Chapter 0:

Volume 1 - Prologue

Defeating the Demon Lord Without Fighting It Myself

Breathe in… Breathe out…

Breathe in… Breathe out…

[This isn’t supposed to be happening at all… What the hell has happened here…]

I muttered while my tone's quivering as I witnessed the view of the manor of the Celestia dukedom crumbling down from fire as well as the entire city being engulfed in flames after I’ve rushed back from the royal academy at the Kingdom of Arciesia. I didn’t know whether my family still survives at this point, and I didn't even know what I should do at this point.

At this point in time, I then contemplated...

[Just who did all of these…?]

I whispered to myself as before I contemplated everything any further out, I sensed a presence behind me as I unsheathed the hilt of a sword that’s thought to be bladeless by other people.

[Who’s there? Show yourself.]

I provokingly said as a figure clad in black clothes with only the eyes being recognized as the humanly figure responded.

[Your Highness Emilia, I am but a mere hidden guard who's stationed within the city for the protection of Her Royal Highness' family. I’m glad that Your Highness is alright, but I must inform you to leave the dukedom immediately as this is an order from Her Royal Highness Elena.]

He who’s supposed to be some sort of a hidden guard of the royal family of the Altair Kingdom replied. I then asked him while still holding with the hilt of my bladeless sword which was now turned on, and revealing its blade made of light.

[What do you mean by leaving? And why did Auntie Ele-… errr… Her Royal Highness Elena mean by that?]

[A civil war between the royals and the nobles has started, Your Highness.]

The hidden guard replied. So... a civil war between the royals and the nobles huh…? It is to be expected that everything I’ve set up for a peaceful life has been smashed by those greedy pigs… Now that’s something I can’t accept.

Even if I really don’t want to fight these nobles and their private armies, I got to somehow make sure that they’ll be going down for the sake of my own peace… There’s already a Demon Lord that I have to deal with in the future, and these pigs are just making things a lot more complicated, tch… This is a lot more bothersome than what I’ve thought when reincarnating here in this world…

Taylor Victoria