Chapter 11:

Ch. 11: More Then Meets The Eye

Neo Discadia: Rise of the Sewer Rats

With Erika slumped over their shoulder, they tried to move to find a better spot to defend. The room was dark and full of fog, you could barely see 5 feet in front of you. As the games went on, the fog machines filled up the room more and more. They found a tall wide inverted corner wall near the edge of the ring. Neo and Johnny placed Erika down gently to not give her any more pain than she actually had.Bookmark here

“you okay?” Neo askedBookmark here

“oh yeah, peachy”Bookmark here

“you know what I meant”Bookmark here

“I’ll be fine, just focus on the game so we can get the hell out of here” she saidBookmark here

“what do you say, Johnny? You ready for this?”Bookmark here

“as ready as… uh… yeah I’m ready!”Bookmark here

“Good, let’s do this!”Bookmark here

they left Erika there to go hit the town. hard. Whatever contestants were left, thanks to the fog, it wouldn't be an issue, the weather was perfect for their nimble quick step fighting style. With this they could sneak up on anyone and take them out no problem. They had already taken out three or four when suddenly giant ceiling fans turned on to dissipate the fog. All at once they were out in the open completely exposed. The remaining competitors set their sights on them and they were forced to dive for cover. Neo and Johnny, once behind, cover poked their heads out to see how many were left. Bookmark here

“I count about 8 or 9” Johnny saidBookmark here

“we’ll each have to take out about five”Bookmark here

“each?!”Bookmark here

“Think you can keep up?” Neo said with a grinBookmark here

Johnny looked at him as the nervous look in his eye was gone he could almost see… a glint of glee. The excitement of this life or death situation, the thrill of the fight, was something they all knew well. it had been so long since they've had an actual challenge like this. But it had been even longer since he saw that look in Neo's eye. It's like he’d finally seen the friend he hadn't seen in yearsBookmark here

“ghaa I’m getting so fired up! it's good to have you back captain.” Johnny saidBookmark here

Neo looked at Johnny, his words somewhat took him by surprise. He hadn’t called him that in a very long time. He thought about what they were doing, how he was acting, the sweat beading down his forehead, and the way his body moved without him needing to think about it. How his hands weren’t shaking anymore. His cheeks were sore too, he hadn’t realized it until now, but he was smiling. He didn't want to admit it, but he loved this, he missed this. Before they were just surviving and he took solace in that, but now, for the first time in years, he felt truly alive. Bookmark here

“yeah, its good to be back” he saidBookmark here

he looked at Johnny but was confused by his expression completely unaware of the person right behind him, that's when he heard a voice.Bookmark here

“nighty night boy”Bookmark here

his hair stood on end as he realized what was happening. He tried turning around but it was already too late. He was already screaming as 100,000 volt coursed throughout his body.Bookmark here

His muscles locked, his teeth clenched waiting for the five seconds to elapse. But when the electrical pulse ended he was hit by a sudden realization that shook him to his core. Bookmark here

“Hey, that wasn't that bad this is what I was so afraid of?” he saidBookmark here

he turned around and aimed his gun point blank at the 6’4 mountain in front of himBookmark here

“hey, what the hell!?” the mountain said. then Neo took his shot giving him a taste of his own medicine. And the mountain came crumbling down.Bookmark here

he looked down at his unconscious opponent, and he thought back to how it affected Erika He couldn't understand it nor believe it. But he didn't feel… ANYTHING. The pulse went through him like it was nothing. Johnny couldn't believe it either, he sat there speechless, frozen in time, unable to see the woman taking aim behind him.Bookmark here

“Johnny look out!” Neo shouted. He took aim but the girl was already out for the countBookmark here

“nice shot man! thanks!” Johnny saidBookmark here

“it wasn't me” Neo saidBookmark here

“you ladies plan on ending this without me?” Erika said coming from around the corner “j’a miss me?”Bookmark here

“ERIKA!” Johnny and Neo said in unisonBookmark here

“now c’mon, let’s get this over with”Bookmark here

the three musketeers were back together and after making quick work of the remaining competitors. Using their agility and numbers to their advantage, hopping over obstacles and coming at them from above. Soon the announcer's voice blared through the speakersBookmark here

“and the winners… taking everyone by surprise yet again, are… THE SEWER RATS!!!!!! … Seriously I didn't think they make it this time. I lost like… a thousand credits….”Bookmark here

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