Chapter 10:

Prelude of the Imp Lord

The World's Savior is a Deviant?!

Imp Lord Archevaz reclined lethargically on his long leather couch, surrounded by beautiful imp women. His tall and thin body made him stand out against the usual pot-belly that male imps possessed. He was a fine king, adored by all the imps under his rule. His dark green skin, a requirement of all male imps, glistened in the lavishly lit room. It was something all the female imps, who possess dark blue skin, really adored.

 A myriad of beautiful women slept in the large bed behind him; Archevaz didn't like to conduct any sort of business in his room. He only used it to fool around with his concubine on the daily. The walls were chocolate brown with art from the most famous of imp artists. He had a large bathroom to the left of his bed, but that wasn't important. It was rarely used for that purpose. 

Two other couches adjacent two his own stretched out across the room, packed with an even larger harem of women to satisfy his urges. Each of them had a glass of fine Lesoka wine in manicured hands; it truly was a party. 

That was until a messenger arrived. He was not as tall as Archevaz but still loomed in comparison to the normal size of an imp.

“Imp Lord, the twins have successfully killed the Savior and his companion. We just let them into the capital.”

"Splendid." Archevaz set his own drink down. A very small imp servant in a black tuxedo held it for him with great pleasure. That allowed him to stand up, much to the dismay of the women around him. He brushed off the food he had enjoyed earlier from his own suit and smiled.

“Where did they come from?” he questioned while fixing his bowtie.

“They hailed from the western teleporter, most likely from their own domain.”

“I see,” Archevaz said, rubbing his chin with his slender fingers, a golden ring nestled on top of each like a treasure trove. 

I knew that they made contact, but this is some great news, indeed. We might even be able to do that after. This night just got a whole lot more fun.

Archevaz licked his lips with anticipation. He really wanted to give the sisters the greatest reward he could offer.

“Very well. Gakors, bring them to my Prep room. I will await them, but make sure they are in their finest of outfits.”

"Of course." The tall imp gave him a solute and closed his large door. Archevaz got ready to leave himself.

“I’m sorry, ladies. I will have to head out for a bit but do not fret. When I get back we will have a celebration like no other.”

All of the women cheered before giving him a seductive smile. The ten of them waved to him as he charismatically walked through the exit of his room.


The Prep room was dimly lit with only a few torches on either side of the purple-colored walls. Two opulent red couches made up the focal point of pleasure for the room. Both were covered in luscious crimson leather and acted as the main spot where Archevaz conducted his “business." The table at the center with a total of four chairs was just for show most of the time; Archevaz had never had to prepare for an actual battle. Though, with the Savior's corpse, it would be put to good use. 

I can finally have my way with those girls at last!

He had also made sure that none of his attendants would disturb him for the next few hours. Archevaz showed off a wild grin as he simmered on his terrific thoughts. He had never been able to take it to the next level with the sisters because of their own job managing his barrier, but finally, a reason had arisen.

He reached down below the table to grab an alcoholic beverage from the fridge. He was about to take a seat when he heard a soft knock on the door.

“Lord Archevaz, can we c-come in?” It was Vara Vos, the older of the two.

“It's unlocked. Please come in, ladies.”

The sound of a knob turning filled Archevaz’s ears before the twin beauties gallantly appeared before him, dressed in sexually appetizing armor. The only way you could tell the difference between them was from their eyes, but Archevaz could even tell them apart by voice alone. He was a mega-fan. 

“Thanks for having us,” Vara said before bowing to him.

“This place reeks. What the f— '' Klara got out before being cut off mid-sentence by her older sister by pushing her to the ground as if to perform a "super bow".

“Mm, Klara seems to be in a bad mood today. But I assume you have the corpse on hand?”

Vara nodded, carrying a large sack with one hand over her back. “It's pretty messy, but he's all in there,” she said confidently.

Klara just crossed her arms, looking rather miffed ever since she entered the room. Archevaz signaled for them to sit on the couch in the back by thrusting two fingers in that direction.

