Chapter 12:

Female Anatomy

The Wizard's Virginity

When we reached the Biology classroom, Miss Byrne opened the door and let me enter first. She closed it behind her, and then pulled the small blind down over the glass panel in the door. Next she went to the windows, and similarly pulled the blinds down over those. Her skirt hitched up slightly as she reached for the cord, and I saw that she wasn’t wearing tights as I previously thought, but suspender stockings with lace at the top. I gulped.

“Finally, some privacy,” she said.

It suddenly struck me that this situation was uncomfortably similar to Friday’s. Shut in a classroom after school, alone with a very attractive female whose intentions were unknown, and potentially bad. Of course, the key difference here was that I wasn’t tied to a chair, and so I could make a break for it at any time if necessary. Also, the erection I currently sported was, as far as I knew, entirely natural, prompted only by my teacher’s voluptuousness rather than by drugged cookies.

Miss Byrne sat on the edge of her desk at the front of the room, and motioned me to sit on the front lab bench, directly opposite her. As I jumped up I tucked my boner into my waistband, and untucked my shirt slightly to cover the bulge. Usually when I had an erection at school I was sitting behind a desk, so being sat in the open like this was uncomfortable, but I hoped that it wasn’t too obvious.

“So, James, you’re not the most popular kid in school, are you?”

I forced a smile. “How did you guess?”

“You know, a woman picks up on these things. Subtle social cues.” Her serious tone meant that I couldn’t quite tell if she was joking. “But I’ve got good news for you, kiddo,” she continued. “Just because you’re not popular with other teenagers, doesn’t mean you’re not popular with anyone.”

Miss Byrne stepped down and came closer to me. I was still sat on the lab bench, which meant I was higher than her, and now had a dangerous view down her top. Dangerous, because the stimulation of this new view threatened to pop my boner out from its hiding place in my waistband. I did my best to maintain eye contact, but having this stunning woman with big, blue eyes, red lips, and a beautiful bosom look up from underneath me, I felt like I was watching the start of a POV porn video, just before the man’s trousers are undone. Miss Byrne’s next words did nothing to dispel that feeling.

“Have you ever been with a woman before, James?”

Her voice sounded slightly deeper, a husky Irish growl where each word dripped with sex appeal. I wondered if some aphrodisiac was in effect, as it had been with Reiko, and this thought made my body stiffen. Well, the parts that weren't already stiff. I realised that this situation was very much like the one with Reiko on Friday after all. My hands weren’t tied, but the temptation was just as great, if not greater... I considered making a run for it there and then, but no, I still didn’t have any new information. I needed to get the conversation back on track.

“Erm, Miss.”

Her smile shifted into one of mock annoyance, and she wagged a finger at me.

“Sorry… Aoife. I think you’ve got the wrong idea. I wanted to ask you about something else.”

“Oh, of course. The diligent James, always wanting to bring the discussion back to exams, schoolwork, blah blah blah. Well, I’m okay with that. Let’s get back to the topic that you were meant to be producing a report on. Female anatomy…”

Miss Byrne backed away from me, and pulled herself back onto her desk. Rather than remaining perched on the edge, she removed her high heels, and then climbed up fully and stood on top of the desk. She extended her arms out widely.

“Well, here I am. A perfect example of female anatomy, if I do say so myself. Now, what part would you like to learn about first?”

“Mi- Aoife. I… don’t understand.” Is what I said, although I had the feeling that actually, I did understand.

“If you don’t understand, then let’s start with something easy.”

Miss Byrne reached under her skirt, and unclipped her stockings. She then rolled them down her legs one at a time, very slowly, and I was unable to look away. Her legs were impossibly long and slender, and I found myself wanting to stroke them to feel their smoothness.

“You know, some men I’ve met are obsessed with legs and feet. I’d just take these off and they’d finish up all over themselves. But this is meant to be educational, so we have a lot more to cover. I hope you’re taking notes.”

Before I could articulate a response, she started to remove her jacket. Again, she did it slowly, as though she had experience with undressing in a way meant to keep an audience’s interest. And my goodness, it kept my interest. Here I was, receiving some kind of personalised strip show from my hot teacher in a classroom after school. I thought back to the porn comparison, and realised I had seen this same scenario play out many times.

Her jacket was off, and next she undid the buttons on her blouse. It looked as though her boobs had been trying to burst out her top already, and every button she undid set them a little freer. She was wearing a black, lacy bra, the kind that’s advertised on the front of Victoria’s Secret stores, and every man walking past has to pretend not to notice. The only difference was that if anything, Miss Byrne was more attractive than the average Victoria’s Secret model.

