with a serious look" i promise"
" fine . But let's make it fast ! "

Moments later He enters the Guild & contemplate to see all the people from different races ( Elf’s , humans Demi Humans ) having fun with alcoholic beverages & games from all sorts while Tavern Music playing in the background . the place was filled of exuberance & Everyone seemed to get along Just Fine .

It's just like he Always imagined how a guild would be and he Can Only smiles with a level of exhilaration & Peace of mind only to turn & notice Celestine staring at him .
" Why are smiling Variys - sama " she asked
" huh , ummm , It's nothing let's go " he replied embarrassed
"Go Where ! "
" After the damage we have caused we don't have a place to sleep , we don't even have money to pay for our food "
" I see so That's why we are here . You are going to take on a quest !! "
" Exactly !! "

He said while heading towards a board hanging, filled with Posts and quests : it went as follows :

Quest1 : Find Missing Cat / reward : 25 coins
Quest 2 : Catch Masked thief / reward : reward : 200 coins
Quest 3 : Clear dungeon receive item / 100000 coins
Quest 4 : Catch Demi Human / reward : 1000 Coins

" Woaaaah 200 Coins for Masked thief !! We should totally go for That one variys - sama "

"No .. "
"Huh … why not ? " she asked

' i want to test my power limits so the only way for to do so is by to go for The hardest quests , I can't take the safe road . I need to see how much i Can take & what Spells I Can Use , I can’t Just leave it to instinct like last time , I need to find out more about this body & what can it do !! ' he thought to Himself as he went to the Checkout Office and he is welcomed by a gorgeous dark haired cat-girl. Wearing a cute short white uniform .

' damn . She is super cute .. Does every woman in this World looks like a model from a Ero-magazine ??! ' he said to himself as he gazed her way .

" Next , Please Come forward-Nyan "
Variys Steps to the reception
" Welcome To Azami Guild , May i Help You-Nyan "
"Ahhm ... I want to take on a quest "
" Of course. which would you like to take on "
" umm . The 3rd Quest Please . "

She Froze astounded for a second and take a look at the board .

" That one –Nyan ... "
" Is there a problem ?? "
" no problem at all . it's just That That quest is s extremely difficult and has been up there for so long . people just stopped trying to Clear it –Nyan . Even strong hunter and Magic users didn't come back After taking on the mission. “ she said in the hopes of alerting him so that he could reconsider, yet
Variys doesn't seem to be bothered about that fact & the danger of this quest as he disregards the warning by saying “ I understand, I still want to go forward with it . what do I have to do . “

" very well then , Please place your hand on the Aurora "
She said pointing at a Shining Bleu crystal sphere that was sitting closer to her

"What's That ?? " he Asks

" After People started Losing their Life trying to Finish the quests . the Guild passed down a law & made it Obligatory for The Adventurers to go through a checkout to see their Power Level . If your level does not match the requirement needed to go forward with the quest , you are not allowed to go through with it . “

' I See ... Well I’m sure It doesn't matter . I’m a demon lord so I’m sure my power level is gonna be off the charts . I Can't wait to see the look on everyone’s face After they see my power level goes over 9000 ' he thought to himself .
Celestine seems worry and tells Variys That there is no need to take on such a Big quest . Even if they take the 2nd one with 200 it would still be enough to last them a week . but he doesn’t’ assent replying with a simple smirk. " Don't worry , I’m not planning on dying . I will finish this quest in less than an hour " he said in a cold voice

" So Cool " Said Both Celestine & The Woman at the same Time impressed with his self-confidences while Variys is reaching for the aurora .

Analyzing .....
Power Level 10
Level Required For the Quests 41 Application : Failed ! .
Variys suddenly feels the disappointment aura leaving from the girl’s Body as The environment surrounding them Screamed Lame & weak .

He quickly lifts the ball in the air with the intent of destroying it , trying to smash it against the ground while screaming as the girls tried to stop him " Level 10 my ass . I’m a demon lord i should be at least nine thousand . This thing has to be broken . here let me fix it !! ..."
"You can't do That variys - sama !!!"
" Please put it back . That's a really expensive item That belongs to Guild put it back Please !!! "
a while passes-by & variys seem to have been calmed down thanks to the girls who extremely stressed out by now after trying to hold him .

" I’m sorry Variys - san but i just can't let you go through this quest at your level for your own safety "
" yeah , yeah …..whatever , we will take on the second best thing ... “ he stated pouting staring at the board then looking Back at her . " We will take on Quest 4 !!! “

Later That Day .
Variys & Celestine are walking around town and she notice That Variys is holding the wanted post of the Demi_ Human it doesn't show their face but it said That she is a young girl with Bunny ears , she also has a collar around her neck with a red stone attached to it .
Celestine asks him how are they supposed to find her , he assures her that he will start working on a plan as soon as possible , But for now he is more intrigued by the note , a paper of paper That was giving to him after analyzing his level .

