Chapter 14:

Chapter 14

The Warm World, My Cold World

NOTE: Welp.... this chapter is well overdue. Sorry 'bout that. Been moving all over the place and it completely slipped my mind. Hopefully, I can publish the next chapters for this week :D

The footsteps of the resident’s echo in the corridor, making their way to the post simulation NEWard for the installation of the virus. As everyone hopped into a capsule bed, they wait for the hatch to close and their conscience to fade. With the press of a button, the hatches closes. Needles attached to tubes with fluids slowly pierce the skin of the residents and inject those fluids into them.

The whole NEWard turned silent as three researchers in white coats taking notes of the data popping from screens on the command panel inside the ward. While they record data, someone entered.

“Hmm? Kreija?” A female whitey noticed her presence. “It’s rare seeing you here, especially since you’re an assistant of Kris now.”

“Yeah. I’m done with my duties for now.” She entered the ward and walked closer to them. “You guys are free after this, right? Wanna… grab a bite?”

The three whiteys, Churche, Karina, and Alex were dumbfounded. The astute and strict Kreija who always reprimands the First Division Commander and other whiteys is now meek. It’s as if her personality softened.

Was her training that hard for her to transform to such an extent?

Those floated in the minds of the three, keeping it to themselves as they saw her state. They thought of her as cute, seeing her meek self. Karina walked closer to her, placed her hand on Kreija’s shoulder, and gave her a thumbs up.

“We’re free after this. We’ll hear your troubles after this.” Karina spoke, nodding her head slightly.

“I think you understood something wrong, Karina.” Churche commented from behind them.

“Well, seeing Kreija like that, something big in her life happened, huh?” Alex added to Kreija’s words. Churche only let out a ‘Huh?!’.

“It isn’t about myself, but rather…” Kreija’s eyes were glued on the floor. She didn’t know how to continue.

“Don’t worry. Churchee…” Churche corrected Karina’s pronunciation from behind. “Alex, and myself will listen to ya!” Karina spoke, reassuring Kreija.

“Well, alright. I think my office would do.” She suggested.

“Oh, wow!” Karina exclaimed. “Having your own office.”

“It’s not that exciting, really. It’s just a desk and some drawers where I put physical files.”

“Still, you have your own private space. You can laze around there whenever you want.”

“Yeah, but… I prefer to move around. Anyways, I’ll see you guys there. I’ll just submit these to Kris first.”

All of them were in shock. One can’t simply describe their expressions. Kreija was stunned by their expressions.

“W-What is it?”

“S-She called Kris, Kris!” Alex uttered.

“I-Is Kreija really alright? We should really bring her to a doctor, ASAP! Karina, I’ll leave it to you.” Churche shivered while he spoke.

“Aright, On it.” Karina accepted.

“Huh?! Hey! W-What are you talking about.”

“Kreija, you don’t call Kris by his nickname. Something is definitely wrong with you.” Karina grabbed her by the wrist and tried pulling her but Kreija stood her ground.

“I-I guess it came out now as habit. It was because they kept teasing me after I first said his nickname.” Kreija tried defending herself.

“Them?” Karina asked.

“The bastard and Lisa. One time, I accidentally blurted out ‘Kris’ when I was feeling down, and now they kept teasing me to call him that. Later down the line, I began calling him that. Frankly, it disgusts me. How did I stoop so low?” She held her head as she let out an indescribable and incomprehensible wail.

The three only looked at her pitiful state at first but later let out their laughs. Kreija shouted at them but it only fuelled their entertainment. Slightly frustrated, but relieved, she left the scene and told them to go to her office later in the day after their duties end.


After about two hours, the three arrived at the office of Kreija. As they entered, they let out their voices of admiration. It was sparkly clean and organised and even praised her for that. But she was strangely frustrated still, for other reasons.

“It’s clean. But not as clean as the bastard’s.”

“Kris’ office?” Alex asked to confirm.

“Yeah. And here I thought it would be messy but its surprisingly clean. Cleaner than Lisa’s room. It’s frustrating.”

