Chapter 0:



In 3654, the criminal organization Devrim was created. It quickly conquered more than 25% of the land on Earth. So the Alliance was created to stop Devrim. The Alliance gathered all the countries that weren't conquered. Currently, in 3601, the Alliance and Devrim signed a peace treaty to limit useless casualties.

A couple months later, a man was walking in the middle of the Sahara desert. He was thirsty, hungry and really tired. Afar, he saw cars and he slowly drew near with the fear of being attacked. Then, a tall darked-skinned man with the face half covered approached him:
-State your identity ! Said the man.
-Who are you ? Answered the hungry man.
-You answered my question with another question, you’re bold.
The man drew a weapon while keeping a reasonable distance then looked around as if to seek an enemy. He resumed:
-Well, I’m gonna answer you. My name is Ahmed Ammon. I’m the boss of the Resistance. Now answer.
-Ah you’re not a part of Devrim, I’m relieved ! answer the young man.
-You didn’t answer me.
The leader of the Resistance points his gun at the young man and starts approaching.
-Answer or I’ll have to shoot !
-Whoa ! Calm down ! I’m Isaac Bringerlight, I just escaped from one of Devrim’s laboratories.
-Devrim ? Do you work for them ?
-No ! I just said I escaped from one of their labs ! Actually, I want to destroy them for everything they did to me. Said Isaac.
Ammon looked at Isaac with an intriguing look. He thought that if Isaac was telling the truth, he would be very smart and talented to escape Devrim’s vigilance.
-Like I told you, I’m the boss of the Resistance. Said Ammon while remaining vigilant. We also want to destroy Devrim. But I do not know if you are telling the truth. If you agree to take a test, you could join us.
-What does this test consist of ? Replied Isaac.
-First, you’ll have to tell me where you come from. Then the real test will begin. That test, you’ll see on-site. Are you in ?
- Yes ! Said Isaac without any hesitation.
-So, let’s get to the camp. But before, let me see if there is any signal transmitter or any GPS tracker
Ammon verified that Isaac did not have any device that could trace him then they went off to a camp of the Resistance located near Jalo’s oasis in Libya. A few moments later, after Isaac ate and drank, Ammon brought him to an interrogation room so he could tell his story. He was recorded in order to study and to note details. Also, Isaac was attached so he couldn’t do any dirty trick.
-First name, family name. Said a man.
-Isaac Bringerlight.
-Begin your story.

In 3570, the Bringerlight family went to Uganda because they respected Devrim's ideas a lot. 2 years later, Isaac was born. Isaac’s dad was very involved in the Devrim business and when Isaac was 4, in 3576, he made a bloomer. So the organization decided to execute him. His wife, Isaac’s mom, wanted to stop them and was also executed. Devrim took Isaac to do experiments on him. At the age of 18, Isaac received modification on his body : his right arm and his left leg got robotised. Regularly, the experiments’ subjects were tested. However, if one of the subjects failed this test, he was executed. Seeing other people being executed traumatized Isaac. Thankfully, Isaac had widely the physical and moral abilities to take the test successfully. Moreover, Isaac was smart enough to see that Devrim was evil. Thanks to the results of his tests, Devrim placed hopes in Isaac. From the age of 9, Isaac was finding a way to escape and he took 20 years to find one. He put his plan into action and escaped. On his way to escape, Isaac heard a conversation about Devrim’s plans : a weapon named Hrund that can resurrect human beings. Several hours later, Isaac met Ammon.

A few seconds later, Isaac heard a gunshot then men with uniforms from the criminal organization broke into the interrogation room.
-Isaac ! So, you escape ? Said one of the bandits. You really thought you could escape us ? I didn’t know you were so dumb hahaha.
-Tell us what you know about our plans ! Said a second bandit.
Isaac was chained so he could only talk.
-I won’t say anything ! Shout Isaac.
-You know, if you come back with us and if you tell us what you know, you could be rewarded.
-C’mon, I’m not that idiot. Exclaimed Isaac. You only want to bring me back to exploit me like a slave. I won’t say anything !
Isaac went threw mental torture for many hours.

3 hours after the start of the torture, someone enter the room. It was Ammon.
-Congratulation Isaac, you take the test successfully, you’re now a part of the Resistance. Please excuse me for that, it’s the first time someone escaped one of Devrim’s labs. So I thought you were a spy.
-It's okay, I’m used to it.
-Now that you’re a part of our group, you’ll have to prove yourself. I’m gonna send you on a mission in that lab with the colonel Marco. We’ll see if that story of a weapon that can resurrect people is true.