Chapter 0:

Prologue: An Ordinary Morning

The School is infiltrated by Assassins!

It is an ordinary morning.

There is nothing unusual happening aside from a 16 year old high school boy that was panicking in his apartment because his alarm clock did not go off causing him to wake up late before going to school.

It is the second week of July, more than a month ago was the start of the class and students are supposed to get used to their “getting ready to class” routine already. This high school boy is still in his “long vacation” mode and having a hard time adjusting to his new school, his alarm clock getting broken just adds salt to his suffering that morning.

As expected of someone rushing his way to get early to his class, he did not eat his breakfast; did not even shower properly; and did not turn off the lights before leaving his apartment empty, he did not even notice that someone moved in the next door while he was running in the hallway.

The school is not that far, walking the distance from that high school boy’s apartment would not seem inefficient at least. But there is at least 5 minutes before the clock hits 6 am. At this point the high school boy is at the entrance gate of the school doing a speed walking technique because running in the hallway would be embarrassing to see.

The time was 6:10 am, the high school boy stopped at a door where there is a sign that says “10-RIZAL”, it indicates the grade level and the section of the class where the door belongs to. He kicked the door recklessly, not knowing it was already open, it caused him to slide 2 meters and slam his whole body to the teacher’s desk.

The whole situation might look like it would get the high school boy to be lectured by the teacher or by the class president because he just disturbed the order of the classroom. That is if a teacher is present or a stoic class president is there to keep the class in check just in case there is no teacher around..

“Woah, that's 10 points for getting this early”
said by another high school boy looking at the incident that just happened.

“5 points for almost destroying the desk, you almost got it bud…”
a tall high school boy was also looking at the same incident who seemed to be chatting with the other high school boy.

“You got 4th place this week, heh… that's a new record for you, I commend you for that Francis” Said by a high school girl with glasses and strong demeanor while pointing an arnis stick to the high school boy that was laying on the floor.

“I get that, Prez… can someone help me get up here, please?”
Said the high school boy who is still laying on the floor.

A classroom with no teacher at the time of the class, and only 4 students are present at a time where the attendance is supposed to be completed; a class president that was holding an arnis stick like she is wielding a weapon; two high school boys that was giving score to someone who hits his body to the teacher’s desk to near destruction; and another high school boy who got into an accident this early in the morning because he wants to get the earliest record of attendance.

Nothing can be more of an ordinary morning at this certain high school; a high school that was almost looking like an abandoned place because of its lacking number of students and teachers despite its large campus area, but nevertheless a still functional high school.