Chapter 9:

Interlude 2: The Demonic Duo

The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

The flight had taken some time, but thanks to these surprisingly useful wings from my metamorphosis skill, I made it to the volcano in no time. I reached the peak before finding a small spot near the summit to land. It was only a few feet away from a twenty-foot drop onto volcano land.

This looks like a good spot.

I pulled a blue and red coin from my armored leg’s pocket. Upon its smooth surface was a small golden button. I clicked it immediately. The tiny coin jumped into the air, changing form. Now, there was a small girl standing before me, a hood covering her small antennas that protruded from her mix of fire and water-colored hair. She wore a modest swim top with trunks and sandals to boot. It was hard to tell because of her height, was she 13 or closer to 20? I didn't bother to ask—she was just a servant after all.

“Epsilon, drop it in.”

“Yes, My Lord.”

Now a scene played out that one would not typically see in your everyday life. Of course, I was not on earth anymore, so perhaps this was a normal sight to behold. The small girl unhinged her jaw like a reptile, allowing it to swell in size until her mouth was far larger than her slim body. From the enormous oral cavity came a large black dragon with scales that matched the dark sky. There were holes in its magnificent wings, so it had no choice but to fall into the large sizzling pit of lava at the summit of the volcano. I didn't miss this chance, though.

“Thanks for the freebie, Epsilon.”

“It was no problem, My Lord," she replied in a quiet and flat tone.

I dropped down into the pit soon after, chasing after my meal. Normally I would plummet to my death as well, but thanks to the [Metamorphosis] Skill, these demonic wings kept me afloat. I dove down deeper and deeper, chasing after my target like a falcon about to capture an unsuspecting snake with its talons. 

The dragon roared in rage and agony as its large body sunk deeper and deeper into the large pool of gushing liquid. Its scales were hard as diamonds, but there was nothing it could do as the lava devoured its body, bit by bit. Before long, its head was the only thing above the pool of hell, yet it was still breathing—not for long, though.

I majestically dove diagonally past the dragon, raising my sword in front of myself as I did. With a clean decisive cut, the dragon’s head was severed from its body. Before the decapitated head could plunge into the lava, I attached my sword back to my back and scooped it up with both hands. I ascended back to the top, the hot air around me being pushed back by the immense force of my wings. With a triumphant landing, I took off my helmet after dropping the dragon's head to the ground.

“I must have gone up by quite a few levels from that kill, but that's not even the best part.”

I picked up the large dragon head. It easily covered the majority of my body with its size. Then, I activated one of my armor’s Skills, [Borrowed Power]. The demonic face at the bottom of my chest plate opened up vertically to reveal a large gaping orifice that was concealed inside my chest. A small red ball flew out of it and made contact with the severed dragon head. Like a parlor trick, the head disappeared, absorbed by the small red ball. It quickly returned to the maw of my armor and flipped back to the inside of my chest.

“I see… So that's why My Lord wanted that oversized lizard.”

I nodded. “By harvesting its flesh and converting half the XP I received from it into my armor, I can access all of its skills for as long as it remains inside of it.”

“I see,” she said with a blank stare. She really lacked all emotions, which made her rather boring to be around.

“You know, you can act at least a bit excited at all the work I put into getting this done. Really, anything will do.” I looked down at her while crossing both of my arms.

I didn't expect to see any results, but life without action or strife was rather a rather dull life indeed. The fact that I couldn't experiment on her as well because of her lack of pain and emotion made this the really only option if we were to continue to travel together. I already wasted all this time getting her made, so I wanted my return on investment when she crushed the Savior’s soul with her small and cute body. It didn't matter who killed him as long as they were a part of my party, though that wasn't the main reason I chose a unique design like her to join me….

“I see. Noted, My Lord.”

But you don't seem any different. Whatever…. We can put the thought on hold for now.

I decided to see what affects the dragon's racial abilities like [Flight] and what not would have on me, so I used it. Large black wings grew out of my armored body where the demon wings would have been as well as a long tail that was then covered in the same armor as the rest of myself. It seemed I could use its own wings for my own. They seemed faster than their demon counterpart, as well.

“Let's get going, Epsilon.”

“Who are you two?”

“What are you doing on top of the Great Estora Volcano? This is a historic sight.”

“They seem rather sketchy for my liking.”

Three white armored knights that were most likely from the capital had come to the summit of the volcano for a narrow path that coiled around the mountain itself. I could have taken that way myself, but it would take far longer. Efficiency was key in my line of work.

“Did you not hear me? You are a human from the Floronda, are you not?”

“Sir, that armor looks like something a demon would wear.”

“I agree, we should take care of it, discreetly,” the third added as he drew his great sword.

“Alright, let's do it.” The other two reached for their weapons as well.

I couldn't see any of their faces under the white helmets, but it didn't matter. I didn't take kindly to threats—no matter how petty.

“Epsilon,” I said with the calmest voice of all. She would know what I meant.

She nodded before walking over to the knight that stood ahead of the other two. He was clearly the leader of the idiot three. He looked down at her, most likely stricken with confusion.

“Why is a young girl like you around here with this sketchy man? You should leave before it gets u—”

That was all he could spit out of his mouth before Epsilon drove one of her fists into his chest. His armor shattered into thousands of pieces with his body along with it. She had completely obliterated him with a single punch to the gut.

“You little bitch! AHHHHHHH!” The second knight charged at her, only to get met with the same fate as the first. I'm sure he was just as confused as the other from the amount of sheer power this girl packed in a single punch. They couldn't possibly know about the sea creatures that you would never see unless you journeyed across the great ocean of my world. 

I'm glad they have some of my favorite sea creatures in this world as well.

The last knight dropped his sword, trying to flee out of fear, most likely. I didn't care about witnesses, but watching flesh be sliced apart in front of my own was very very entertaining. It was something I couldn't even pull off myself back in my own world. 

He was ten feet away now, almost reaching the downhill slope that led to the bottom of the summit. Of course, Epsilon wouldn't allow that. She opened her mouth wide. It got wider and wider, and even wider as it was twice the size of my own body and nearly three times her own. All the air around her as well as insects and rocks were sucked and engulfed by that massive jaw of Epsilon. The knight began to struggle running forward, as if he was fighting against a strong wind. Before long, he couldn't move anymore and flew backward, right into the gaping hole of the small girl.

She swallowed him whole before returning her mouth to normal. I wasn't sure what she planned to do with him, but that went against my ideals.

Why do I feel a little turned on after seeing that? I was never into that stuff back home, but... Wait!

“No, no, no, Epsilon. I said you were to only store women inside of you and especially beast-kin. Get rid of that cursed existence immediately or dissolve him.”

She turned her gaze towards me, looking as indifferent as she always did. After giving me a shrug, she spat him out and into the large opening of the volcano.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” he screamed as he plummeted to his eternal grave.

Silence returned to the volcano. 

“Well, your power is the real deal and I'm happy about that. Just remember what our goal is and don’t lose sight.”

“Yes, My Lord. We must slay the Savior.”

“Well, yeah….but I was talking more about the part of the collection of each and every type of beast-kin inside of you. I have tests and trials I want to run and you are very important to that because of it.

“Right, I am your ‘backpack’ as you put it?”

“Correct!” I exclaimed happily before ruffling her soft hair like she was my own child.

Her lips seemed to slightly form a smile from that. Perhaps progress would come.

“Anyways, now that I have thirty levels on me and these dragon abilities, I think it's time we go to the next place the Savior was supposed to have been seen.

“The main section of the human Kingdom?”

“Correct again, I said while pointing towards the dark sky. “Now we will the capital!”