Chapter 11:

Year 1-11: The graduation

Is it ok?

It was a weird feeling seeing the third years with their certificates. They were graduating and Riku still couldn´t believe it. The ceremony felt so unreal to him but now reality hit him in the face, today was his last day with them as his senpai and his last day as a first year. Shu and Hayato were taking pictures together while Sai tried to calm down a crying Nozomi.
“We´ll still see each other.” He said.
“But not at school.” Nozomi was crying so much she almost chocked on those words.
“I hope you´ll cry like that when I graduate.” Satsuki was laughing next to Riku.
“I´ll cry even more, I promise.”
“Wanna go eat somewhere?” Shu came running to them.
“We got some money from my parents.” Hayato elaborated.
“Sure!” Yuki shot up from somewhere.
“I´m hungry!” Yuri also came from somewhere.
Riku turned to them. “Where did you guys come from?”
The twins tried to hid their camera, it didn´t work. “We were just…” Yuri said.
“You were taking pictures without people’s permission.” Riku sounded annoyed.
Yuki shook his head. “We asked for permission, ok?”
Riku was a bit shocked at that, but they really were taking the whole starting a new thing seriously.
“So about the going out to eat thing? Are you in or not?” Shu asked.

They sat in a nice restaurant. Apparently Hayatos soon to be brother in law gave the recommendation. “Rin eats here a lot; he invited me a few times. Did you know they make their Soba noodles themselves?” Hayato was already scanning the menu.
“Really? I haven´t had Soba in so long.” Nozomi seemed excited, though her eyes were still red from crying.
Riku also looked through the menu; they offered a lot of different foods. But with the knowledge of the homemade Soba he wanted to try them. The restaurant owners seemed really proud of their Soba too, the menu was filled with pictures of them making it.
“Are you ready to order?” A young looking woman approached the table, she was one of the owners, Riku had seen her face in the menu.
After giving up the order the woman looked at the group. “Oh did you just graduate?”
Shu nodded.
“How nice, congratulation! My oldest will start high school soon.” The woman said with a big smile on her face.
“What´s his name? Maybe we´ll see him in school.” Riku asked.
The woman pointed at a black haired boy standing and laughing at a different table. “His name´s Yuusuke.”

While waiting for their food they were talking about the future plans of the third years.
“Did it work out with you becoming a police officer, Sani-san?” Riku asked excitedly.
Sani shook his head. “Because of my dad. I´m going to be a security guard though.” He didn´t sound quite as disappointed as Riku had feared.
“Well I´m going to study fashion design.” Shu sounded very proud.
“Can you even sew?” Yuki asked.
“Not yet but Hayatos mom is teaching me.”
“She´s a seamstress.” Hayato chimed in. “I´m a bit more boring. I´m going to become a teacher.”
“How nice, your future students will love you.” Yuri said dreamingly.
Hayato was laughing awkwardly.
“No staring flings with students.” Shu told his boyfriend seriously.
“I´m going to be in collage first though.” Hayato laughed.
“Still applies. If I find you having an affair…”
“I have my hands full with you, I don´t need an affair.”
Sani rolled his eyes at them. “By the way here´s the address of our apartment.” He handed his kohai a note. “If you wanna come over feel free to do so.” He looked at Nozomi while saying that.
She seemed to have noticed and smiled.
“What about the club?” Yuri asked. “It´s still going to stay right? So we need a new club president.”
Shu managed to turn away from his boyfriend to announce: “I decided that Sat-chan would be the new club president and No-chan will be her vice president. Everyone ok with that?”
No one complained Satsuki seemed very happy with the decision too. Riku was too and he was getting excited to see what his next school year would bring.

They got their food and some Karaage on the house, it was delicious. Riku had to remember this restaurant.
After eating and a lot more talking they said their goodbyes and parted ways. Riku and Satsuki were walking home like always.
“I can´t believe I´m a second year now.” Riku said.
“What am I supposed to say then?” Satsuki laughed.
“I´m sorry I totally forgot that you´re a third year now. Must feel weird right?”
Satsuki nodded. “A bit, but I´m also excited.”
“Do you already have plans for after school?”
“I would like to move somewhere more… accepting.” She said. “But then we won’t see each other anymore.”
“I can write anywhere so…”
She giggled and gave him kiss. “I hope next school year is going to be nice.”
Riku couldn´t agree more, though he could do without the drama.