Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: Is it still okay if siblings have these feelings for each other?

Is It Still Incest If Siblings Reincarnate With No Blood Relation?

Elyiena held the hilt of her blade at the ready as she stared at Blythe who stood a few metres from her. Blythe smiled as she twirled her twin-daggers in her hands with the skill and grace of an assassin. The sun’s rays beamed down on the open courtyard. It was paved in a different colour of stone compared to the rest of the courtyard, a soft red stone that formed a circle like a fighting arena. Around the area was a balcony with a stairwell that led down into the courtyard and overlooked the courtyard.

Ryzelia sat at one of the tables in the balcony and thumbed through the pages of the book he was reading. His book contained notes that he had written down on the rare plant and the few recipes he had managed to make by mixing various ingredients together with the boiled down plant. After a few tries, he had managed to make a vial of a blue liquid that was able to disinfect and seal wounds such as cut or other open wounds. He looked out at the courtyard while Blythe and Elyiena began their duel.

— Who do you believe will win, master?

Alyice placed a small cup of coffee onto the table with a small spoon. Ryzelia gently stirred the cup after Alyice poured in a small cup of milk and one lump of sugar. He could smell the aroma of the of roasted coffee beans that had been blended together. Taking a sip of the warm beverage, Ryzelia could taste the resinous sweetness of the pure white sugar and how it blended together with the milk.

— I’ll bet one gold coin on Elyiena, Ryzelia said with a confident smile.

— Gambling is a rather bad habit, master, Alyice said with a smug expression.

The sparing match between Elyiena and Blythe ended so quickly that Ryzelia barely had time to finish another sip of his coffee. Blythe was on the ground, her weapons disarmed from her person and Elyiena’s blade pointing down at her neck. Elyiena smiled and held out a hand to help Blythe up to her feet.

— Elyiena is truly a master of the sword, Alyice spoke with a smile.

— Yeah. It’s kind of a shame she as to marry someone like me. She’s reached a mastery of combat, surely there were others she could have been married to instead.

— Master, please don’t forget that you are also at the Master level of alchemy and quite possibly the youngest alchemist to reach the title.

— Yeah, yeah. Still, what good did it do me?

Ryzelia sighed for a moment as he recalled life in his old world. In the world he was from, there was often a sad reality that even people with high-paying degrees failed to get work their field of study. Being the son of a farmer, he had to divide his time between working in the fields and studying to be a biochemical engineer. Yet, like most things in life, nothing would go as planned. He was never able to complete high-school and ended up being forced to drop out due to his parent’s deaths. This left him and his little sister with the burden of taking care of the farm.

— It allowed you to be here with your future wife, master.

— But what if she doesn’t feel the same way after a few years? I’m not one that likes to force people into an arranged married.

— I know, master. Sadly, nobility needs to keep the status quo of having only noble blood lines mixed together.

— Sounds dumb. But, oh well. Guess I just have to make the most of this.

— It would seem so, master.

Ryzelia looked over to Alyice after closing his book.

— You still owe me a gold coin.

— I’m sorry, master. I don’t have a gold coin on me.

— Guess you’re paying with your body, Ryzelia said with a smile as he stood to his feet.

— B-Body!? W-Wait… m-master…

— I expect to see you down in my atelier at the sun’s setting.

Alyice’s cheeks were flushed a deep rose red as he averted his gaze from his master’s alluring pink eyes that shined like rose quartz crystals. He recalled the night before in the bathroom that he and his master had shared. His body had succumb to the pleasurable stimulation of having his weakest area teased with the liquid that allowed his master’s hand and fingertips to glide over his erection without resistance. It was a feeling that he enjoyed and wanted to have happen to him again, even if he pretended that he didn’t enjoy the final release of pleasure from between his thighs. He wanted to experience it all again in any such way his master could concoct.

Yet, he knew he would grow anxious throughout the day, counting the seconds until he was to head to the atelier where his master would be waiting. What would he to me? Would he force me to drink something that made my boy submit to his will? Many questions of an erotic nature ran through Alyice’s mind as he fidgeted around with the hem of his skirt. He always pretended to deny what the master and his older sister had done to him. All the experiments and tests of various potions and elixirs that all had random effects. From simply making him fall asleep to causing his body to feel in heat, he had become accustom to his mind wondering.

Even though he didn’t desire his master or his sister in a romantic way, he enjoyed the feeling of being apart of their work. It was like a rush of adrenaline that he felt when either of them would ask for his help in their research. Although there were times where he hated it, as some tonics that he ingested caused discomfort, still, the overall experience was positive.

