Chapter 1:

A Pure Princess (Part 1)

Royal Princess of Blood

“Good lord, please save the princess.”

“How is she?”

“This is the worst!”

It was noisy.

What the hell? Can’t I even have a good quiet death? Shit.

They sounded like they were panicking, which was strange.

Wait? There was no one around where we were.

The place was eerily quiet, and I remembered it clearly. No, I think that was not the issue here. The main issue here was…

Why the hell am I laying down on something soft?

I was laying down on something soft, like a proper bed, facing up, I feel. Which was strange, I died on the street. No, did I manage to survive somehow? Maybe, when he left me, someone found me and I still had some sort of pulse.

This could mean a lot of things though. He had mistaken me to be dead. And most of all! This could also mean I’m free! I couldn’t feel more happy. I mean, who wouldn’t be? Hahaha!

My face twitches due to the positive emotions I was feeling inside.

“The princess! The princess moved!”

I heard a woman’s voice. She sounded relieved as she raised her voice.

I wonder what princess they were talking about.

Was there even something as princesses during this generation? Oh wait, there were. Well not where I was.

Maybe someone had the name ‘princess’? A certain country does use that word as a literal name.

Or maybe, by some strange fate, a princess ran away and encountered an accident, thus we ended up in the same room. Good, she could be useful if that was the case. Maybe if I go all friendly with her, she would treat me nicely. Maybe she could take me somewhere. I mean, princesses were wealthy girls, so helping someone who was kind as me would be no big deal.

“Physician, she’s still closing her eyes, please make sure there’s nothing wrong with my younger sister.”

Hm? Wait, why the hell is someone touching the side of my face.

Must be a mistake, there must be a timing coincidence. Someone just happened to check up on me at the same time.

It was then I noticed something was amiss. I had no wounds on the head. Which was again strange. I was supposed to have a bullet wound on the shoulder and on the stomach. Wait, I was also stabbed on the heart. I supposed to have died. Could it be perhaps I was tougher than I thought? Pfft, of course not. A stab to the heart was a sure death.

“The healing spell healed her head in time, so it should be alright.”

A man’s voice reached my delicate ears.

Hm? What did this guy just say? Healing spell? Hey hey, what the hell is going on?

I was utterly confused. Was something weird going on? This guy was totally an adult, not some kid playing around and saying stuff like spells.

“Princess, can you open your eyes?”

I was becoming more confused than before. That voice, it just whispered to me after all.

Me? Princess?

Was this some kind of joke?

Completely confused, I opened my eyes. Oh boy, what greeted my eyes only made me think I lost my mind.

What is this? Some kind of cosplay?

I have heard that term and saw what they were, so that was what first came to me.

I saw people who were wearing strange clothes, clothes that were definitely out of their time. A woman somewhere in her mid-thirties with silver hair and bluish eyes stared at me wearing a white dress, emblazoned with plenty of intricate patterns with lines dyed of yellow. Her hair was tied up neatly in a bun. But that was not the big deal here, the clothes were. They were not modern designed. No one would wear something like that. In any case, her outfit just didn’t sit well with the current time.

There was a young man with golden blonde hair and purple eyes also staring down at me, he was perhaps in his late teens. He wore a white and gold long coat with of course clothing underneath it. Trousers and boots, by his neck tied an ascot. As extravagant and expensive looking as the aforementioned woman. Again, weird.

They both looked like they came from a time when swords still existed and used as a weapon.

There were also a couple of maids at the back. How did I know they were maids you might ask? Well, they were wearing black and white dresses, which totally looked like they were worn by maids.

And beside me was a plain looking middle aged man, although his clothes still looked expensive. Could this person be the physician they were talking about?

Woah wait.

If that’s the case, didn’t that make me the “Princess”?

Oh my, I may be beautiful sure. And being called a princess sure is nice. But who are these weirdos? What the hell? Huh?

Only then I noticed the room I was in. The ceiling was high, a small chandelier hung down unto it. White walls with beautiful decorations. Extravagant looking lamps were also there embedded on the walls. Well, the room sure was nice, but that was not what I was worrying about right now.

This is way out of its timeline.

Modern architecture didn’t look like this at all. This looked somewhere around medieval times.


The woman from before leaned closer to me.

What did she just call me?

“... Estelia?”

A puzzled look formed on my face.

“Estel? Are you okay?”

The young man, seemingly sensing my confusion, called out to me. I ignored him and pondered. My mind was in complete disarray.

Aaah! What the hell is going on?

I don’t have enough free world experience to come to an acceptable conclusion. I have always had a limited life. Every action I take must have restrictions. In other words, I was always focused on the task given to me. Not enough free time to go around.

“Who are you?”


Everyone in the room gasped in my question. I would have given them credit since it looked genuine. Hm, but since it looked genuine, then it could be. They were legit surprised. Then panic ensued on them.

“Physician! My daughter! What happened?! She just asked who we are! Could it be?!” The woman asked as her eyes rattled around.

“My dear sister? No…” The young man looked away in dismay.

Ah, sorry, I asked in the spur of the moment. I should calm down for a moment.

“She fell down the stairs that hard?” The physician muttered as he covered his mouth.

I glanced at the maids, they disturbingly looked distressed.

Hm, wait did he just say fell down the stairs? I did? Wait, who am I?”

I looked at my hands and touched them. They were pale as ice, I looked like I never left shelter at all, and never even felt the warm touch of sunlight. I shifted my eyes towards my long straight hair. They were white, no, “platinum” would be the appropriate word to describe it.

I’m not me while I'm me at the same time?

