Chapter 12:

Part 2- Chapter 1

Snowflake and Butterknife

Part 2- Terror Warfare

Met sat in the meeting with his handler, Jeremiah. The man was younger than Met by about half a decade, yet he always had a way of looking down on Met. he had a fat stomach and hair tied into a ponytail. Jeremiah’s office was decorated in fishing apparel, fishing rods, fake fish trophies, pictures of him on the Kankakee river.

“So, is this report correct?” Jeremiah said, tapping the file in front of him.

“Yes sir.” Met said. It had only been two days since the incident with Sim, who was now hiding at Reynard's house.

“This student, Edwin, you understand he must be promoted to A class right? He killed this Mageye.” Jeremiah stated.

“He was not the one to kill him.” Met stated. “He slowed his regeneration ability enough for Reynard to kill him.”

“Yes, an action I had told you was to be stopped. The target was to be taken in for questioning.” Jeremiah said.

He was unaware that Sim was in fact being questioned by Reynard. They had yet to figure out much about his past, but knew something was up. The tag had no hospital name on it, and Gema had turned up nothing in her search. Met knew the Council was hiding something, he just wasn't sure what.

“I do apologize, but this Mageye had killed a member of Reynards team.” Met began to explain.

“Which is why they were told to not get involved, I expect you to keep them from entering that building at all costs.” Jeremiah said, angry spittle flying at Met.

But why was I told not to enter, Met thought to himself. Because of Jeremiah’s order so many people died when they didn't need to. Met could have protected that SWAT team at least, but now there were several widows and children who lost their fathers. A candlelight vigil was held for the fallen officers the following night, Loghain’s funeral coming soon. So many were left unsure as Sim had eaten the bodies and left no trace to be buried.

“I apologize.” Met stated.

Jeremiah sighed. “The higher ups aren't too happy about this, you know. They wanted to know how this guy was absorbing people.”

Met hid the ting in his eye. Jeremiah let slip another piece of info about Sim. Their reports all reported that Sim had mysteriously gotten rid of any corpses, but not that he absorbed them. He was growing more and more convinced that the Council was involved in what happened to Sim then they let on.

“Edwin will be forced to join the Peacekeepers, I think he will be fine in 7th.” Jeremiah stated.

“Sir, please reconsider.” Met said, getting to his feet. “He has a life, school, forcing him to drop out would ruin him!”

“This is from the higher ups.” Jeremiah stated with a shrug. “I can't do anything about it, he proved his power was too strong for his class. He is a danger to society as he stands.”

Met grinded his teeth. “Then, please place him in Reynard’s squad. He can do more good there than in the 7th.”

Jeremiah sighed. “Fill out a formal request and we can arrange it. Reynard already did the same, if the two of you both do so I'm sure it will be enough to sway some of the higher ups.”

“Thank you.” Met said, moving to leave and get the proper forms.

“You like this kid huh? Doing so much for him and all.” Jeremiah said.

Met stopped and turned his head towards the portly man. “I fought in wars to secure the future of Mageyes, I just want to make sure the next generation has a chance of peace and happiness.” With that, Met left.

“You look good in a tie.” Harper said to Edwin.

Edwin just stared forward as Harper continued to tie his tie. The black suit was a rental, fitting him loosely. He stared into the mirror, at his dead face. After the news of his being forced into Reynard's squad Edwin had become inconsolable. The first day he had cried non-stop, and for the three days since he just wasted away. He barely ate, barely slept, just felt nothing. Harper had been with him the whole time besides for classes which Edwin forced her to attend.

Harper finished tying his tie, then spun around to look at the pair of them in the mirror. “Black isn't our color.” Harper said, trying to get something from Edwin. He just gave a fake smirk at the comment.

They rode in the car with Harper's dad to the graveyard. The rest of Reynard’s squad had already arrived, and were the few that did show. Edwin looked at the head stone. ‘Loghain Eriks, Son, Officer, Hero.” it read, with the date of birth and death listed. He was young, twenty seven. A fire symbol was near the top of the headstone, a sign of respect.

Outside Reynard's squad, the only other people to show were Loghians family which consisted of a mother and father, and Met. The parents cried at the foot of the headstone. They wished to have buried Loghain properly, but without a body this was what they could hope for.

