Chapter 10:

SWEET!!! Her Royal Highness: Princess Cupcake! [Part 5]

Magical Knight Lune XY: My HOMIE Swooped Me off My Feet, and Now I Think I Might Be in LOVE?!

The Kuma Cake box fell from the table as I helplessly watched. It spun around, shooting off bits and crumbs of the cake as it hurdled toward its demise. The sweet icing glistened underneath the skylight, like a tear on someone looking death squarely in the eyes.

So much it had wanted to do. Wishes to fulfill. To bring joy and happiness to others. Tragically, it was never to be. Its life taken before it could ever reach its dreams.

Round and round, the box spun. My fork flung off and smacked into a nearby chair, splattering pink frosting upon its cushioned seat. The red ribbon fondant came loose and flung off, disrobing the cake.

The open lid crumpled instantaneously upon impact. Moments later, her Highness was met with the same fate, as it crashed onto the floor with a loud SQUISH. Its innards burst out from its icing shell, which folded and cracked from the weight of its own body. The box bounced off its corpse, exposing its wrangled body for all to see.

She had perished—Assassinated in chilled frosting. Her guts splattered all over the carpeted floor.

I fell to my knees, unable to keep myself from collapsing after having witnessed such a tragedy.

“Nyah?” the shadownyan meowed, looking at us for approval and head pats for doing such a good job.

I don’t recall what Red Sandrea had said, as I was too focused on my sweet dear Princess’ body lying lifeless on the ground.

It was all over in one and a half seconds, but watching it unfold was an eternity. An eternity where I could’ve stepped in. An eternity that, at any moment, I could’ve rushed in and caught the princess.

I could’ve grabbed and pulled away the shadownyan, as its incredibly long torso was literally right next to me. Within arms reach. I could’ve yanked it away and prevented all of this.

I could’ve stopped it…

I could’ve…

But my body froze, and I let it happen. When I was needed most, I dropped the ball. What good was I as a magical girl if I wound up like a deer before a headlight when witnessing such a despicable act?

Anger began to bubble up from within me.

“Why…?” I muttered under my breath, the pressure inside me building more and more.

Without realizing it, Red Sandrea had knelt down next to me, appearing worried. “Huh?”

“Why did you do that?”

“Do what?” She asked sincerely.

I slowly got to my feet. My legs were trembling with anguish, my tightly gripped hands shaking as I struggled to keep myself from exploding.

“My Princess Cupcake… You destroyed it…”

Red Sandrea was stunned. Even she knew the significance of the Princess Cupcake.

“Th-that was a Princess Cupcake?! And yours?!” She shouted.

“It was a gift from someone very precious to me, and you just… murdered it…”

Guilt stricken, Red Sandrea backed away. “Lune! I-I-I’m sorry! I—“

I reached into my bottomless pouch and pulled out my sword. Stricken by grief, it was like some sort of new power arose inside me. A glowing aura appeared around me as I pointed the blade at my nemesis with no hesitation.

“Red Sandrea,” I said, staring down at her with the fury of a thousand suns. “The sin you have committed shall not be overlooked. Wasting food, especially sweets… is unforgivable!!!”

Was I overreacting? Yes.

Should I have done things differently? Also yes.

Am I young and stupid, and did I let my emotions get the best of me?


What came after was the most intense fight I ever had with Red Sandrea. Unlike every other encounter, I was the one on the offense for once. My sword sliced through the air as I chased after her, yelling nonstop about her ruining Jack's gift. I didn’t even get one bite, for cryin’ out loud!

She begged me to calm down, but I wasn’t having any of it. I was an exploding volcano of emotions, and there was no stopping this eruption.

Despite my rampaging assault, none of my attacks landed a hit. Looking back, I'm thankful this was the case. I don’t think I would’ve been able to forgive myself if I had seriously injured someone for something as silly as cake, despite how luxurious it was.

“I said cool off and give me a chance!!!” Red Sandrea cried, becoming more desperate.

Suddenly, she flipped into the air in shock, slipping on the fallen Princess Cupcake.


Her foot plowed into my side. It felt like taking the full brunt from a swinging baseball bat. Her kick sent me flying as my sword escaped my grip and pierced the floor. I plowed through the tables and chairs outside of Kuma Cakes.

Just as I was about to ram through the glass guardrail, someone yelled my name with fear in their voice. They got between me and the guardrail and caught me in an attempt to rescue me.

However, the force of the kick was too powerful, and the two of us fell backward over the guardrail and to the floor below.

Our bodies spun around as we plummeted, but the person continued to hold me tight. I closed my eyes tight and held onto their shirt, fearing our inevitable crash against the tile flooring.


Their shoes squeaked against the tile floor, leaving a rubber skid mark. And… we didn’t crash to the floor?

“Man. Hope someone caught that on a camera because I don’t think I’ll ever pull that off again!” they said.