— Of course, master, Alyice said with a gentle smile.

Ryzelia looked back to where Elyiena and Blythe were.

— Alyice, what are the chances I would win against Elyiena? Ryzelia asked with a smile.

Alyice could not help but giggle at the question Ryzelia was asking.

— Master, I believe we both know the answer to that question.

— I can still try though.

Ryzelia made his down the stairs and into the courtyard.

— Mind if I spar with you, Elyiena?

Elyiena could only smile at the request that Ryzelia was asking.

— Sure, if you feel like giving me an easy win. Blythe, hand me your daggers, I’ll give Ryze my blade.

Elyiena handed over her blade to Ryzelia after Blythe handed over her daggers and stood a few metres from him. She knew she could win easily without much effort. All she had to do was disarm him.

— Ready whenever you are, Ely, Ryzelia said in a teasing tone.

— All right then, here I come!

Rushing forward with her leading foot, Elyiena prepared to strike the dagger in Ryzelia’s left hand. As she closed the distance between the two of them, she noticed he was reaching into the pocket on the right side of his coat jacket. The momentum of her run forced her to keep on the path to disarm the dagger from his hand. Ryzelia held out his hand and blew a dust-like powder that entered into her eyes and mouth – disorientating her for a moment.

Before she could figure out what was happening, Elyiena could feel her body beginning to buckle under its own weight. As her legs grew weak she started to feel herself fall over. Before she could hit the ground, Ryzelia caught her in his arms with a cheerful smile. Elyiena felt her grip on her sword weakening until she could no longer hold onto it.

— What did you do to me?

— It’s just a sleeping powder. You’re muscles are weakening and you should be asleep in about six seconds or so. Don’t worry, it doesn’t last long.

In that moment, Elyiena felt the heaviness in her eyes. Within moments, her eyes closed and she could no longer feel a connection to the world around her.

— Master, did you really have to cheat to win? Alyice asked.

— Alchemy isn’t cheating, Ryzelia said with a smirk.

— She should be awake in about a minute.

Ryzelia had carefully placed Elyiena on the ground with her head resting gently in his lap. A minute passed before she began to slowly open her eyes.

— Did I… lose?

— You did.

Elyiena sat up and took a moment to process the world around her. Even though she had been out of it for a minute, she felt as if she had been asleep for longer. Ryzelia carefully helped Elyiena to her feet and looked at his watch.

— I should probably head to the study. There is something I need to do.

Ryzelia entered the manor as Alyice followed by his side.

— Would you care for another cup of coffee, master?

— Actually, I would. I plan to try some of the tonics I created to see how they interact.

— As you wish, master.

Without another word, Alyice made his way down another hallway that lead to a kitchen while Ryzelia continued to the second floor and entered into the study. Sitting down at the desk, he looked over a few sheets of parchment that he had written notes on for various plants and their effects. A few minutes passed before Alyice returned with a cup of coffee and placed it on the desk beside him. Ryzelia pulled out a small glass vial from one of his coat pockets as he continued to look over the notes.

— Okay, let’s see how this works.

Ryzelia poured the liquid in the vial into his cup of coffee and stirred it with the nearby spoon.

— Master, I assume that’s safe but do you think you should be trying it?

— Would you rather try it then, Alyice?

Alyice recalled the last time he had a drink from Lyciael which ended with him unable to hold back his lustful desires.

— It’s…

— No, it’s not what you’re probably thinking.

Well, it could end up doing something but hopefully it won’t, Ryzelia thought as he watched Alyice take the cup in hand.

— Here it goes then.

After downing the coffee, Alyice placed the cup back down on the desk and sat there for a moment.

— It doesn’t seem to be— Oh no…

Without warning, Alyice felt a rushing pressure coming from between his legs. Closing them shut, he held his hands in hopes of stopping what was about to happen.

— What happened?

— M-Master… I need to pee…

— Then just go.

— I can’t feel my body now… It won’t move…

Ryzelia grabbed a piece of charcoal from the desk and a blank piece of parchment. He quickly made notes about the effects of the liquid he had placed in the coffee and what was happening.

— M-Master! This isn’t the time to write about what’s happening. I’m going to pee myself…

— Just use the cup. I can step out. Actually, I could use it to possible create a tonic.

— M-Master…

— All right, you relieve yourself and I’ll try to synthesise it into something.

