Chapter 1:

The poor abandoned dog


-Very well, that's all for today. (teacher)

With these words our math teacher ends our last class of the day. As I put away my materials, out of the corner of my vision I see someone approaching my desk. 

-Are you going with us to watch the movie Mai? (Unie)

The one with pink hair and two braids is my childhood friend Unie and the person next to her with the serious looking long dark hair is a friend we met in elementary school Rukia.

-I'll pass this time, my parents aren't home so I'll have to make dinner. 

I decline the invitation, but they don't seem to be satisfied with the answer.

-But your family is so rich, why don't your parents hire someone to cook for you? (Rukia)

-Or someone to clean the house? (Unie)

-A gardener... (Rukie)

-A super hot pool cleaner! (Unie)

-Some butler like in the movies... (Rukie)



I interrupt their excitement by cutting them off and running out of the room.

-She ran away. (Rukie)

-Ahhhhhh... (Unie)

Walking along that less busy street in the city I headed towards a small supermarket where I used to buy the ingredients for dinner. Standing on the sidewalk waiting for the traffic light to open, I reflect on the conversation I've had with the two of them. I agree that it was strange for our family, which was one of the richest or even the richest in the entire city, not to have a single employee, leaving us to do all those jobs ourselves, mowing the lawn, tending the plants and roses, washing clothes, cooking, cleaning the kitchen, vacuuming the pool... all those things that could be done by other people. I remember that at one time I also questioned my parents a lot about it and I always remember my father's scared eyes saying that we couldn't trust anyone while my hand had a dark expression of pain and fear.

-I wonder what could have happened to them...

- Young lady, won't you cross? (lady with cane)

-Oh, it's really the signal opened. Thanks!I was so distracted that I didn't even see the sign opening. I started to run across to the other side of the sidewalk.

-You must be careful. (Lady)


I stopped for a brief moment so I could hear the lady's warning.

-Although it is not at night, it is still very dangerous to be walking alone. You know that even though you don't see them, they are here, just waiting. (Lady)

I knew what she was talking about, just as anyone else in this town would. The reason these streets are almost deserted is that the city is besieged by yakuza factions.

-Thank you very much for the warning, I will be more careful.

I appreciate the lady's warning and watch her walk past me with a smile on her face. I continue my way normally, even knowing all these gangs around the city I knew it wasn't as dangerous as it appears to be. My father is part of the police intelligence department so I know more information than any average person. On average there are 237 factions spread across the entire territory of Kabukicho, the city where my family and I live, basically where all the gangs in Japan are ranked. It would be a kind of tournament between them to find out which one is at the top, for this reason several terrorist factions from Japan and even from around the world gather in this city to find out who is the biggest of them all. But despite this, this city has a crime rate only slightly higher than a normal city with 12 factions, this is because they are so busy fighting each other that they forget to disturb normal people like us. It reminds me of something my dad always said.

“-Mai, do you know the difference between a stray dog ​​and one that lives indoors? (dad)

-Does one stink and the other doesn't?

-Hahahahaha. That's right, but that wasn't the answer I was expecting. (dad)

-I don't know, which one would it be?

-It's just that one barks at anything he sees and the other would never waste his energies to do that, can you tell me which is which? (dad)

-The dogs that always bark at Mai are the ones that have a home.

-Hahahahaha. Yes they do bark at anyone who gets close to them. (dad)

-But that's weird, why don't stray dogs bark like those who have a house? Everyone Mai encountered never barked at her.

-That's because they don't have the energy left for it, they are too worried trying to survive and find food thrown in the streets. There's no reason for them to waste their precious energies barking at strangers on the street. So Mai, even if this city is surrounded by terrorists, you don't have to be afraid. (dad)"

The terrorists in other cities are the dogs that have homes, while the ones in Kanukicho are the strays. Finally I arrive at the door of the supermarket where I usually buy my things, entering it the only employee who works at the cashier greets me lowering her head.

-Goodnight. (employee)


As I entered the frozen section I remembered those words from the lady I found at the traffic lights. At that moment I could have retorted that she should also be careful to walk the streets alone, but I didn't. However that wasn't because I knew I shouldn't worry so much about it, but because I knew who she was, Madame Mei of the cherry trees, I would recognize her anywhere with the purple sticks holding her white hair and her full purple kimono with pink cherry petals flying over it. Seeing these big shots walking around is more common than people think, as I said they are too exhausted fighting each other to want to look for any trouble with normal people.

-It gave forty-four dollars. (employee)

I pay for my groceries and make my way home, it was very dark and the streets were completely empty. Looking at the sky, I notice a large concentration of dark clouds gathering. It seems that in a little while it will start to rain, I better go running so I don't get this rain. I start to run through those empty streets with my grocery bags, but a little after I start to run something catches my attention. On my left side, where there was an entrance to a cul-de-sac with Dumpsters, was a man sitting on the floor who looked quite finished. Out of curiosity I get a little closer to him and observe that he must have been about five feet tall, strong, but his skin was dry and pale, I imagine it was from lack of food. He ends up noticing my presence and raises his head to me. Looking at his face I notice that he was young, he should have been my age, he had black hair and a pretty face, but there was a huge scar that started from his forehead and cut between the middle of his eyes and under his left ear. I was worried for a moment that he might get up and go after me, but it seems that he was without any strength to do so, his tired eyes, right after seeing me, closed again. I should just ignore him and go on my way, but something made me want to help him. Going back to the supermarket I buy a lunch box and take it to him.


