Chapter 0:


Vacation on the Placeholder

  As I walk through the forest, I'm filled with anger and frustration while cursing Vera under my breath for making me waste a precious holiday on this boring trip. But finally, a grateful surprise: what I see in the distance might be the only interesting event of this endeavor! And she's missing it! There's a machine sitting in the middle of the woods. It looks and sounds like a computer, but with an arcade format. What the HELL is it doing here?
  And why am I approaching it? I can't hold still...
 Why can't I stop? My efforts are useless until...?
 Until a COW appears from nothingness and turns it off with a looong lick. Yes, that's right. A cow. I'm incredibly confused.

- "What's with the long face? Never saw a cow turn off the builder of the universe?"

  Oh my God, oh my God, oh my...
  I wake up to the sound of my cellphone ringing. Since it's the holiday I was planning on sleeping some more...but it's Vera. 'We going on a trip?