“You may have heard of these, James,” she said as her fingers nimbly ran down the buttons. “They are called ‘breasts’. Also known as the mammary glands. They’re one of the most important features of the female body, so please, pay close attention.”

The blouse was now off completely, and my teacher was standing on the desk before me in her bra and skirt. I tried to speak, but was unable to. I wondered if Miss Byrne did also have magic powers, as Reiko did, and was using them on me right now, to make me entranced by her body. But I realised that the truth was much simpler: the spell I was under right now wasn’t magic, but the more basic power that women have had over men since the beginning of time.

Next, Miss Byrne unfastened her skirt at the side, and let it slide down to her feet. Her panties were the same as her bra. Black lace, where I could see through to skin in some places, but designed in such a way that I couldn’t see through to the key places. It was an agonising design, allowing me to at first glance see so much, but still leave me desperately wanting more. Reiko had been cute, and she'd had that aphrodisiac power, but I realised now that the allure of an adult woman was something else entirely.

I managed to tear my eyes away from Miss Byrne’s body to look up at her face, and I saw a smug expression there. It was a similar expression to the one Dan wore after he beat me in a video game. The smile of a winner. But wait… What was she trying to win? Me?

I started to snap out of my fog of arousal, as I realised that if seducing me was her goal, she must only have one reason to do it…

"Why are you doing this?" I managed to ask.

“You’re a charming young man, James. I’ve been wanting to do some extracurricular activities with you since I first walked into this classroom.”

“So, it has nothing to do with wanting my magic powers?”

Suddenly, everything changed. Miss Byrne’s pose, like that of a carefully poised supermodel, relaxed into something more natural. She was still stunning, stood there in her sexy underwear, but she now just looked like a lady standing in her pants, rather than someone putting on a show. Her smug expression changed, too. Not from the face of a winner into one of a loser, nor into anger at being found out, as I worried might happen. But one of wry acceptance.

“Oh, you knew about that? Well, I guess I don’t need to pretend now.” She shrugged. “I mean, not to say that you’re unattractive, but you’re not really my type. Too young. Usually I prefer older men, especially nerdy types. Mmm, like that Mr Cuttilan…”

She gazed off into the distance for a moment, licking her lips, and I interrupted her more out of awkwardness than wanting to continue the conversation.

“So, now I know what’s happening, does that mean you’re going to tie me up and have your way with me now?” I asked. A reasonable question, I thought, given recent events.

“God, no!” Miss Byrne replied, her eyes going wide. “Unless you’re into that kind of thing? I mean, I know kids are watching porn young these days and getting all sorts of weird fetishes, but BDSM for your first time does seem a little intense.”

I felt slightly embarrassed, and tried to justify myself. “No, it’s nothing like that. It’s just… That’s what Reiko did to me on Friday.”

“What, that Japanese chick already drained you? Goddammit, I put on this whole show for nothing.”

“No, she didn’t go all the way. Someone came in and… Wait… So it wasn’t you who saved me from Reiko on Friday?”

“Me? Christ, no! I wouldn’t mess with that psycho bitch in a million years.”

“But… You did know about Reiko? And you know about magic? And you’re also trying to have sex with me?”

“Yes, yes, and you didn’t need to take the romance out of it, but yes.”

I was struggling to process this, not least because I still had a very undressed and very erotic female body in front of me, which was limiting my capacity for sensible thought. Miss Byrne wasn’t my saviour, as I had believed. However, she did know about magic and about Reiko, so would still be a valuable source of information. Possibly my only source of information. One very important question remained.

“Are you going to hurt me?” I knew how stupid it sounded, asking a potential threat whether they were a threat. Like a rabbit asking a fox, “Are you going to eat me?”, only for the fox to lick its lips and say, “Of course not!” But still, I didn’t have many options right now, and so far, Miss Byrne had done nothing to threaten me.

“No, James, I’m not going to hurt you. In fact, it’s the opposite: I just wanted to make you feel good! And, you know, if ol’ Aoife here gets some incredible powers from a wizard in the process, then win-win!”

“But… If you have sex with me and take my powers, then I won’t have them anymore, right?”

Aoife considered for a moment, and then crouched down, and resumed her original position perched on the edge of her desk. She refrained from putting any of her clothes back on, so I still had to exert great effort to focus on maintaining the conversation and not just drooling at the sight of her body.

“I mean, yeah,” Aoife admitted. “That’s true. But I mean, do you actually have any powers right now?”

“No, I don’t think so,” I replied. I was starting to relax now. It was a very surreal situation, casually chatting with my nearly nude teacher about magic, but it didn’t feel like a dangerous one. And mostly, I was just relieved to finally have someone to talk to about this stuff, and to actually get some answers.