I squinted my eyes and looked up at the person who risked their life to save me.

“You okay?” he asked.

Grinning cheek to cheek, highlighted by beams of sunlight from the glass ceiling, was Jack’s smiling face.

I squealed in a pitch only dogs could hear. “J-Jack?!”

He raised an eyebrow. “What?”

Wait! Crap! He’s never met “Lune”, so “Lune” shouldn’t know who he is!

“I-I-I m-m-mean,” I said with the absolute worst stutter.

Not only was I being held like a damsel in distress by Jack, but I blurted out his name without thinking! Ugh! What if he realizes it’s me?! How am I gonna explain this?!

Okay, calm down. That’s silly. There’s no way just by looking at me as I am right now that he’d think I’m Daniel. Also, how can I play off saying “Jack”? “Dang, you’re jacked!” Wait! Nonono! Why am I even thinking that right now? “Heck of a counterattack, huh?” No! Why would I casually talk about getting my butt handed to me so hard? “What a whack!”

…I think that’s the closest I’ll get to anything on such short notice.

Alright! Now to smooth things over!

“Um, do you need to see a doctor?” Jack asked.

I rapidly shook my head. “I’m fine!” I squeeked.

“That’s good. I feared the worst after seeing you get kicked like that.”

He gently placed me down on my feet and ran to the escalator going back up to Kuma Cakes.

I never got a chance to try and explain myself. Crap!

Double crap!!! He’s running straight towards Red Sandrea! He’s in danger!!!

Without a moment to lose, I chased after Jack, who was already atop the escalator.

“Hold on!” I yelled. “It’s dangerous! Red Sandrea is–”

Nowhere to be found.

“Huh? Where’d she go?” I said, looking around.

Did she leave? Why? We were still fighting. Typically she won’t leave until she’s defeated, so why this time? Especially when she had the upper hand? I don’t get it.

“What a mess,” Jack said, looking around at the knocked over tables and chairs, crushed sweets, miscellaneous shopping bags, and other various things left behind by the large mob of people.

I sighed, happy that the fighting was over. At the same time, I felt ashamed. I was completely unhinged back there over some stupid cake.

My sword had pierced the floor near our toppled table. The ruined cake still splattered alongside Jack’s jacket and tie that he left in my care. Walking over, Jack picked up his uniform and set the table back to how it was meant to be.

He then grabbed the hilt of my sword, and pulled it out of the floor. “This is some heavy equipment you got,” he said, bringing it back to me. “Can’t believe you were able to jump around and swing it like you did back there.”

I mumbled a soft “thanks” and retrieved my sword. Unlike earlier, I no longer had the super strength to wield it so effortlessly. It almost fell out of my hand when Jack let it go. Carefully, I sheathed it back into my pouch.

I gazed mournfully at my crushed Princess cake. Even now, despite everything that just happened, I still felt disappointed. I desperately wanted to try it. Now I doubt I’ll ever get the chance again. I only had this chance because of Jack’s mistake, and he would never let that happen again, knowing what they did to trashed cakes. And I’ll never have the willpower to spend that much money on a single sweet.

A once in a lifetime opportunity, crushed to death beneath a fallen chair. Icing splattered across the floor.

“Hey,” Jack said, tapping me on the shoulder.


Gripped in Jack’s hand was another Kuma Cake box. “A reward for your efforts just now.”

“Oh! No! No, thank you!” I objected, holding up my hands. “I can’t possibly take a reward for trying to help people! Especially after how I lost my cool…”

“Hey, don’t beat yourself up so much. If you hadn’t done what you did, then I’m sure plenty more would’ve gotten flung around the mall and not come out as lucky as I did. Besides, anyone can get wound up during a fight. Believe you me.”

Believe you me?

He popped open the box, revealing a pristine Princess Cupcake neatly placed inside.

I was shocked. “What?! But doesn’t this cost like $300?” I asked.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s on me.”

I immediately–and carefully–pushed it back to him. “I can’t accept this! Not when you’re hurting for mone… er… I mean, surely this must really hurt your finances.”

“Money comes and goes. It’s no big deal. Oh! The Princess tiara is crooked.”

He then fixed the tiara he had placed on my head earlier, which had gotten loose during the scuffle. Stepping back, he admired my appearance and smiled as I stood frozen in shock, still gripping the box with the Princess Cupcake inside.

“I better go check to see if anyone got hurt during that stampede to run away. I’ll catch you later.”

Jack waved, then walked down the escalator, out of sight.

There I stood, red from head to toe, completely silent as my brain short-circuited.

“They sure do care a lot about you, huh, Lune?” Belliney said, having appeared from the ether, holding a Kuma Cake box of her own. “Ooo! You got a Princess Cupcake!? I’m jealous! Hey! Wanna share some of yours with me and mine with you? I got pistachio!”

“I-I-I” I stuttered.

Belliney tilted her head. “Hm?”