Chapter 1:

Chapter 1: The Beginning of An Untold Epic

Cursed Assassin: The Red Moon


With a strong slash from my short blade, the one-horned monster's body is torn into many pieces of flesh. After killing it, a virtual board appears in the middle of the air. Some lines of information show up in front of my eyes:

[You have defeated boss monster "Higarra" - Receive "Rare skin of Higarra", "Horn of the Forest King", "Heart of Bravery", etc - Gained experience : 1200 - Gained money: 20,000 R]

[Congratulations! You have just achieved level 42 - Your rank now is so hig...]

"Jeezz... That's boring notification again..."

Not wanting to know about my certain rank, I close the board and put my short blade into the sheath, then leaving the battlefield where I've been fighting for hours. Despite being hurt by those monsters, I feel so happy because of taking some precious items, including "Rare skin of Higarra". With these things, it will be easy to create a powerful armor.

"It's enough for today. I'd come home..."

Walking for twenty minutes from the hunting field to the nearest village, I suppose the today's hunt is successful unexpectedly. I've obtained a lot of good items, which dropped from the boss Higarra, and they'll be helpful for me in the future. Seeming like that I'm blessed for this day.

This is an online game, or more exactly, it'd be called a VRMMO. Its name is "White Paradise" (or WP for short), which is played by almost gamers throughout the world nowadays. Why is this game so popular? The answer is very easy: WP ain't a normal browser game. It's a virtual one.

White Paradise was released last year after being developed for many years since the invention of "Cloudz". Cloudz is an incredible program making those who play VRMMO games feel a very true sense as if being in the real life. That's clearly a big step of science and gaming industry, so lots of virtual games were made based on program Cloudz.

However, just only one online game can become well-known by everyone from all the corners of this world. It is White Paradise.

As it made by many famous programmers, developed by the biggest game company in Japan - Mitsuhashi Co, Ltd., PW has defeated the other WRMMOs and get the title "King of Cloudz" until now.

"O... Why do I always remember about those info' while walking? Jeezz, get rid of them, my brain..."

After throwing the unwanted thoughts away out of my head, I keep jogging along the village's street. The sky is so clear today, with many clouds floating in the air and winds freeze everywhere. The trees around are so green, with lots of birds clinging on the branches. Such a beautiful country view, isn't it?