“Please take a seat.”

Klara raised an eyebrow, opening her mouth before quickly closing it after a glare from her sister. Vara decided to speak up, however. “Don’t you want to confirm the Savior’s body with your own eyes, My Lord?”

She pointed her neck in the direction of the table, indicating what she wanted. Archevaz took a quick glance before shaking his head.

“No need, you two are my trusted generals. I'm sure what you say is true. Now..." He tapped the couch, "we must celebrate.”

“”Celebrate?”” the two sisters said in unison.

Archevaz raised his eyebrows up and down while taking a loud sip from his beverage. “You know how it is. I have been waiting a long time to have my way with the two of you. At long last, I have been granted my wish. I desire to reward the two of you for all your hard work.”

After hearing this, Vara started to sweat profusely. Her calm facade was nowhere to be found.

“By ‘having your way’, you don’t mean—”

“Of course I do, my girl!" he bellowed with glee. "They don’t call me Archevaz the Massive for nothing! You have seen how happy I have made the other ladies every time you delivered a report. I could detect the smoldering embers of jealousy as if I was gazing directly into a blazing fire. You two are untouched gems, just waiting to be polished by myself.”

He licked his lips and winked to emphasize his point. 

At long last, the girls sat down on the couch. Both of the girls looked very very uneasy—especially Vara. Klara’s face hadn't changed since she entered, sporting a killer glare with her arms crossed below her cleavage. When he scooted closer to them, it caused the girls to quickly move to the very end.

“Come on. Don’t be afraid. I won’t bite—well mostly. But that's what the ladies love!”

He leaned in on Klara, baring his fangs and enticing smile. Vara said nothing but tried to make herself as small as possible behind Klara. She was clearly uncomfortable but said nothing most likely out of fear. 

Klara, however, was far different.

“You disgust me, pig! Don’t touch my fucking legs, you malnourished troglodyte,” she spat.

“Woah, woah, woah! Since when did you become such a feisty girl? I don't even know what you just said, but I'm sure this will seal the deal.”

He started to unzip his slacks, but Klara did something before he could finish.

“Fuck off, creep!” She punched him in the nose. Unfortunately, it had no effect. 

“Ow, fuck!”

Archevaz could only help but smile slyly.” Come on, Klara. You know my physical resistance is through the roof due to my [Full-Metal Body] skill. Women really need to know their place.”

He leaped on top of Klara, pinning her to the couch while Vara watched, cowering behind them. Klara could do nothing as she was overpowered by the Imp Lord’s superior strength. She spat in his face with a defiant glare.

“Eck. Well, you're going to have to be punished for that one.”

He dug his fingers into her metal dress, nearly ripping it off with his godly strength.

“Get the fuck off me!”

“S-stop!” Vara shouted.

When Archevaz looked up to see her, he was met in the face by a fireball. It actually did some damage, causing pain to swell up all over his face.

“My eyes! Gah! You stupid bitch!”

Klara pushed him off the couch. Her form morphed, becoming someone else completely. The same situation happened with Vara as well.

 Archevaz rubbed his eyes, tears now soaking out of his seared face. He glanced up at the two now standing on the couch. One was a boy with ashen-colored hair and a strange device covering his right eye. White and brown colored armor and clothing clashed on his body. He had a white cape with a black insignia on it with a metallic-covered arm. Beside him, was a female bat beast-kin with purple hair tied up into long pigtails. She wore a black underdress that was covered by a long mage cloak. It seemed Archevaz had been deceived.

“Ba—no—Komoria. Let's ice this creepy fuck. And thanks for the save. I'm glad even you could be useful.”

Komoria nodded and tried to psyche herself up by slapping her face a few times, “I can't believe you called me by my name, but that doesn't matter now. I saw his weakness.”

The Savior nodded as well. "Let's get to it!" Rabbit ears sprouted from his ears as he jumped into the air, aiming for the head of the Imp Lord. 

Then the Imp Lord’s body blew up.