Leaving the food in front of him I try to wake him up, until he starts sniffing his nose as if he's smelled food. Unexpectedly his eyes open with gigantic vigor and with a speed he opens the lunch box.

-Here are the sticks...Wasting no time for anything else he starts eating the food with his hands. He must have been really hungry to not even want to use the toothpicks. As I watch him eating I notice some laughter behind me.

-So I saw that child start screaming for his mother and... anh? (guy with mohawk)

They noticed my presence.

-Hey-hey-hey what we have here. (guy with white hair)

-Are you alone, miss? Don't you know it's dangerous to walk around alone, especially at this time of night? (guy with blouse)

The white haired one approaches me and I get up to try to get out of that alley, but he pushes me back, while his other two friends closed the passage making it impossible for me to escape.

-Why the rush? Didn't my friend say it's dangerous to go out there alone? (guy with white hair)

The other two chuckle at the comment, I was desperate to the point of crying, but something made me lose all that serious and scary mood.

-Nhac. nah nah nah (boy with scar)

It was the sound of the person behind me eating desperately. Obviously they also noticed his presence behind me. The man in front of me pushed me aside and walked over to the boy.

-So you were giving food to this homeless person? (guy with white hair)

-What a noble act on your part. (guy with blouse)

-Haahahahahah. (guy with mohawk)

-Hey, get out of here. We're kind of going to use this space for fun. (guy with white hair)

Those words went like a knife in my ears and went straight to my heart. "have fun"? Thinking about the worst tears start to run down my face as the other two laugh at the situation.

-Nhac. nah nah nah nah (boy with scar)

-Hey, are you deaf by any chance? Get out of here! (guy with white hair)

-Nhac. nah nah (boy with scar)

The man starts to get angry and as a gesture of trying to show who was in charge he steps and kicks the food that the boy was eating.

-Hahahahaha, it seems that now you don't have anything else to eat. (guy with white hair)

For a moment the boy was still, but after realizing what the guy in front of him had done he started to make a strange sound.

-Rrrrrghhhhhhhhhh!! (boy with scar)

-Hey-hey-hey, is he growling at you by any chance? (guy with blouse)

-That's so gross. Hahahahaahaha He's like a kicked stray dog. (guy with mohawk)

-Hahahahaha. Yeah, looks like I have to teach him a lesson. (guy with white hair)

The white haired man raises his hand to spank the seated boy. It happened so fast that even my eyes that were fixed on the scene couldn't notice it, in a fraction of a millisecond the man was flying away, while the boy who was sitting was standing with his arm outstretched. Looking at the other two they still had a smile on their face, until they noticed their partner on the floor with his face all shattered and stained with blood.

-Which? (guy with blouse)

-Brother, what happened? Hey! Wake up! (guy with mohawk)

The man in the blouse slowly approaches his partner's body and places his fingers on his throat. His pupils dilate and his eyes open in amazement.

-He's dead... (guy with blouse)

-Which?!! (guy with mohawk)

They look at the boy again and see a terrifying expression on him, as I did too. His entire face was furrowed in anger, but the part that furrowed the most was the area between his nose and his forehead, he bared all his teeth at the two guys and a little drool came out of his mouth as he growled. That scene was etched in my mind, it was like an extremely angry dog.

-WHAT THE FUCK!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU DID!!! (guy with mohawk)

-Hey man, I think we better get out of here. (guy with blouse)

-DON'T FUCK ME!! DID YOU SEE WHAT HE DID TO TYLER? I'm not leaving here until I make this guy suffer. (guy with mohawk)

In an act of fury the man with the mohawk runs towards the boy, he takes a knife from his pocket. He was going to kill him, but his attack was in vain, at an absurd speed the boy puts his right hand on the man's face and squeezes him, right after that he follows the movement squeezing his head on the ground. The impact was such that even the cement floor cracked and soon a large pool of blood began to spread in the cracks. There was no doubt, that guy died instantly.


I scream in desperation and the guy with the shirt seeing that situation tries to run to escape, but the boy chases him and before the guy can get out of the street he appears in front of him.

-Please leave me alone!!! (guy with blouse)

The boy punches very hard right in the boy's jaw region, causing his face to turn inside out. After that the body falls to the ground like a lifeless jelly. Damn, I was so scared I remember covering my eyes, but after opening them for a brief moment I would have an image that would stay etched in my head for the rest of my life. With blood on your hands and your body being illuminated by the moonlight I see your empty gaze looking up to the heavens. The stray dog ​​may not bark, but that doesn't mean he's weaker than a house dog. For he who does not bark, bites... and kills.