Chapter 6:


Sui Generis: Origin

"Yo!" he waved lamely.

"Hello, sir!" Shouri smiled and waved back.

The attire of an inspector. Shouri identified it at first glance. Having an inspector come to their residence was rare. The only reason the authorities sent him was to investigate a critical case.

"Having a good day, sir?" Shouri asked.

"Yeah, doing my job this evening. How about you?" the inspector asked back.

"I go shopping just now. I'm going back home," said Shouri.

"Can I take your time, mister?"

A question that Shouri had avoided. With Yukino behind her, he needed to conceal her identity as a vampire from him. Saying no to that question made him look suspicious, but taking it would reveal Yukino's identity.

"Of course, go ahead." Shouri took it with a forced smile.

"There are several questions I want to ask since you're from these parts." said the inspector.

"Why? Something happened?!" Shouri pretended to be surprised.

"It was. Someone filed a case about the signs of a vampire. The location was said to be in this apartment area. Fortunately, no casualties were reported except a dent on a car roof. Still, it was a sign of a vampire." the inspector explained.

"I see..." Shouri nodded.

"The question, sir, do you have any lead for this investigation," he asked.

"Nope, didn't ring a bell," Shouri naturally lied. He not only had a clue about the case, but the answer was also right behind him. It was obvious. This guy was seeking Yukino, the vampire that attacked him last week. However, he had reasons to keep her alive.

"Really? Not even a hunch.?" the inspector felt suspicious.

"Maybe it's just me not socializing with neighbours. I think you can ask others about this. I know nothing about your case." Shouri reasoned his lie to make the inspector believe he knew nothing.

"Is that so...if that's the case, have a good day then." the inspector turned back, took his steps, and left.

Shouri took a breath of relief. They were out of trouble. Without hesitation, they walked through the gate and go home.

"I have another question, sir." the nuisance voice called them again. Shouri stopped walking.

"I'm afraid you won't get an answer, officer," said Shouri.

"This time I will, Shouri,"

The last word shocked him. He turned back as the inspector held a paper in his hand.

"What do you know?" Shouri asked.

"Everything, except the relation of your 'salary' and job." the inspector read the paper and looked straight into Shouri's eyes with a cynical smile.

Shouri put Yukino behind him. The atmosphere had changed. Both of their action might be unveiled. Even so, he must cool his head off. He can't act too suspicious.

"I see no problem with that, sir,"

"Then tell me how you get a salary from your 'job'"

Shouri remained silent. Everything that he had done was play games, eat and sleep. Nothing that was considered a job he had done previously.

"Looks like you don't have one," said the inspector.

"Are you here to catch me for a fraud?" Shouri asked.

"Hahaha, like I've said, I'm here for a vampire."


"I'm afraid you're the one that we're searching for,"

"You're kidding, ri—"

In an instant, a fist flew towards Shouri's face. He blocked it immediately, changed his stance and struck the inspector's guts. His shoes scraped on the concrete as he slid backwards.

"Well, well, this is interesting—" he stood vigorously.

"How?" Shouri seemed surprised.

"Do lads nowadays think that the police are the same as ordinary people?" he responded.

"Maybe. I thought the normal ones were hired just because they can run fast," said Shouri.

"Watch your mouth, brat. You're nothing but a disgusting man-eater." he felt annoyed.

"Looks like you're short-tempered. How 'bout going to therapy, sir?"

"Don't push your luck..." he clenched his fists.

The inspector glared at Shouri with an intimidating stance. Shouri was aware that the situation he had been trying to avoid was happening now.

"Yukino," he whispered.

"What?" she responded.

"Hold this for me. The worst has come. Stay right here to stay alive" Shouri passed the shopping bags to her.

"Wait, Wh—"

"If you have plans to run off, hold it for now. That guy can catch up on you. The least-case scenario is you die. Stay here so I can protect you." told Shouri.

Shouri took a few steps forward. Both of man intended to hurt each other. One was to kill, and the other was to protect.

"Tell me your name, sir," shouted Shouri.

"Ouyama. Inspector Ouyama. Why?!" he replied.

"Then, Inspector Ouyama! Leave or be killed! The option is yours!"

"Exterminating likes of you is my job! Your fate is already decided with my fists."

"Let's see who tells lies then,"

Both of them dawdled towards each other. As both moved closer, the intensity increased. A moment passed, and both met the eye an eye in a blink of a second. Both of them threw a punch simultaneously. Both dodged in an instant. Ouyama delivered a kick upwards. Shouri dodged and punched his side. Ouyama blocked his strike and threw another kick. Shouri blocked. Between seconds, their pace was getting faster. A strike for a block. A dodge from a blow. The pound of hits resembled echoes.

Yukino stood frozen. Their brawl was too fast for her to catch up. It left Yukino trembling in fear. She could run away but seeing them exchanging punches and kicks made her tremble. She has no chance to even run from Ouyama. Running now would be considered suicide.

The hasty fight didn't seem to have a winner yet. Both were on par with each other as their pace was getting faster. Neither of their attacks hit the other.

"Tsk!" Ouyama clicked his tongue. Shouri's attacks started to score hits.

A kick to the ribs. Ouyama deflected it and looked for an opening. He made an immediate strike aiming at Shouri's neck. Shouri blocked his hand and grabbed it. Shouri threw his fist straight at Ouyama's face. Ouyama blocked. Suddenly, he felt a heavy blow below his armpit. A powerful kick from Shouri. He felt a painful strain. His breathing was reset. Without pausing, Shouri delivered another blow to the opposite side. A kick hit like a truck. Ouyama got pulled by his hand and took a knee strike. Right on his belly. The pain forced him to bow. In a split second, Shouri landed a kick flat on his face. Ouyama's mind went blank.

How did he get into this state? That was a question that lingered in his mind. A cocky brat he was fighting wasn't kidding. Shouri is a formidable opponent. A blunder can lead towards fatality when facing him. Luckily, Ouyama didn't put off his guard. The damage would be more devastating than what he was facing now.

Another punch was coming targeting Ouyama's belly. He defected it. Then, Shouri delivered a powerful blow to his face. Ouyama's vision got blurry. His mind was getting blank. However, he would surrender to this young lad. He rose his arms to protect his head. Unfortunately, it did nothing. Shouri attacked rapidly as Ouyama was wide open. Blow by blow. Strikes by strikes. Ribs, gut, legs, groin, every inch of his body took those painful hits. Ouyama was completely defenceless. Those hits were devastating. His muscles felt like they were being torn off. His mind was shattered by pain. His ears were ringing. After all the damage he had taken, his mind snapped.

A kick to the belly pushed Ouyama backwards. Ouyama stepped back. Shouri was about to continue. Suddenly, an immediate kick landed straight onto Shouri's face. Shouri was wide open. Even so, Ouyama couldn't deliver any other attack since that kick was his effort to survive Shouri's chained attacks.

"Huff, huff..." Ouyama was utterly worn out.

"Shouri!" Yukino shouted his name.

The time went slow. The pain shocked him. Shouri realized something. His attacks made him wide open. He heard an intense ring in his ear. His mind went blank for a second. Then, he snapped back. Slowly, he turned his head and glanced straight into Ouyama's eyes.

"You're dead,"

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