The three didn’t know what she was talking about. It was normal. Not many people know about the main office of Kristoff. After Kreija realised that, she stopped and cleared her throat. She stood up and made coffee for her guests.

“Still, I didn’t know assistants have offices. Shouldn’t they be near the person they are assistant to?” Karina asked her. They are more like secretaries after all.

“Well, yeah. But I was temporarily assigned this office for a different job. That’s why I’m here.”

“I see. Still nifty though.”

Kreija finished making their cups of coffee and served it to them and sat on her chair as well. As they took a sip of their own cups, Churche broke the silence and asked Kreija what she wanted to talk about. She was silent for a while, staring at the cup of joe moving in her cup. Then she opened her mouth.

“Please, stop whatever you guys are doing.”

The face of confusion floated on the three, making them even look at each other. They even stopped drinking the coffee that was served to them.

“I don’t mind if you won’t speak and just listen.” She sipped some coffee and continued to look at her cup, keeping her sights focused on it.

She was silent for a few seconds before she began to speak once more.

“I don’t know what you plan to do, but please stop. It’s for the best. Nothing will come from your rash actions. Just give us more time. One month! One more month is all we need and we’ll finally be able to finalise the Übermensch Project. I wish I could say more, but I can only give you vague answers.” She gripped her mug even tighter than before.

As she continued speaking, Churche eyed the clock in her office, Karina sat quietly while holding her cup, and Alex was playing with his empty cup. Although they were doing these things, they listened intently to Kreija’s words, the burden she feels in her heart. But that momentary peace didn’t last long.

People in suits while holding guns barged into the office of Kreija, surprising the four. Two people trailed behind them. It was Kristoff and a very haggard and dishevelled Lisanna. They couldn’t hold their laugh in and laughed loudly upon the sight, except for Alex whose large figure shrunk.

Lisanna didn’t say anything, but only glared at the three who were laughing their hearts out. As soon as they noticed her dreadful gaze, their mouths instantly zip shut. Their eyes were not glued downwards and from the side, Alex whispered to them.

“Don’t worry, I’ll bring you flowers to your graves every month.”

It felt like he was serious. Were they really about to die? He was serious about Lisanna being able to kill people with just her stare? Is it their last day on Earth?

“Oh? I only came here for Kreija, but it seems you three are here as well. Saves me time.” Kristoff spoke after looking at the faces of the four. “Good, Churche is here as well. All of you, follow me.”

Kristoff turned tail and left the room. Lisanna followed suit after sending the three a death glare, sending shivers down their spine. The four had no time to think as the soldiers quickly escorted them out of the room to catch up to Kristoff and Lisanna who were walking with a fast pace.

“Kreija, I need you to continue the LCCC codes and complete it as fast as possible. I might need to resort to installing the 28 codes to you as I did with Lisanna.”

Now the four knows what happened to Lisanna. She was pushed to the brink. Only Alex knew of this side of hers because among the four, he knew how Lisanna worked when she started out as his assistant.

“Alex, maybe you can help your lil’ sis out. It would be good training if you plan to rise up the ladder in your department.” He suggested to Alex as they walked. “Karina, I need you to sort out a few samples we received from Central. The head of your department needs hands on this immediately.”

Alex and Karina answered with enthusiasm, shouting their approval.

“Churche, I need you to install a few codes for me. I’m getting the help from the others as well. Here’s the codes I need you to install into the NEWards.” Kristoff handed out a piece of paper that outlined alphanumerical labels. It wasn’t the codes themselves but just summarised details.

“Huh? Aren’t these the codes supposed to be installed after the LCCC is completed?” Churche asked as he skimmed through the labels.

“Churche.” Kristoff called out to him.

“Huh –“


Churche was punched right at his cheek and was sent flying before crashing on the ground. Everyone was surprised, even the soldiers. They didn’t know how to react, especially Lisanna.

“Kris?!” She shouted.

Kristoff ignored her and grabbed a pistol holstered on a guard’s waist. He pointed the muzzle at Churche who was still recovering from the heavy punch Kristoff threw at him.

“Kris?! Are you mad?!” Kreija shouted and Even Alex tried to interfere.

