Chapter 17:



June 29th, 2097

3:56 AM

Luckily, there was a repair kit back at home. Lamb had to repair all his injuries after falling 12 stories to the hard concrete. He had to fix the mask, his face, the multiple broken ribs, and more. The worst part was he couldn’t find the pain chip to turn it off, so he had to do the repairs raw, only using drugs to numb the agony of replacing your ribs while cutting yourself open.

With the bathroom floor covered in blood, Lamb was sound asleep, still high off pills and crystal. While he was asleep, he thought of that man in the jumpsuit.

Who was he?

It had to be somebody, right? Like…?


The sun on his shoulders…

I’m so lost.




He felt the shock in his system as he reached a memory. He shook in anguish, looking at his hands. He had to think. He had to fight.

Fuck Aki.

As he felt his brain frying due to the electricity surging through his brain, He forced himself to remember.


You /// /// cash on ya? I ne/// more crystals.

And//// you think a ///// time is being a filthy bad guy?

/////////pleasure district////////////

Exactly. We supposed to be the/////////




Lamb was on his bed, foaming at the mouth and panting with sweat all over him. Aki was right, the shocks had the potential to kill him. He sat up, with the symbol of the Lost Ones gang in his head. The six-pointed sun. The old flag of Tokyo. Now he needed to remember the members of the gang, but he was interrupted by a knock at the door. With a huff, he opened it to receive a boot in the chest. He flew back into the table, hitting his back on the solid hardwood. As he yelled, the man ran in to continue his assault. Lamb grabbed an empty glass bottle to slam it into the side of his face. With that jacket, Lamb could tell that his assaulter was one of the Sons. He staggered as blood gushed from the side. Lamb wanted to follow up with a right hook but it was caught. 

The Son threw Lamb into the wall, having it collapse and crumble as he crashed into it, leading into another room. The woman inhabiting the room screamed as Lamb staggered up. He speared the Son, pushing him into the opposite wall. Both bodies went crashing into the empty room. Lamb got up and put the elbows to the Son, busting his nose and damaging his chin. After the third hit, The Son grabbed Lamb by the neck and threw him to the side. He stood up and smiled with his ruined nose, ready for more. With that much resistance to pain, he had to be an AKM. 

Lamb quickly scanned to reveal that he was an AKM-6. Lamb got up and struck the enemy twice before the Son quickly put the knee right into Lamb’s gut. All the air left his body as he felt another sharp knee go right up his synthetic stomach. The Son grabbed the collapsed Lamb by the hair and threw him into a window, smashing it face first. It didn’t help that Lamb was already recovering from rib and face injuries, and now he had to deal with a new model of killing machine. 

The android threw Lamb to the ground, with the floor and face littered with glass. He stomped lamb on the chest, cracking new bones and leaving his mouth with blood. Lamb turned on his side, seemingly attempting to crawl. The son grabbed Lamb by the hair again, only to get a glass shard in the throat by Lamb, something he grabbed while turning. The false blood gushed, having the android fall on the floor attempting to pull out the shard while he thrashed in pain, blood oozing out of his trachea at the same time. Lamb slipped out the window and used the fire escape to run out on the streets. Good, looks like the Sons are after him now.

Lamb knew that he could no longer work with Aki, so he wandered the empty streets of Tokneo. The soft neon lights were a subtle reminder of what he remembered in that room. Pleasure District. He walked there, covered in blood and glass, but nobody gave him the time of day. He looked around, seeing whores, hotshots, the pink and gold lights, but nothing that reminded him of the Lost Ones. But he heard something that did.

“Danze?!” The person yelled.

Lamb turned to look at him. It was exactly the man he remembered. “Jockey.” That was all he could say before the shock knocked him out. 

Kya Hon