Without saying another word, Ryzelia left the room and found himself lost in thought. Okay, if I combine it with some of the other ingredients, I might be able to create something that could be drinkable. Perhaps, it best not to mention urine as a main ingredient, Ryzelia thought as he turned the corner. In an instant he bumped into something and felt a sharp in his nose. Taking a moment to process what had happened, he realised what he had hit.

— Oh, Blythe, are you okay?

— I’m fine, master. I was just about to get Alyice for something.

— What is it?

— We both need to tend to the greenhouse.

— Wait, we have a greenhouse?

— Yes. You didn’t know?

Oh, right. I can’t believe I forgot that this manor has a greenhouse off to the east side, Ryzelia thought as he recalled the blueprints of the manor.

— Right, I actually forgot we had a greenhouse here.

— Is Alyice in the study? Blythe asked as she walked past Ryzelia.

Before Ryzelia could stop Blythe, she had already managed to get to the door of the study and open it partially.

— Uh… Blythe…

Ryzelia noticed that Alyice was busy neatly stacking the few pieces of parchment that were on his desk. He could see that Alyice’s cheeks were flustered a soft rose red and he continued to slightly fidget with the hem of his skirt.

— Alyice, we need to attend to the greenhouse.

— R-Right… I’ll be there in a bit.

Blythe made her way over to the desk and took note of the yellow liquid in the cup. Without warning, she took a sip of the liquid. Alyice averted his gaze as he blushed while Ryzelia covered his mouth and tried to do all that he could to stop himself from laughing.

— Hmm. This is a strange drink, master. It’s… got a lemon critic kind of taste to it.

— Yeah, Ryzelia said trying to hide his laugher by coughing.

— Still, it’s not too bad.

— Oh I didn’t make it. Alyice did, Ryzelia said with a smirk as he looked over to him.

Alyice had a cheerful smile but felt disgust as he looked to Ryzelia.

— I can’t take all the credit, master. After all, you helped me.

Blythe downed the rest of the liquid in the cup.

— Well, Alyice, when you finish up here, meet me at the greenhouse, okay?

Blythe smiled and exited the room. Once she had exited the room and was out of ear shot, Alyice quickly opened the window in the study. Ryzelia continued to laugh as he made his way back to this desk.

— I’m going to puke…

Ryzelia gently pulled back Alyice’s hair. Within just a split second, Alyice leaned over the windowsill and felt his breakfast leave the bowels of his stomach.

— Master…

— There, there. Just relax and let it out.

In another instance, Alyice could feel his lunch starting to leave from his mouth and onto the shrub brushes below.

— M-Master… she drunk… my—

— Don’t think about it, Alyice. I can give you a medicine to help you.

— I’ll take it…

Ryzelia reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small vial with a red-ish liquid. Holding it up to Alyice’s mouth, he helped him down the medicine. For a moment, Alyice leaned against the windowsill like a depressed girl.

— That was painful, master…

Alyice sat down in the chair and leaned back trying to make sure he wasn’t about to lose his food from yesterday.

— Medicine should kick in soon.

— Thank you, mast—

Before Alyice could finish his sentence, he felt something between his legs start to tingle.

— M-Master…

Ryzelia sat down at his desk only to look over and see Alyice closing his legs together while pulling the hem of his skirt down.

— Bathroom?

— N-No…

In a moment, Ryzelia noticed the problem that Alyice was faced with.

— Here’s a piece of parchment. Might want to go take care of that before you help out in the greenhouse.

Alyice blushed as he shyly looked over to Ryzelia.

— M-Master…

— Have fun. I’ll take care of the cup.

Alyice bowed as he exited the room with haste. Ryzelia looked over to the cup on his desk.

— Guess I should throw that away. Actually, maybe I could clean it with some alchemy recipe I have.

Ryzelia stood to his feet and grabbed the cup before heading down into his atelier. Pulling out one of his notebooks, he flipped through the pages to find what he was looking for. The pages of parchment each held the recipes for various types of medicines, poisons and supplements – along with notes and list of ingredients used for them. At the top of the page was the title of the item, decorated with ornamental borders to make it standout. Alongside the main text was red text written in the marginalia. After flipping through a few more pages and illustrations he had found a recipe that could cleanse an item of most common viruses and bacterium.

Looks like I need to mix some liyeu and pyurieth together in some warm water and it’ll make the component I need to clean this cup. Just need to get some warm water once I find the liyeu and pyurieth, Ryzelia thought as he looked around his workshop. Once he had gathered the items he needed, Ryzelia mixed everything together in a small miniature cauldron and poured the liquid into the cup.