Because the Aurora doesn’t just reveal the power level of one person , but it Can also indicate his status alongside his magic attribution , and his read as follows .

Variys :
Race : Demon
Height : 1m80
Weight : 67 Kg
Magic Type : Element Magic .
strength : 65
Speed : 78
Intelligence : 69
Reflex : 52
Weakness : Holy Magic , Holy weapons
Level : 10

" elements type magic huh ... " he said as he looked more into the status
Elements Magic Spells :
Type Fire : Infigar / Fire Dragon Wraith / Great Fire of Destruction
Type Wind : Tempest
Type Lightning : Thunder Bolt / Counter Shock
Type Earth : Wall of Protection
Special Spell :
Black Hole
Gravity Zero
Iron Maiden

' it seems like i know a lot of spells That Could be useful…. 'he thought to himself
“ Variys - Sama ... How are we supposed to find the Person in The post ?? " Well there is only one thing we Can Do. Ask People If They saw someone with similar appearance s“

" Isn't That gonna take some Time ?? "
" Unless you know some Tracking spell That Can Help us find out Where she might be . There is nothing we Can Do " he said
" I actually know a Tracking spell .."
" You Do !! "
" Yes . But i would need an item or something That belongs to the person in order for it to be done "
"Then it's total useless ... "
" It's not useless !!! It's Super effective if you can find some belongings to the person "
" Yeah , whatever ... By the way Cele .... You can use Magic "
"Yes ... Why are you asking "
He turns to her and ask her
" I was just wondering what is your power level "
"Ummmm ... It's not That important …. Hahahaha " she said laughing nervously
" It's okay just tell me i want to know … "
She whispers under her breath ." 9 "
"Huh... I didn't hear you .. what did you Say ??? "
" It's 9 …" she said in a low voice not wanting to break his confidence
But as she said That she notice That Variys looks really pale as if his soul just left his body
" 9 hhuh .. almost the same as mine "
" But it's not the same since my Magic Type is healing and non-fighting type
That's why …. That's why i summoned you , Because you are the only one who Could save my sister "
"But .... You already seen my power level . I can't save people with at my current state "
"Yeah i know your about power level ... " she said & he spurn in embarrassment only for her to step forward and grab his arm .
" But i know That you Could get even stronger . Stronger than anyone else in this World "
" Why don't you just summon another Demon to Help you ... It would save you so much Time ..."
" Because ... " She remember how he stepped forward & protected her from the bandit "
" Because ... ?? "
" Forget about it!! just Promise me that you will gzt more stonger. PROMISE ME” she said as she kept squeezing her cleaver against him .

" Yeah , i promise , But don't you Think That you are a little bit too close " he said trying to break her lock.
' it's not That this situation bother me . On the opposite, i Hope Time stops and i Can be like this forever ' he thought to Himself degenerately while having nosebleed .

" Aaah I’m sorry variys - sama "
" anyway let's get started...Who knows how much will it takes before we actually finds a lead on this bunny girl ... " he said as they started scouting out for her .

Time passed & they kept asking the town people if they’ve seen the girl in the poster .Hours and hours passed but with no lead. And just as they started Losing Hope and getting tired an old Woman told Celestine That she saw a hunter running after her just few moments ago. "They went That way ! " She said pointing at an ally .
"Let's go Cele " said variys going ahead running through the town and just as they are running towards the direction , Voices of screaming men Could be Heard .

" Variys -sama ... "
" Yeah .i know , let's hurry !!.. " he said rapidly getting closer to the sound of the noise , They finally passed through the end of the Ally to reach a n abandoned backyard & whiteness a horrific sight ..
The men are attacking each other with brute force for some reason ,with a young short brown haired Bunny girl standing still in the middle of this mess , Unfazed by what’s happening .
"That's her !! " variys stated
" Variys sama ... Why are they attacking each-other ? " said Celestine
Variys peers attentively at the hunters looking for anything suspicious that might be the reason causing this mess & something strange caught his attention.
" Their eyes .... Are glowing crimson red !! " he said while glancing at the bunny girl & notices That her eye is glowing red too . And something else seems standing out . The collar that she is wearing on her neck . There is a crimson red Diamond attached to it & He Could hear a low scary Whispers coming from that diamond .

" So That how it is ... " he said nervously
" What's going on Variys - sama , did you figure out something !! "
" Yeah , do you see the diamond on her neck "
" that , …. "
" I’m guessing That's a dark item . And it Could be the reason for this chaos " “ how did you figure that out . “ “ I don’t really know , maybe because I’m a demon that I can sense when a dark item is around , but one thing for sure , that diamond is something that we should be careful of .”