Edwin looked around and spotted him. Far in the distance was Sim, he kept his distance but Edwin could see the regret on his face. He had asked Reynard to go to all the vigils of the people he killed, a small effort to clear his guilty conscience.

Edwin looked up, snow was beginning to fall from the sky. He wondered if he was causing that, but he knew that he wasn't. He froze things he touched, but could his emotions be hitting the water around him? It wasn't, but sometimes he feared he was. Even with the snow falling, he still could see the sun shining. It felt wrong for it to be so bright out, it should be raining, a downpour. Loghain deserved the drama of that, yet it was as if the world was unconcerned with his death.

He hadn't processed Loghain’s death all at once, it took Edwin a few days after the event to really comprehend the loss. He kept his calm well, hiding away his grief just enough until the news of his promotion. Edwin had lost it then, it all came crashing down after that.

Reynard stepped forward. “I did not have the honor of working with Loghain for long.” He began solemnly. Loric looked down at the snow covered ground, refusing to make eye contact with the Headstone. Nova stood firm, biting at his lower lip to keep it from quivering. “But I can say, he was one of the finest officers I had the honor of working with. He was passionate, caring, brave, and a fine example of what a Peacekeeper should be.”

Loghain’s Mother wailed loudly. She begged for her baby to come back, demanding the god that she did not believe in to return him. God was silent in response. Edwin felt that Loghain’s mother’s wailing would permanently be etched into his mind.

They stood in the snow for over an hour before Loghian’s father dragged his wife away. They all gave their respects to the family before they left, Loric struggling the worst of them all. They now stood somberly alone, Sim approaching.

Sim fell to his knees in front of the grave. “I am sorry.”

“Sim, wait!” Reynard said, eyeing Harper.

“Don't worry she already knows.” Edwin said weakly.

Reynard stopped, he seemed ready to scold Edwin, but decided better of it. He noticed Edwin’s defeat, and knew of what he had lost.

Sim cried. “I am sorry to have taken your life from you, I hate myself for it. I will make this right.”

“Can you?” Loric questioned. “You killed him, can you ever make it right to him?” poison was in his voice as he spoke.

“Loric.” Reynard began.

“No! Captain he killed.” Loric bit his tongue. “How can we just forgive him so easily? How do you plan to make it up to him huh!” He directed the last question to Sim.

Sim sat on the cold snow shaking. Sim was wearing a pair of clothes given to him by Reynard to hide his modesty. “I don't know.” He said tearfully. “I don't know what to do. I don't know much about how the world works.” He turned to Edwin. “How can I fix this?”

Edwin was taken aback. Why turn to him of all people? He was just as lost as the rest. “I guess, you need to keep living and protecting like we agreed to.”

“Is that enough?” Sim said, his face clearly pained from his guilt.

“I dont know.” Edwin said, the hollowness returning to him. “If it's not, then do more. You owe it to the people you killed.”

Loric grinded his teeth. “I can't, I am sorry, I know you didn't know better and were just trying to survive, but you killed.” He bit his tongue again. Loric turned and marched away angrily.

Sim stared at Loric with jaw dropped wide.

“Give him time.” Nova said. “He is just hurting.”

Met took a seat in front of Loghain’s grave, sitting on his knees. He placed his hands together in a prayer.

“What are you doing?” Sim asked.

“Praying that his soul finds a place to rest beyond this world.” Met said.

“Why?” Sim asked curiously.

“So he may be at rest.” Met said with a patent smile.

Sim looked at Met oddly, then tried to copy his stance. “How do I do it?”

“Just think it, tell Loghian how you hope for him to move on and anything else you want to tell him.” Met said.

Sim closed his eyes and put on a look of deep concentration as he prayed harder.

Reynard sighed, he turned to Edwin. “You will be starting soon. Come by my place to see Sim sometime okay? He is a pain to deal with. Also, we need to talk about you telling your girlfriend about our secrets.”

“We don't have secrets between each other.” Harper said straightforwardly.

“I understand, but this should have been one.” Reynard explained.

Harper took Edwin’s hand in his. “Well I know now, deal with it.”

Reynard sighed. “As long as you both swear to tell no one else.”

“Of course.” Harper said.

Edwin just stared up into the sky, letting the snow fall around him. The only thing keeping him from letting the cold consume him was Harper's warm hand locked in his. 

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