Chapter 5:

05: The gymnasium and another transfer student

The School is infiltrated by Assassins!

The gymnasium in this school is functional enough to be called “gymnasium” but it’s also full of deteriorating areas. The floor’s paint is vanishing and the lines for sport activities are gone and replaced by masking tape. The basketball ring is rusting and won’t probably last a year, but it still works as a ring for now. The roof is also rusting and full of holes that make some wet spots inside the court when it's raining.

There is no sports equipment storage because there is not a single sports equipment in the first place. If someone wants to play something here, they should bring their own balls or rackets because the school does not have any.

On the bright side, students could play whenever they want without any paperwork, like a permission to use the gymnasium. Its open to everyone and every time because there is nothing to lose here (unless someone wants to rip out those basketball rings, which I doubt someone had the strength to)

Back to what’s happening now. Someone did a perfect full court shot at this court, Twice! There are basketball players in my class but I don’t know if someone can do that, he must be from another class.

It’s a green-haired guy with an undercut, huh? Never seen him before…

Oh, right!

“T-This is the gymnasium, we used this whenever we wanted to play basketball or any sports we wanted to play.”

I kinda forgot about my tour guiding job, I got distracted from that shot so much.


“What's the matter?”

“No, I'm just wondering why there are no students doing physical exams or studying, does no one have a Physical Education subject at this time?”

It’s a good question coming from her, but...

“Ah… well… there are no PE teachers… and we just rely on printouts so…”

I can’t help but give her a disappointing answer. Though I guess she already expects it.

“Hey Francis! Your punishment is still not over? Let’s play basketball after that, we need 2v2 for practice!”

“No thanks dude, I’m gonna go home after this”

The one that talks to me just now is Jin Ray, he plays basketball everyday after class along with many of our classmates and also from the other classes. He is basically the captain player in this school.

“Don’t force him Ray, he is more suited to Arnis or maybe Wrestling, see how he body slammed that desk? HAHAHA!”

This other guy is named JB. It’s not an acronym, his first name is really just JB.

He is the one that gave me 5 points for destroying the desk at the start of the class. He is really tall and one of the best basketball players in school along with Jin Ray.

“Dude, please, you’re gonna scare Ms. Velle with that laugh”

“That reminds me, we didn’t introduce ourselves yet to you huh?”

“My name is JB and that old jock there is Jin Ray, we’re part of SG so you can rely on us. By the way, you can also join, we’re always open for recruitment.”

Velle smiles and nods at his gentle introduction.

“C’mon dude, don’t recruit her to your cult. She’s just gonna get weirded out by you guys there”

“Bud, we’re not a cult and you’re the only one in class that is not a member.”

“Miss, don’t let him influence you with his going home mindset!”

“Stop it, dude!”

I hope Velle didn’t felt out of place by my stupid bantering with my weird classmates.

Speaking of weird, there’s something here that I should have pointed out since I got here.

“Hey Ray, who’s that guy? That full court shot he made is awesome…”

“Ha? Didn’t you know? That’s the transfer student from the other class section. His name is Nardo Perez.”

Now that I think about it, Patrik mentioned something like that before. I kinda forgot about that.

That green haired guy didn’t bat an eye on us ever since we got here. It looks like he is really concentrating on practicing basketball alone.

“We now have a really good ace player, by the next day we would have played against those in PBA or even NBA! WAHAHAHA!!”

Jin Ray has really good dreams, but not all of those are realistic…

“Have a real good luck with that, Ray.”

“Anyway, we’re gonna go to Patrik’s studio and the SG office next.”

“Yeah, see ‘ya Francis! Tell us tomorrow how your date went!”

“Don’t flirt with her too much, Bud!”

“Stop it! Dumbass!!”

“Sorry about those two, they are just messing around”

“Fufu~, Don’t worry, I understand”

Good thing she goes along with things like this…

As we went to the next location, I waved to Jin Ray and JB’s direction, they also waved back to us.

Velle also waved, but in the direction where the green haired guy was.

That guy suddenly stopped practicing basketball and stared at Velle’s direction.