“Exactly. The thing I want from you isn’t actually your powers, per se, but your potential. I figured that either you wouldn’t know about any of this stuff, so you’d just be a normal kid getting a spicy rendezvous with his hot teacher. Or that if you did know about it, you might be willing to let it go.”

“Why did you think I’d be willing to let my magic… No, my potential magic powers go?”

“Two reasons, I guess. One.” She waved her hand down her body. “A pretty fair price to pay, I would say. But Two… You mentioned something about Reiko on Friday. What happened, exactly?”

“Well, she drugged me, I woke up tied to a chair, she tried to have sex with me, and smacked me when I resisted. Then someone came in and fought her, then they both disappeared.”

“Hmm.” Miss Byrne… No, I guess it did make sense to call her Aoife now, since she clearly wasn’t a real teacher. Aoife seemed to consider for a moment. “Well, putting your mysterious rescuer aside for a minute, there’s your reason number Two. As long as you have your potential, there will be witches trying to drain it from you. Unfortunately, not all witches are as friendly, and there certainly aren’t any as hot, as I am. So, why not give your potential to me now, and you won’t need to keep looking over your shoulder for the next thirteen years.”

“Whoa whoa whoa, go back a second. Witches?” I knew the word, obviously, but it was the first time I had heard it used in a context that didn’t involve Halloween. It hadn’t been used in any of Dad’s journal entries, or at least not the ones I had been able to translate.

“Yeah, witches. Women who use magic. Like me. This might come as a surprise to you, but I’m not actually a teacher.”

“Oh, really?” I asked politely.

“Really! I did a very convincing act, I know. I’m actually from a coven near Dublin. We heard about you, so we paid for your old teacher to take a nice little round the world cruise. Man, that woman needed a break. Then I joined as a substitute. What we didn’t count on was someone else getting here first…”


“Yeah. I mean, I guess you experienced it first hand, but that bitch is bad news. She’s from a coven in Japan that specialises in assassination, interrogation, infiltration… All that ninja stuff. I heard that they used to work for the Emperor. Or the Shogun? Or some powerful Japanese man. I don't know Asian history, sue me."

I thought about the powers that I had seen Reiko use. Using an aphrodisiac, putting me to sleep, throwing invisible projectiles. That all seemed to fit what Aoife was saying.

“Reiko already seemed pretty damn powerful,” I said. “Why would she want me? Like, what good would I be to her, when I don’t even have powers?”

“Like I said, it’s not about powers that you do or don’t have. It’s about your potential.”

“Wait a minute, you keep talking about my potential. What does that actually mean?”

“So, the legend has it that when a man reaches the age of thirty without knowing carnal pleasures, he becomes a wizard, right? But there’s a little more to it than that. Firstly, that doesn’t just apply to any men, but only very very few, who carry a particular genetic line that allows them to use magic. What makes them special is that nearly all women have the ability to use magic, but their potential is very limited. Whereas the few men who can use it… Their potential is nearly limitless.”

“So, when I turn 30, I’ll start getting powers, right?”

Aoife shook her head. “Not quite, kiddo. Men and women alike need to learn magic. But for the men who can, it’s a hell of a lot easier. Even so, you need access to tomes to teach you magic, and these tomes are not easy to come by. Covens around the globe try to maintain their own sets of teachings, whilst stealing or destroying those from other covens to maintain their own relative power. It’s all very political.”

“Where does your coven fit into this?”

Aoife looked a little embarrassed. Surprising, given that she seemed to feel no embarrassment about having been sat in a classroom in her underwear up to this point.

“To be honest, it doesn't. It’s technically an obaven now… A coven with only two witches. Just me and my sister since Mamó, our granny, passed. Sis has the brains, and I have, well…” She looked down at her boobs. “But if we got the potential from you, then we could really put our coven on the map. Recruit some new blood and be restored to our former glory, just as Mamó wanted!”

As she spoke about her family, Aoife took on a very different air. She was neither the seductive adult who had captured the imagination of the boys of the school, nor the disinterested young woman who would rather scroll through Instagram than even pretend to teach. She was more like an excited girl, trying to make her loved ones proud. I thought that this side of her was pretty appealing as well.

Aoife continued. “Our coven is called Cappella, and it specialises in vocal powers. Mamó was a great witch in her day, and passed some of it down to me and my sister.”

Vocal powers… That explained the incredible shouts that Aoife had given, which silenced our rowdy biology class, and caused physical pain to Cameron and his mates. I wondered what else she could do… First though, I needed to clarify something.

