Chapter 0:

Blake and Six others

With the intent to Kill

Luther killed a cat with a friend when he was 6. That friend meant everything to him. She was his heart and soul, the reason he wanted to wake up in the morning… and the reason he got sucked in the valley of darkness and became God of the underworld at the age of 10.

After getting kicked out by his abusive parents the only place he could go to was his friend's house. His friend's parents took him in without a second thought with the thought of their kid having a person to play with. After his friend's parents learned of why he was kicked out they sent him to a physiological school to deal with his issues but that didn't help but increased his interest in the act of taking people's lives. In the time that he was there he made friends. 6 of them in fact. They were all being tortured and mal-treated.. Except the method used on 7 of them were different. They were being used as toys in a lab.By the time the scientists figured out that their attempts were futile, The kids ran away with Luther leading them. There were 10-years old when they escaped. Their families were contacted and told that they had died during a test.When Luther's friend's family found out they did everything to make sure that their daughter didn't find out. But she did after a few days of not seeing Luther she began to cry and fell in a coma for a few weeks due to attempted suicide. As time went on she forgot about Luther.Luther and his friends had forgotten their names and everything about themselves except for what caused them pain. A few weeks after escaping they were walking around the back alleys looking for food to eat when a creature came to attack one of Luther's friends. Her Name was Sima but Luther and the others knew her as the queen of Envy. Just as she was about to get attacked a little girl came in and saved them.After hearing what happened to the kids the little girl took them to the underworld where she had them fight the rulers of the underworld. To everyones supprise the kids won and became the next 7 rulers.

Blake, Sima, Akisuke, Charmy, Megimy, Yuki and Alban where the names given to the children.

Blake the King of Wrath

Sima the Queen of Envy

Akisuke the King of Pride

Charmy the Queen of Sloth

Yuki the King of Greed

Megimy the Queen of Gluttony

Alban the King of Lust

And under these titles they grew up and where under the care of caring people. They eatch had castles to them selves. But they went to school with the other kids.. And had Normal Childhoods. Untill Blake turned 15.