“Move aside! It was because of him that the whole Übermensch Project is a mess!” He answered angrily and pointed the gun back at Churche. “Codes to be installed after the LCCC is complete?” He laughed and snorted at Churche’s comment.

Everyone stood at their own positions. They don’t know what to do in this kind of situation. The guards were supposed to restrain Kristoff but him being the Division Commander who also identified Churche to be hostile, they were perplexed.

“Those codes are nothing but bullshit! And codes for the LCCC? How would you know that? The real codes are only known by a few people, and you’re not one of them. I intentionally made my security weaker just for you to enter my database and guess you found the duds. These shits are everywhere! No matter how much you search, you would only find false data everywhere.”

Everybody was silent as they saw the angered Kristoff rambling about.

“What’s also interesting is that you didn’t even hide your code ID. Even if you falsified the data by tampering with the control panels, your code ID is still being recorded.” Churche’s eyes widened as he heard Kristoff’s words.

“What’s more is that the data YOU collected remain constant. You didn’t even notice the code I inserted into the NEWards that would boost the performance of the nanomachines. Although the residents would feel quite exhausted, it won’t be detrimental to their health. Only YOUR data showed consistency while other collectors showed increase in values. Don’t move your goddamn hands, Karina!”

Karina was trying to touch something on her back pocket but was spotted by Kristoff, even if she was well hidden behind Alex and some soldiers.

“Even the data you acquired remained constant. There should have been an obvious increase in performance but yours remained the same. And in case you bastards didn’t notice it, this has been recorded for over four months. You can’t just say it’s a fucking coincidence. We have already identified all the people working with you. They are being apprehended as we speak.

So, answer me, Churche. What the fuck are you after?”

Churche breathed heavily as he stared silently at Kristoff while on the ground.


The residents and some whiteys and blackies were at the meeting room, waiting for the lead whiteys to arrive.

“They’re late. Were those two caught?” A blackie spoke, tapping his finger on his shoulder as he crossed his arms.

“Churche and Karina are quite careful. Unless they fucked up somewhere.” Another whitey spoke and replied to the other’s question.

“If that’s the case, we have to proceed with the last phase. The others are ready at any time, right?” Esther asked the whiteys present.

“Yeah, they’re on standby. Once the time limit passes and Churche hasn’t given the signal, then the doors would open and the antivirus would be sent directly to you guys.” He explained.

“I just hope we won’t have to resort to that.”

“Sorry, it seems like we would.” He gripped his watch. “Everybody, go to your positions! The door here would open any minute. Once it opens, proceed with the plan!” The whitey shouted as he took note of the time.

After everybody prepared, they stood silently, waiting for the door to open. Erias, Zsally, and Esther were at the back of the room, waiting for it to open so they can trail behind the people.

“I know I’m prepared for this, but my heart just won’t stop beating loudly.” Erias tightly gripped his chest while he breathes deeply.

“it’s okay. Everything will go as planned.” Esther reassured him from behind.

“Yeah! We just need to run and run. It’s easy.” Zsally added on.

“Easy for you to say. I can’t run fast.” Erias commented, while lightly laughing to ease the tension.

“Ten seconds till the doors open!” A blackie shouted and informed the people.

The countdown only increased their tension. Serious faces floated on everyone, prepared to love everything or gain something. As soon as a bright red light lit up from the door, it swung violently, creating a gap for the residents to rush into. Now that the door has been opened, everyone charged right through it.


Churche was still silent, refusing to answer but Kristoff’s patience was nearing its limits. He pulled the trigger as he aimed at the floor near Churche. The loud gunshot echoed throughout the corridor and the bullet ricocheted, harming no one. Kreija screamed and clasped her head as she squatted down, fearful of the gunshot.

“Kris?! The hell?!” Lisanna shouted at Kristoff.

“Shut it! The more he stays silent, the more we run out of time.” He spoke while keeping his eye on Churche. “I’ll ask again, Churche. What the hell are you aiming for?”

Churche remained silent still, glaring only at Kristoff who looked down on him with a gun pointed at his person.

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