That was the only thing I can conclude at the moment. I’m a different person. And this was a totally different place.


Just then, a surging pain erupted within my head. I clutched my head, it felt like my head would explode at any moment. The people around me panicked as they saw the pained expression on my face. My head was like going to burst out!

Then, it came the feeling of something being injected into my brain. I was overwhelmed. I see. I remember. I feel.

These were… memories.

I am...

“Estelia Vernisia Wisteria.”

“You remember?!”

I looked at the woman who exclaimed in joy. This woman was my mother.

“Mother Meliya.”

Meliya Helvinia Wisteria, the queen, and my mother.

“Aaaah, you remember! Thank goodness.”

She suddenly moved closer to me and… my eyes widened and my body turned stiff. I didn’t know how to react to this.

She… wrapped her arms around me. She was hugging me. It was warm. It was comfy. A foreign feeling and moment for me. Was it always this pleasant? Was this what normal people feel when they hugged each other?

I didn’t know the answer. But, I was feeling it.

This was… wonderful.


I shook my head, shaking off this ridiculous feeling. This was a feeling that was not to be accepted. These emotions were prohibited! These kinds of emotions only beget weakness. I have seen many people die and fail during my assasination missions due to emotions. Due to attachments!

There was even a time when my target was a female. She was what supposed to be my only target, but a man came taking the bullet. Ridiculous. Self sacrifice.

There was also a time when a fellow agent went into an infiltration mission. She needed to pretend to be their ally as we gathered information. However, when time came for execution, she fucking hesitated to kill a single man. How unbelievable.

Emotions are hindrances. Attachments are absolutely forbidden.

Dreams were nice, but these kinds of emotions were not needed. They would only get in the way.

I will not get attached because of this short empty moment.

Plus, I am not Estelia. I am…

This was a foreign body. Not mine. Therefore, I have no relationship with these people, only this body. I have no attachment towards them.

I took a deep breath and began acting.

“Mother, please let go. You’re suffocating me.”

Acting was an essential skill and had a lot of uses depending on the mission given. Therefore, acting was easy. I was also trained hard for this.

When she heard my sweet gentle voice, which could calm any soul, the woman — or rather, my mother — apologized as she slowly let go.

“Sorry, I thought you have lost your memories.”

I formed a beautiful and pure smile, my eyes turned tender. I ought to speak gently. As was how the original Estelia was.

“To be honest, my memories slipped my mind for a moment. But thankfully, it returned shortly after. Did I scare you? I apologize.”

I bowed my head and formed a troubled expression. Well, I looked like I was about to cry.

“N-No. It can’t be helped that you acted that way first, so you do not need to cry.”

Mother frantically waved her hand as she consoled me.

“Sister? Do you remember me?”

The young man moved in front. A bright smile beaming on his lips. He was quite handsome, if I do say so myself. As expected of royalty, I suppose. But no way my heart would flutter. Plus, he was supposedly to be my brother, so no no. Let’s not take a weird turn. Well, it’s not like I would have any special feelings for anybody else.

“Brother Estevan.”

I said innocently to him. His eyes brightened as she looked at me who appeared like a pure lamb that must be protected at all cost.

He was Estevan Verziniel Wisteria, my brother.

“My dear sister remembers me! That’s great! You really scared me there.”

“I did fall from the stairs. I-I’m… sorry… I am very clumsy. It’s m-my fault.”

I deliberately stammered in my words which only enhanced my pure and innocent performance. Well, I should say it should be closely similar to how Estelia originally acted. But maybe I acted more innocently compared to her.

“No, don’t say that. I like the way you are now.”

I smiled at my brother. I have two brothers, this one was the second eldest. The eldest was currently missing for some reason. If I remember correctly, he was out on a diplomatic errand. By the way, I’m the youngest and the only girl in the family. Well well, this would work to my advantage.

Who wouldn’t protect their cute youngest sister?

I’m currently sixteen years old, but that’s still young for me. I definitely need protecting. What, don’t tell me no one would protect this pure, vulnerable and fragile girl, that is me? Nonsense.

“You seemed to be fine now, your Highness.”

I looked at the one who spoke to me, this man was the palace physician. Who could also cast healing magic.

Eh? Magic?

Magic huh. I heard a lot about that back in my old life. They came from fantasy stories, but now in this world, they seemed to be real. But Estelia only had little knowledge about it, not only about magic but also about everything else. Hell, she barely knew anything about the outside world.

Not helpful.

“Y-Yes,” I responded to him as I slowly raised my body up. “I feel fine. I think I can even walk around now.”

“Please rest for a while, moving around is still risky.”

The physician said to me. I would have done so if these people were not around. Well, Estelia did have an emergency and was sent to here — my room. And her family panicked and quickly came to her — or rather me.

Agh, I still have trouble differentiating.

“In that case, I will take a rest for a while.”

I laid back down on the bed and closed my eyes, hoping that everyone would leave. That would give me at least a quiet space to think.

“Yes, rest well, my daughter.”

Meliya caressed my forehead, it was a gentle touch. But I thought nothing of such a thing. I just hope they just leave me alone, I needed to cope up with everything that was happening.

Mother then continued.

“Just ring the bell and Mera will assist you, okay?”

I looked at the handbell placed on top of the table beside my bed. I’m interested in trying it, but not now.

The people around me one by one left.

“Estel my dear sister, take care~.”

“Y-Yes brother.”

The last one to leave was a maid, she bowed before taking her leave and closing the door. I waited for about a couple of minutes, making sure that everyone truly left. That being said, the maids must be in the other room, waiting for my call. But that was fine.

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