— All right, now I just need to wait for about one hour and it’ll be clean.

— You did all that just to clean a cup? Elyiena asked.

Ryzelia was shocked by the sound of Elyiena’s voice so close to him.

— Elyiena! How long have you been there?

— Long enough to watch you mix up those few things on the table. You were lost in thought.

Sitting down in his chair, Ryzelia opened up another book on his desk while Elyiena leaned over him to see what he was reading.

— So, what are you reading?

— It’s an old book about an alchemist. There’s also one called The Eccentric Alchemist but I still haven’t been able to find a copy of it.

— Huh. Is it any good? The one you haven’t read, I mean.

— Well, I can’t exactly say. I’ve heard people talk about it and they say that the book offers deep insight into the world of alchemy from the perspective of an alchemy who is willing to push the limits of morals.

— All right, so they are basically crazy.

— Eccentric would be the correct term.

Ryzelia tried to read over his book but found that Elyiena was still hovering over him with her face only a few centimetres from his. Her arms rested gently on his shoulders as she continued to lean against him like a supporting chair. She is so close. It’s making my heart beat a bit faster, Ryzelia thought as he turned the page. Elyiena sat down in one of the wooden chairs and picked up one of the books entitled Rudimentary Alchemy which covered the basic fundamental skills of alchemy.

— Think you could teach me how alchemy works? Elyiena asked as she leaned back in the chair and propped her feet up on the desk.

— Really…

— Yeah, really. I think it could be cool to learn.

— No, I meant are you really putting your feet up on my work desk?

— Why does that matter? They’re clean.

— That’s… not the point, Ryzelia said as he stood to his feet.

Turning away from Elyiena’s gaze, Ryzelia pretended to look over the bookshelf as if he was trying to find a book.

— Putting your feet on someone else’s stuff is a sign of disrespect. Even if your feet may be clean there are still bacterium that is impossible to see.

— Okay… and?

— …

— Anyway, you going to teach me alchemy or not? Elyiena asked as she turned to see Ryzelia still looking over the bookshelf.

Ryzelia let out a heavy sigh. When she leaves, I need to create a potion that can stop this feeling I have when she does that. Should be easy enough. The problem is just making it through this hellhole, Ryzelia thought as he grabbed a random book off the shelf. Making his way over to Elyiena, he stood behind her and tried to keep his eyes and mind focused on the page that she was looking at.

— Alchemy isn’t something you can just learn in one day.

— Hey, don’t count me out that easily. I can learn it like I learned to master the sword.

— Okay, what is alchemy then?

— It’s where you mix stuff together to create more stuff.

She is doomed, Ryzelia thought.

— Alchemy is the process of transformation, creation or combination.

— Same thing, right?

— No. But anyway, if you can read through the first five pages in that book, you will know if you are ready to study alchemy.

Elyiena was silent for a moment as she read through the first page. A few minutes passed before she closed the book and placed it on the desk.

— That book is boring, Elyiena said as she jumped to her feet.

— Wow. You made it halfway through page one. I’m slightly impressed actually.

— There’s no reason to learn alchemy when you have that covered. Anyway, I’m going to go get a bath, later Ryze.

With a cheerful smile, Elyiena left the workshop. Ryzelia sat back down in his chair and placed the book he had grabbed from the shelf on the desk. Sighing heavily, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes. Without another word, Ryzelia stood to his feet and left the atelier. As he entered into the shower, he thought about the events that had transpired. I know I’m not one for an arranged marriage but I can’t deny that Elyiena is cute. She does seem to be nice but who knows, for all I know she could actually be a bitch and want to amputate my legs. If it was for the good of alchemy that would be understandable, of course. Regardless, I feel as if the only good moments that will befall us is if we decide to go out adventuring for various herbs and plants. I guess our time in the bedroom could be pleasurable but still it’s also possible that she will be the dominating one. Might help if I have some potions to keep her submissive if that is the case. Then there is Alyice…

— Master.

…He is sweet and kind. Surprisingly, he understands me. Sadly, I can’t be with him as I don’t know what this world’s take is on two guys being married. Actually, why am I even thinking about it? It shouldn’t matter—

— Master!

— Oh, Blythe. Sorry, I didn’t see you there.

Ryzelia realised that he had been lost in thought as he was walking to the bathroom. Yet, he was surprised once his brain processed what he was now seeing before his eyes. In front of him stood Elyiena adorable maid stripped down to nothing, her bare body fully exposed. Her face was flustered as she tried her best to hide her chest and other private area with her hands and arms.