" I see ... So what should we do "
" Well it's obvious isn't it ... " He strained griping on his fist and charge for The girl stating

" We Have To destroy It !!”

As he's running toward the girl she take notice of him . And suddenly every single hunter That was under her spell turn to variys and shifted their weapons towards him .

it took him a brief moment to notice that all the men are charging at him , he even managed to knock the first two that blocked his way but he wasn’t fast enough as without hesitation they all hoped over him and they just kept jumping until a huge pile of people is seen in the middle of the backyard .

" VARIYS - SAMA ...!!! " Shouts Celestine as she takes a step forward in worry until a voice is Heard shouting from under the pile of men

" Wind Magic : TEMPEST !!!! "

And a huge wind in the form of a tornado is seen in the street Throwing every hunter around and tossing them away as they shouts . And in the middle of the men being thrown away there stands variys on his feet unharmed thanks to his incantation .

" Variys - Sama " Shouts Celestine from happiness & relief

Variys stares at the Bunny girl and smirks . " Is That all you got " he said
The Bunny girl does not flinch nor does she reply , she just keep staring at him and he glance back at her , Until suddenly he trembled feeling a chill running down his spine and before he could even realize it he was unable to move .
" Huh ... I can't move my body ... Shit ... What just happen . Don't tell me ... She …. got me under her spell " he thought to himself as everything went black .

Meanwhile Celestine is calling for him . " Variys sama ! " " Variys sama ! "
she shouts for him but with no reply he turned back slowly to face with Celestine and she glimpse a horrific sight . His eyes ..They too have turned crimson red .
" Variys sama ... "
He doesn't respond . Instead he heaved his arm and Chant with a cold voice “ Infigar!!!”
a huge gust of fire blast out of a Magic circle incantation . The fire goes straight towards Celestine but luckily She dodge the attack at the last moment & after getting thrown on the ground she tries to stand again only to be faced with the now out of control variys as he stares at her with no sway or command over his body & mind .

" Variys sama you need to wake up don't let her control you !! "she said but it was useless as he was ready to attack her again .

" Wake up variys sama wake up "
" Infi..." before he could even finish his chanting She shouts with all her might
" Variys samaaaaaaaa "
suddenly & out of nowhere a lighting shock stroke his whole body dropping him on the ground gasping. " …That was ... The biding spell " Celestine said in shock

" hah ….Hahahahaha …. I never thought i would be thankful for this spell …”” Variys Said in pain while chuckling as he stood UP again .
" Variys sama "
" I own you one Cele ... You saved me this Time . thank you ! " he said with a smile & wholesome gentle voice enough to make her blush as He turned back to the bunny girl ready for a second . ‘’ Watch out variys sama! '’
'’ yeah .don't worry That trick won't work on me twice “ he said as he got ready & without a second thought he chanted once again ‘’ INFIGAR !! '’ Firing a blast of fire heading towards the Bunny girl yet the blast doesn’t come in contact with her. instead It impacted right close to her. Creating a huge explosion followed By a dust smoke .And as he's going through the fire at full speed . He then breaks out of the fire to be faced with the her and before She Can react & make a move he reaches out grabbing her right hand smiling.

‘’don’t worry … I’m not planning on killing a cute Bunny girl like you …
but i have to make you pay for what you did to Cele '’ ‘’ COUNTER SHOCK !! '’ He shouts followed by a streak of lighting goes through the Bunny girl’s core as she screamed in pain . Variys then caught a glimpse of the collar on her neck Getting shattered to pieces as The girl drops on the floor passed out from the power of the spell .

After a brief moment she regained her conscious to see variys standing next to her . ‘’ thank … you '’ she said right before she Lost her conscious again from being too worn out & exhausted . Celestine came in running towards variys , impressed by the outcome

‘’ Variys samaaaaaaaa …. That was amazing , I had no idea you Could do That '’ ‘’ Cele , I’m glad your fine ‘’he replied looking back at her to notice bruises from the attack he made earlier ‘’ I’m sorry . It's my fault that you were hurt , I was way to careless '’ ‘’don’t worry about it .I’m just glad you are back to me '’ she said while holding on to his arm. ‘’ what are we gonna do with her ?“ she asked ‘’ well i don't really know to be honest …. '’ he replied with a heavy breath .

Somewhere else deep in the forest . a carriage is going forward through the rough road , inside it lays a dazzling stale elf girl who looks almost as the older kindred indistinguishable version of Celestine , that elf tilt her body on the metallic bars of the carriage as she looks up in the sky despondent . waiting for someone to relieve her from this vile unpleasant state she’s in .