Chapter 1:

Ergon Particle


“Daichi…be a strong man like your father...”

“Be smart like your mother…”


That was the last time I saw my parents. My name is Daichi Nakamura. I was born in Kyoto, Japan in 2100. I live in Ergon City which is a great modern city. I’m just an ordinary kid that has a normal life, or I thought so.

Our world is not the same as in the past anymore because our technologies have evolved time by time and now, we have many things that we dream of in the past. Flying cars, Hyper bike, and many futuristic things now exist. But because of the advanced technologies, humans became too dependent on the technologies.

In 2109, My parents and I were involved in a car accident and lost both of my parents that day. I’m just 9 years old at that time but not a day did I stop thinking about what really happened on that day.

On that day, everything was normal in the morning. My mother makes me some toast before I go to school. My father rushed to go to work as always and forgot to eat his breakfast. After I finish eating my breakfast, my parent sends me to school and go to their workplace.

Both my parents work at the same place as scientists but in different departments. The work at PARTICLE RESEARCH FACILITY (PRF).

As the facility name, their main job is to find a new particle that can be useful in our life because as you know our source of energy such as petroleum is currently low, and this also can help to avoid the act of war for energy in the future.

Several nights before the accident, I heard my parents talking something about a new particle that I had never heard in my life. I do not really remember all the conversation, but I heard that my father's tone was very serious at that time which is really curious because my father is not a serious man.

“We cannot let them know this at all costs.” My father began. Then my mother nodded her head and proceed to throw some kind of document and hard drive into the fireplace.

After I came on the evening of the accident day, my parents told me to pack my cloth and my important things quickly because they said they want to take me on a vacation, but they don’t tell me where we going.

When I was busy packing my things, I heard my father talking to my mother in their room.

“We must go now; they will find us at any minute. Make sure the passport is in the bag. Tell Daichi we are leaving now!”

Then my mother came to my room and talked to me in a sad tone.

“Daichi, promise me you will be a great man when you grow up…”

My mother hugged me very tight as it was the last time, she will hug me and then she told me that we going to leave the house right now.

After that, I took my backpack and run quickly to the car with my mother.

As soon I and my mother got into the car, my father drives the car faster as if we are being chased or something.

In the car, my parents talked about something called Ergon particle.

Then I was thinking in my head that’s maybe this is the particle I heard the other night.

“Mom, what is Ergon particle.”

Then my parent silenced for a moment.

After a moment, my mother talked to my father in a serious tone.

“I think he should know about this.”

“No, it’s too dangerous. What if they found him instead of us? They could kill him!”

My mother and I were very shocked that my father talked to us like that, but my mother seems to understand my father's intention and she comfort me with her words.

“Don’t worry Daichi, your father just wants to keep you safe. I promise you that after all this end I will tell you everything.”

In such a confusing and intense moment for me, I just nodded to my mom and hugged her.

After about 4 to 5 hours of driving, I still cannot sleep because I keep thinking about where we were going. Then, at 5 o’clock in the morning, my father decided to stop at a charging station to charge our car.

Then I ask my father if I want to go to the bathroom because I really need to pee, but my mother fell asleep at that time.

So, I go to the bathroom with my father instead of my mother.

When we were walking to the bathroom, I noticed that there were two guys following us.

But I just ignore them because at that time I think it was nothing. Everyone needs to the bathroom, right?

In the bathroom, after I finish up, I go to the sink to watch my hand. Then one of the guys that I think suspicious earlier approach me with a friendly vibe.

“Hey kids, long trip huh?”

I just smiled at him.

Then he asks me what my name is, but I remember what my parents said to me whenever they send me to school.

“Don’t talk to strangers that you don’t know, okay?

After that, I smiled at that guy one more time and tried to leave the bathroom and get back to my father who was waiting outside.

Suddenly he got in my way and locks the bathroom door.

For a 9-year-old kid, of course, I felt scared and wanted to cry.

Then the guy asks me many things in such an angry tone.

“Where you all want to go!?”

“Where’s the Ergon?!”

“Where are the files?!”

At that moment, I felt really scared and I said to him that I don’t know anything, but he said I’m a liar and tried to hit me.

Suddenly I heard my father scream my name.

“Daichi! Get down!”



The next thing I know, the door swung to the guy's face.

That guy got hit by the door and became unconscious.

After that, my father quickly took my hand and run to the car.

My father did not waste any time as he quickly started the car and get out from there.

My mother who fell asleep woke up and asked my father.

“What happens?”

“They found us…”

My father replied to my mother, and both seems to become scared of something.

Then a fast Cyberbike came to chase us from behind with the rider holding a gun.

My father saw the bike and he began to drive very fast to run from the bike, but the bike was also fast and almost catch up with us. We almost crashed into many cars but luckily, we were saved.

Then my mother tells my father to change the car mode to Fly but the button cannot be pushed yet because of the area where we were prohibited to fly. So, my father goes to the nearest Jump Spot for Fly mode and pushes the fly button. Our car tires transform into repulsors and we flew away from the bike that chase us.

After this moment, I realized that there is something wrong with all of this.

In the car, I started to question myself about everything that happen.

“Who were those guys?”

“Why do they want us?”

“Where are we going to?”

Then I felt tired and fell asleep in the car.