— I wasn’t looking where I was going. Sorry about that. I’ll use the other bathroom.

As if nonchalantly unphased by what he had seen, Ryzelia exited the bathroom and headed for another one on the same floor. Okay, she was too cute that I might need to get a cold bath this time, Ryzelia thought as he made his way through the halls hoping that he didn’t bump into his future wife. Entering into one of the other bathrooms, Ryzelia undressed and threw his clothes into the wooden storage box and cleaned off his body with hot water. After rising himself clean, he allowed himself to soak in the pool of warm water and relax his body.

Closing his eyes, Ryzelia thought about what he would need to do for tomorrow. While he had everything setup in his study and the atelier, there was still a few items he was missing that he had forgotten to write down on the list. Maybe I’ll just head into town and see what they have for myself, Ryzelia thought as he took a moment to stretch his aching muscles. Once he was finished with this bath, he changed into a spare pair of clothes to lounge around in. Making his way to the study, he looked out the window to see that the sun was just starting to set below the horizon.

Sitting down in his chair, Ryzelia opened the leather bound tome that contained a list of herbs and plants that could be made into different types of medicines and potions. I should probably make something that will stop sexual urges to happen. Hopefully, it isn’t too difficult to make, Ryzelia thought as he thumbed through the pages of the book. A few minutes passed before he heard a knock at his door. Standing in the doorway was Alyice who was dressed in a different maid outfit and hair style. Part of his blond hair was tied in a long braid with an azure coloured ribbon near the tip. His black and white maid outfit appeared more enticing than the other he had usually wore. Around his arms as a pair of black fingerless gloves that drew up just below the elbow. Unlike the white stockings he normally wore, the black stockings stopped just below his thighs – still managing to reveal the skin between the socks and hem of the skirt.

In his hands, Alyice held a white cup with a small plate under it with a spoon used for stirring. Alyice made his way over to the desk and placed the fresh warm cup of coffee on the desk. He smiled cheerfully.

— Here you are, master.

— Thank you. I was actually craving something to drink.

Ryzelia stirred his coffee and took a sip before returning to reading his book. Alyice continued to stand off to the side to answer any request of his master.

— Alyice, you know you can sit in the chair beside me, right? I don’t need you to wait on me like a noble.

— I know, master. I just can’t help it though, I love it and enjoy it.

— I see, well, if you insist.

— If you don’t mind though, master, I’m going to take you up on that offer to sit down.

Alyice sat down on the other wooden chair and watched as Ryzelia leafed through the folios of his book. The sound of the pages being turned echoed through his ears, a pleasant sound that reminded him of when he was younger – alongside the occsional light clank of the coffee cup. He would sit by a fireplace and listen as Ryzelia’s mother would read through various books in silence. While the fire would crackle, the sounds would lull him to sleep. It was an environment he had grow to love in that solitary moment. Though it would only last for an hour at most, it was something he never forgot and was glad to enjoy throughout his time serving Ryzelia.

Unlike his time at the previous manor, Alyice was now able to enjoy this sensory stimulating moment longer than before. The hour soon passed before there was a knock at the door. Standing there was Blythe, dressed in a simple white nightgown.

— Elyiena has gone to bed and so shall I, master. Good night and sleep well.

— Same to you, Blythe.

With a simple bow, Blythe left from sight returning the room to its natural state of silence. Ryzelia continued to thumb through the pages of his book until he stopped on a particular page. As he looked over the page, Ryzelia placed his hand on the desk where he kept his quill only to find that it wasn’t there.

— Did I forget to bring my quill and ink up to the study?

— It would seem you did, master. I can go and fetch them for you.

— Please do, with haste if you don’t mind. I have to write this down.

— Of course, master. I’ll be back soon.

Alyice stood to his feet and quickly left the room. Rushing down the hallway with haste, he made his way down into the atelier and grabbed the quill and ink bottle from the desk before returning. Ryzelia smiled and thanked him before dipping the nib of the quill in the ink and opened up a page in one of his nearby blank notebooks. He quickly took note of what was on the page and continued to write until three full pages were full of black ink and occasional side notes in the marginalia.

— Master, what were you making note of?

— I mean, I could tell you but it would take a while to explain. Besides, you should get to sleep, it’s late.

— What about you, master?

— I’ll head to bed in a bit.

— Very well, good night, master.

After writing down a few more notes in his blank notebook, Ryzelia made his way to his room and proceeded to drift off to sleep. I have a busy day tomorrow, he thought as he closed his eyes.