“Why specialise in something like that? With Reiko, all her powers seemed to relate to her breath. Why not just learn whatever magic you can get your hands on. Like, I imagined it’d be fireballs, and summoning monsters and stuff.”

Aoife laughed, like I'd just told a great joke, or said something incredibly stupid. I assumed it was the latter.

"Sorry kiddo, I didn't mean to laugh. I know you're still new to this. But even a single magic takes years and years of study to learn. That’s why covens usually specialise. If you’re learning similar types of magic, there’s more crossover in the techniques, so it makes it a lot easier. Think of it like this: if you’re good at tennis, you’ll probably be good at badminton and squash, too, right? But if you train super hard in tennis and then go to play basketball, you have to learn something completely different. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah…” I think it made sense, but it was still a lot to wrap my head around.

“That’s one of the reasons male magic users are so special. You have the potential to master many different magics. Like, imagine your phone. It has a limited amount of space for photos and videos. That's what witches are like. We can store spells, but only a very limited amount."

"So what am I, like an SD card?"

Aoife grinned, and held her arms out wide. "Baby, you're like unlimited cloud storage! And it's not just your capacity. It’s the speed you can fill it. Something that would take a witch years to learn through dedicated study, you could pick up in a couple of hours if you had the right tome to skim through."

“In summary then, if a witch has sex with me, they get both my capacity for learning magic and the ability to learn magic quickly, even though I don’t actually know any spells myself?”

“Exactly. So you can see why that makes you quite an attractive proposition.”

I could see. I could also see a lot of other things. I had treated this whole magic thing as something very personal. A promise I had made to myself, to protect my virginity until I was 30, and then gain magical powers like my dad. Now it turned out that there was a whole world out there of magic users, witches, wizards and covens. Things totally beyond my small remit of ‘I just won’t have sex for a few years and I’ll get powers.’ I had also found out that my thinking there was inherently flawed. I mean, it seemed obvious now, even looking back at Dad’s journal. He had written at length about his lessons in magic at the priory. Yet for some reason, I had convinced myself that all I needed to do was sit on my arse until I hit a certain age, and then everything would just fall in my lap. I was annoyed at myself for being so naive.

So, being a virgin for the next thirteen years, unless I somehow got my hands on these rare and well-protected magic tomes, would be pointless. What’s more, there would be more witches like Reiko trying to take my magic potential from me by force, or making me be a pawn in their political games between covens. At least Aoife was up front about it all. And what had I gotten from trying so hard to protect my virginity up until now? Aside from Reiko targeting me, I had also made myself the most hated guy in school. I thought back to the Incident. If it hadn’t been for this damn magic stuff, I wouldn’t have rejected the girl from Film Club. She then wouldn’t have been upset, and wouldn’t have spread those rumours about me, and I wouldn’t have lost all my friends…

I would do it with Aoife. I would give her my magic potential. Sure, she was a shit teacher, but she didn’t seem like a bad person. Let her take my potential and rebuild her coven or whatever. I would be free of all this stress, and could make an effort to restart my life as a normal teenager. I could either transfer schools, or just see through one more year here and then get to university, and have a fresh start.

I can’t pretend that my decision was entirely rational. My cock was still throbbing in my trousers, face-to-face with the most beautiful woman I had ever seen wearing only lacy black underwear. But even if it was partly the horniness driving me, I thought that this was the right thing to do.

“Miss Byr- No, Aoife. I want to give you my potential.”

She looked surprised, and jumped up excitedly from the desk. “What? Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. I… I want to have sex with you.”

“Well, that’s good enough for me! Just relax, and I’ll make sure this is a memory you won’t regret.”

She got closer, and undid my tie. As she did so, she leaned forward, and kissed me on the lips. My second kiss in four days, and my second kiss ever. This was very different to the kiss Reiko had given me. For one thing, it didn’t knock me unconscious. It was definitely an adult kiss. Aoife’s tongue pushed its way into my mouth, and started to stroke my own. She moaned, and it was the most erotic sound I had ever heard.

Immediately after, a far less erotic sound echoed through the room.


Aoife pulled back from the kiss and we both snapped our heads toward the door. Standing in the doorway was Lawrence, mouth hanging wide open, a bunch of flowers in one hand and a red envelope emblazoned with hearts in the other.

Suddenly it hit me. A kind of post-nut clarity, but arriving early. What the hell was I doing? I was in no place to make a decision like this. I had confirmed that magic was real, and my first instinct was to throw it all away just because I’d had a shitty day at school?

I slid off the desk, grabbed my bag, and ran out the door, barreling a still stunned Lawrence out of the way. I didn’t look back, and didn’t care about the obvious boner poking through my trousers as I ran.