Chapter 1:

Chap 1: strange beginning

sabata saga - soul and devil

“when you hate something, it will come to you, I love the peace but trouble always come to me with the most annoying way, and I can never forseen them, but sometimes they not really a bad trouble.” they are my feeling everytime when I thinking about the the most “annoying” event of my life- the starting of troubles.

Everything still normal, in a normal day, I normaly lay on the back yard of school like everytime I skipped the class and normaly playing game (nothing special). I playing psp game with a bored feeling (even persona 4 golden not bad at all) because this school’s tired atmosphere, I don’t even want to come, just because the school principal is my acquantiance and he forced me go to school (at least it no fee for me). Even this really tired and bored but at least I can freedom at home like a lord (home alone) then I not worry about anyone will manage my freedom, even about money not big deal with me (because I not spend much thing). But living without worry anything in this simple life is too boring, I want to find something that I want to, a goal of my life. At least I don’t expect too much about changing something, because… it really troublesome.

During my relax time with some bored thought, somewhere I hear a annoying voice is calling me: ”OOOOOI…SABATA!” again, that 4 eyes otaku- shinpachi shimura, my old friend who always drawing like a mangaka and play game, and not really active to anyone in class but me (wow, 2 autisms in FA group).

I don’t know what he discuss about game with me this time. We chatting like other happy chatting day, until he mention something quite different today:” I hear some some rumour in school, they said there are something really like a ghost in school!”

…wow, it rarely heard he said something about he heard in class! I still little not clearly about this rumour, then my friend tell further more, he said everyone in school is talking about it as a hot theme, in school (look like siting in class can update many news huh), and everyone heard it from the security guard in school, that the reason most students not dare to stay late in school…

“this something pretty cool to discover isn’t it.” I tell him, shinpachi gaped in surprise:”are you kidding, what happen if it is real thing, even if it real or not my parents not let me wandering in the midtime, you know!” I smirked and reply:”isn’t it a good chance to kill some time? And the ghosh only appear in the midnight, sneaky go during that make no one notice.” After that, I take my bag and leave, without knowing what he is thinking except yuri, but it really a long time something make me feel excited like this.

I eagerly and go straight home to prepare some required tools: flashlight, phone for rake photo and filming, games during waiting, hydro peroxid, and top of all is a baseball bat. To make sure everything, I hacking into the security system of school to see what did security camera have. As my expect, this trip not be waste, the camera has seen something not ordinary- something is moving on the school hall but not clearly, a shadow of unknow figure or someone that suddenly disappear during the camera is flickering. I had replay that scene many times and it more more blur blur more until I cant see anything more. This make my curious more bigger, to lower my excited I play borderland 2 during waiting…

And once the night fall, I standing in front of the gate of school with a huge eager along with little woriness, but my troll friend here with me and as the person who open this whole trip, I act more calm in order to make him feel ease. He worries about our sneaskily act and it easy to be blame by his parents, I telling him with a troll way to lower his worriness. After few minute chatting, I unlocked the school gate and walk into the school. In nighttime, everything from a boring school becomes more mystery. Even feel little unease, but I cant turn back after gone this far…

Only 2 in school, the feeling walking during nighttime like this feel so new và interesting, it make me feel like I came into a different world, but my friend not feel as I am, he scared everything minor thing like when his shirt stucking something, the sound of wind, and the only sound of our footstep echo around this place. Look like the walking into the dark place make we feel more aware with everything, because we can’t see or know anything is hiding in darkness, that why everything become more mystery in nighttime and make me more curious.

Me and 4 eyes walking on the school hall, where I saw “that thing” from school camera, both of us finding around that place without found anything, even I use the phone to take photo many times but still got nothing (sigh).” look like there nothing here, rumour just rumour after all, so let call this a day.” My friend comment panicly.

I felt disappointed and try to open the music from the phone for killing time. During listen the music then I realized there my ringtones music – chou (fatal frame game). I try to talk my during cancel the ringtone and see the confusion on his face. “what the hell man, what’s matter???” I asked him, then he reply falter voice:”i…is this the your… r…ringtone i…isn’t it-“ I lost my patient and reply:” of course, isn’t we listen this music hundreds times already!?” I take my phone… and realize the thing I turn off is my psp, not the phone, and it out of battery long time ago. Not stop right there, I still hear my ringtone music echo somewhere. It can’t be, just few minutes ago I still use it to take photo with my guy, home come it drop that far!?

I searching my and thinking about that strange:” is it because I drop it earlier without noticed or not.” I ask myself. But it obviously that still use my phone on this hall earlier, how come the ringtone music is echo from somewhere else… those thought conflicting in my mind, it make me more worry, I hope just because I thinking too much. Less thinking non-sense, I lead my friend go to the place we hear that ringtone. Strangely, the phone is lay on the hall of ground floor. “impossible…” I mumbled to myself, how come my phone can drop this far.

“wow, what a big drop huh.” My troll friend asked me with worriness, I think something troll and said:” maybe because we chatting too much without notice it drop.” I hope that idiot don’t think too much about this. But that thought fly away after I pick up my phone and noticed there is another phone is lie next to my phone.can’t stop my curious, I pick it up and have a look.”how come another phone is laying this place???” My troll friend asked with a surprise. I smirked said:”coincidence, coincidence everywhere!” I talk to him during checking that phone. It so weird that I lost my phone on 3rd floor, found it on ground floor, it even weirder when another phone is next to mine (WTF).

While I turn off my ringtone, I checking the call list and there isn’t any record from the call earlier, what the hell?? This time, my mind more confusion, I doubt about this joke is belong to someone, but how come it can be this epic, it too far for an ordinary joke I know so far (because I’m a troller too).

Thinking about every strange thing has occurred, then hear another music that broke this silent atmosphere. That phone earlier is ringing by a call, but home can a call at this late. I hesitate to hear it, and then my guy said:” let hear it.” No more better option, I tried to hear the call. From the other side of phone, I hear something like interfered radio.” This is… my phone… I on the roof of the school…please return to me….”

…what the beep is going on!?