Chapter 1:

Prologue: The Day My Life Wasn’t Complacent


“Ahhhh! W-What the hell?!”

I screamed, totally caught off guard as I rose from the living room couch during the morning to find something in a sense was every man’s dream to find. Slender build girl, perfect in every way with her hair down to her spine, I guess you could say her face was in the category of “cute” maybe? The best part was she was naked and she was on top of me-on the couch. Of course on natural reaction she freak out by grabbing the blankets I had over me to cover her revealing body: flustered. Now I think about it this was the first time I ever scream this loud in my life, I guess it’s because my life has always been complacent.
For as long as I can remember I never needed to scream for something, probably around the time I gave up being a doctor.

Even while explaining, I can feel myself straying off topic, when I should be addressing the main reason is to why I woke up to a naked girl appearing on top of me when I wasn’t expecting a person to be laying on me at all. To be honest it didn’t start off like that in the beginning, and-

No, I am not a pervert.

So before you start accusing me of being one, hear me out. Let’s take it back a couple weeks ago before my life wasn’t so troubled but rather complacent as anybody life should be.
Yes, it’s going be those moments where a flashback happens…

The day I made the encounter…