Chapter 0:


Don't look back...

Andrea has been walking in the forest for more than two hours and still couldn't find her way to get out of it. Her legs were so tired that she could barely walk. Andrea was so hungry that she could eat a wheel of cheese.

That day started with a normal morning in the town of Ravello. But then, the bombers plane flew above the little town, and Andrea, along with her massive family ran to the forest. She ran so fast that she got lost with her family and ended up wandering in the forest. The forest was like the Labyrinth of Minotaur. All the trees were tall and alike. In some places, she could barely see sunlight.

With no hope, she sat under a shady tree and wept. Will her parents be searching for her? They will be so worried about her, she thought and cried.

Then suddenly, she heard some noises. Noises of people talking or singing. She got up and yelled, "Is there anyone around here?" She ran toward the noises and was surprised to see where they came from. It was a tiny village in the middle of a dark forest...

The villagers who heard her yells came nearer to her. They were looking at her like a strange beast. One of them asked, "Little girl, how did you get here?". She was a little afraid to talk to strangers. So, she spoke lowly, "I....I lost my way"

An elderly lady from among the villagers said "Poor girl, so you have been wandering in the forest. Right?" she asked. Her voice was warmly sounded. Andrea's fears began to disintegrate. She nodded her head and said, "Yes, Ma'am,". The lady said, "You might be hungry, let's get some food". And she took Andrea to her house. The other villagers changed their views and looked at Andrea with pitiful eyes.

The elderly lady gave Andrea fine cheese, pasta, and fresh fruits. Andrea was so hungry so she ate them until nothing was left on the plates. The lady smiled at her. After eating, she tried to help the lady to wash the dishes but the lady refused her help and sweetly told her to just sit.

The village was so peaceful. It wasn't overcrowded. Most of the men were wood packers. They sang jolly songs while working. The women in the village were knitting or talking in their houses. They didn't shout or curse while talking. All villagers wore fine clothes and looked happy. Andrea wanted to live in the village for her whole life.

A group of 5 children from the village came to Andrea and asked her if she wanted to play with them. Andrea was pleased and agreed. The tiredness of walking in the forest had disappeared since she got to this village.

The kids and Andrea played hide-and-seek, chasing each other and running around the village. It was so fun for Andrea to play with these kids. They never cheated while playing. Andrea asked them the name of the village and they said it was called "Rossavilla".What a coincidence!! Andrea's full name was "Andrea Rossa". They played for more than an hour until the sun went down.

As soon as the sun went down, the children began to look worried. One of them said "We are too late. Damm!!!" His voice sounded frightened."Too late for what?" Andrea asked them. But the kids didn't reply. Instead, they yelled "Run !!! Andrea Run!!! Runaway from this village and don't ever look back!!!!"

Andrea was shocked by this behavior. She hesitated to run but the kids pushed her and continued yelling. So, she ran from the village. But while running, she heard some screams and accidentally looked back and what she saw frightened her throughout her life.

The village was burning like hell. She didn't see any bombers in the sky. It was like someone started a fire. All the villagers were burning. Their bodies were on fire and their skins were black as coal. They were like burning corpses. The village which was like paradise during the day has turned into the city of Dis at night time.

Andrea was standing still in fear for a moment. Until she heard the kids yelling "WE HAVE TOLD YOU NOT TO LOOK BACK". And she saw 5 ghost kids with glowing eyes near her. But then, the villagers now burning corpses began to chase her. Andrea ran as fast as she could. Her heart was pounding so fast that she could hear it with her ears. Through a distance, she could hear the kids yelling, "RUN ANDREA. RUN!!"

After passing the village boundary, she noticed the chasings had stopped. She looked back again and saw the burning corpses standing at the village boundary, looking at her with round growing eyes.

She kept running until she felt like she had fallen into an abyss of darkness.

Andrea opened her eyes and she felt like her throat was on fire. "Water," she said. A nurse near her said "The girl has awoken" and gave her a cup of water. She realized she was at a military hospital. She asked the nurse what happened and the nurse said a group of soldiers found her lying under a tree without consciousness.

Andrea still couldn't understand what happened in the village of Rossavilla. Who are the 5 ghost kids? Why did the villagers become burning corpses at night? She asked the soldiers about the village and they said that there was no village named Rossavilla. They thought it was just her dreams while lying unconsciously under a tree. But, Andrea knew it was not a dream. It has never been a dream because, after that incident, she can now see the creatures that normal people can't see…

artwork created by Artist Grandfailure

Don't look back...