Chapter 1:

The Detective Homeless

Homeless Detective


"Hurry up and find it right away!!." [Yuko]

"YES!!!." [All people in station]

"Major Yuko, We have a lead on the suspect!." [Police Man]

"Where is it!?." [Yuko]

"The suspect was last seen in Hibiya park yesterday around 9:00 pm according to the peoples there, There's another man talking with suspect!." [Police Man 2]

"Look at the all cctv near Hibiya park and find where he is right now and his companion. Hurry up to find him before he commits another crime again!." [Yuko]


"You took my stuff here kusu, didn't you?!." [Oldman]

"I didn't take your stuff oldman!, I wasn't here earlier, I was looking for a drink can in street!." [kusu]

"You liar, You were the only person in our area earlier!!." [Oldman said angrily]

While they were fighting, Someone came and approached to them.

"What the hell is going on here oldman and kusu?!." [Akiro]

"Ohh akiro good timing, Help me, this new old man is blaming me for taking his stuff!." [Kusu]

"Old man what did kuzu take from you?." [Akiro]

"My bag!!, There's a important thing in my bag i want to get back it!!." [Oldman]

"Bag haaa... Umm old man where were you before this happen?!." [Akiro]

"I-I'm at home sleeping, Why?." [Oldman sais while panicking]

"What did you do before you sleep?!." [Akiro]

The old man wondered where he came, before going to sleep but he could not remember anything in that night.

"Did you forget where you came from last night?, Come to me and breathe in my face." [Akiro]

The old man approached and breathed on Akira.

"It's stinks, You smell like wine old man, You drank last night didn't you?!." [Akiro]

"Haaa…me drunk? No I'm not dr- .. ah, I remember now i'm drinking outside with zuko because he sold a lot of garbage yesterday!." [Oldman]

"Then do you remember where are you been last night?!." [Akiro]

"Umm I still don't remember." [Oldman]

Akiro started walking towards the old man's house and he entered here and searched for a item, He saw a barbeque stick,Paper bag, And a bottle and he looked at what was written on it.

"Hmmmm Oregamo whine ha, Old man come with me we're going somewhere, You too kuzu." [Akiro]

They started to leave and went to the place referred by akiro, later they reached the place where's akira say and they see a barbeque shop and Akiro entered inside of it.

" A barbeque shop?." [Kusu]

While they stood outside in barbecue shop, They saw akiro come out and he's carrying a bag.

"Is this what you're looking for?." [Akiro]

"Y-Yes!!,did you look at the contents of the bag?" [Oldman]

"No, Why?!" [Akiro]

"N-nevermind by the way, How did you know that my bag is here?." [The oldman suddenly change the topic]

"It's simple, You're breathe is smell of wine so I thought you drank last night, and I looked at the wine you drank at your house last night and I saw oregamo wine write on it, So I thought you came here last night because here is the only nearest store where you can buy oregami wine!." [Akiro]

"As expected to Akiro,You're a genuis!." [Kusu]

I'm "AKIRA YUKO" 17 years old, I'm a homeless person, The people who picked me up said she just saw me on the road crying, she didn't see who the person left me in road so she took me and take care of me for 5 years, 5 years later the person who take me died in old age, And his relatives kicked me out because they said I didn't deserve to be with them because i'm just adopted, But someone took care of me but he was homeless, I agreed even he's homeless because I had no one to approach at that time, The times passed I grew up in his care at the age of 14 the man who adopt me died too, Since then I started living alone, and I like mystery stories because of the manga I picked up in the trash when I was a child I also love to read people's actions it's fun to do.

"Oldman don't blame others again without proof." [Akiro]

"Akiro is right, why do you always blame me?." [Kusu]

"Because you-" [Oldman]

"That's enough, Kuzu, Oldman I'm leaving, I still have things I want to do." [Akiro]

Akiro left and they left kuzu and oldman behind.


"Do you have the bag?!." [Random Man]

"Y-yes sorry I was late, Because I lost the bag earlier." [Oldman]

"I don't care about that details, the important thing is that you have the bag now, Give me that bag." [Random man]

The old man gave the bag to the man, And the random man said "Now we can destroy the our rival company!!"  He open the bag and the man was surprised because the bag was empty.

"Huhhh.. Where's the bomb here?!,Why is it missing!!, Hey oldman where is it?." [Random Man]

"I dont know?!, and It's possible that it got lost in the bag and it was well hidden inside! [Oldman said while thinking and he remeber akiro the man who find the bag]

"...... ah I know…that damn akiro he took the bomb!." [Oldman]

Akiro?!." [Random Man]

While they were talking inside in warehouse, Suddenly they heard a siren outside the warehouse.

"What is that noise?!..Don't tell me a police?." [Oldman said while panicking]

"Police what are they doing here?!." [Random Man]

Polices entered in warehouse and the police point there gun at two.

"Juro Kisiga Age 36, Crime record murderer, Roberer And Rapist, You're under arrest!! ,And you too oldman." [Yuko]

"Tskk We set up by unknown person" [Random man]

The two stood up and raised their hands to show that they were surrendering, The police arrested the two and boarded the police car to go to the police station and detain the two in prison.

"By the way how did you know they were here?!," [Yuko]

"Someone called us earlier and said there would be a crime here captain!!." [Police man]

"Who?. [Yuko]

"In the warehouse near kanni dori avenue at 7:00 pm there will be a crime there,..... if you gonna ask what is my name, My name is AKIRO….That's all he said captain" [Police man]

"Akiro Haa…." [Yuko]

The polices started to left the warehouse.

*Meanwhile at Tsukiji Bridge near at warehouse*

“You can't fool me old man, At the first you're acting Weird, And there's no chance that kusu stole your stuff because he's a nice person so that time i start doubted you, And you're not drunk I just made it up, But you agreed with what I said so i doubted you even more, And why did I find out where's your bag?, Because i saw barbeque stick on your table so I thought you were from the barbeque shop last night, I didn't immediately tell you that I found the location where's your bag because I wanted to take it first to check the contents of the bag, and i was surprised to see that there was a bomb and a message where you will meet two, You're so easy to read oldman " [Akiro said while grining]

Now what am I going to do with this bomb!." [Akiro said while playing the bomb]

*Random Place*

"Looks like our plan boss is failed" [Random Man 2]

"Who the fuck ruined our plan?!!!." [Boss said and punch the table]

"I heard in their conversation earlier boss, The name of akira is said to be the one who took the our bomb!." [Random Man 2]

"Find that akiro alive and take the bomb from him!!." [Boss]

"Yes!" [Random Man 2]



Homeless Detective