The moment I woke up, it was already morning and I’m on a sofa in our villa at Okinawa Island.

Then I saw my father and mother just finished recording something on the computer.

I saw my parents with sad faces and it looked like my mother just cried.

After I saw them, I go and ask them.

“Mom, dad what are you two doing?”

“It’s nothing honey…”

My mother replied to me while crying.

At that moment, I still felt confused about what happened, and I want to ask them further, but I feel it was not the right moment.

Then suddenly an alarm went off and the CCTV show that some kind of special forces in on their way into our house.

Without wasting time, my father took me and my mother into a bunker in the basement.

After we enter the bunker, my father released his AR One which is his personal robot assistant to the room where the special forces were.

From what I see on the bunker monitor, the robot's white color suddenly turns red and began to attack the special forces in brutal ways.

At first, it looks like AR One will win the battle but then a helicopter can drop something from the roof and It looks like a man.

“Hahaha, this is fun”

A cyborg began to speak.

The cyborg fought AR One with ease and won that fight very easily.

Both my parents and I are shocked that the cyborg is very powerful and then my father told us that we should get into the car faster.

Then we heard the cyborg scream.


My father just ignores the cyborg and proceeds to go to our car using a secret passage in the basement.

After we got through the secret passage, we reach our car, and we get into the quickly as possible to get out from there.

As we went to Fly mode again, there was a helicopter that launched missiles at us, and my father luckily avoided the missiles.

After a while, my father successfully loses them, and then my father said to us.

“I think it's better we use the usual road for now to avoid them.”

My mother agreed with my father and turn the car back into Road mode.

After a while in the car, my mother told me to look at me and told me something.

“Daichi, we are going to leave this country.”

“But why?”

“What’s going on mom?”

I asked my mother politely to get my answer, but my mother tried to avoid my question.

“Daichi, everything it’s going to be okay. Don’t you worry”

My mother looks very scared and tired, so I don’t want to ask her questions anymore.

The sky going to be dark again. It's already 10 o’clock in the evening.

I felt sleepy and tired after what we had been through.

The moment I sleep, I dreamt about the cyborg that came to our villa earlier and he choked my father.

“Didn’t I tell you to get out Nakamura?”

“Please, just don’t kill my family…”

“Yeah, okay I promise…To kill them of course.”

Then he snapped my father's neck and tossed him aside. Then I see my mother in the condition as my father.

I started to cry for help, but they were no one came to help.

Then the cyborg came to me.

“You’re the next one. HAHAHAHA!”

Then I woke up from my dream, and I saw my parent in front of me in a white space.

“Daichi…be a strong man like your father...”

“Be smart like your mother…”

“Mom! Dad!”

Then they faded away from my vision.

The moment I open my eyes, our car seems to be involved in an accident. Our car turned upside down and there I saw my parents and calls them but they not answer me.

Before I realized it, my eyes started flowing with tears because I know in my heart, they were gone.

Then I heard the ambulance coming to our location and many people tried to help us but at that time I felt confused, devastated, and angry because I don’t know anything about what happened. Then I felt dizzy and passed out.

“Daichi comes on, you’re going to be late for school.”

“Okay mom”

What a nice family I have.

“Be good at school, Daichi. “

“Okay dad”

I want to be with them.


I woke up in a white bed. There was a doctor and nurse by my side.

Seems like they were finished examining me.

“Aa you already woke up. Thank God.”

“What happens?”

“Be careful your injuries in quite fatal.”

As I tried to move my position.

The doctor told me that my parents and I were involved in an accident with a truck. He said it was a miracle that I was even alive after that accident. Then he told me about my parents.

“I’m so sorry, they already died after the accident”

I was silenced the whole time.

After the doctor walk away from my room, I turn the tv on then I found myself on the News channel.

“New particles known as Ergon energy have been discovered by scientists.”

“Scientists named the particle Ergon particle because it was found right in our beautiful city.”

“The Scientist said that this may be the solution that we have waiting for pure energy.”

“One milligram of this particle can light up a city for almost 500 years.”

I was shocked and confuse.

“This is the particle that mom and dad been talking about.”

“The founder of this particle is Doctor Alex Brittle.”

The news reporter talked about the one who responded to this particle discovery but I’m a bit confused because the doctor that the reporter is my father's best friend and why my father is not mentioned for this discovery.

From that, I started feeling suspicious and I think there was more about this particle discovery.

After that, my aunt came to visit me and wanted to take me to be part of her family.

In the beginning, I’m not sure if it was okay for me to live with my aunt because she already has a family and children to take care of.

But she insists that I come live with her family.

“Come live with me Daichi. I know you still feel sad about what happened to your parents. I’m also sad about that but you need to think about your future. I will take care of you until you can take care of yourself on your own.”

Then I take her offer to live with her till I became 17 years old.

At first, I was worried that her family doesn’t like me to be with them but they welcome me with such joy that makes me think this may be going to be okay.

When I was in the family, sometimes I think their family is almost the same as mine was.

My uncle is a fun guy like my father and my aunty is kind like my mother.

Throughout the years, our technologies got more advance because of the new particle. Nanotechnology is no longer fiction because now it is real. Nanotechnology can do almost anything. You name it, health care, transport, communication all this nano tech can achieve.

But this particle also came with a problem. As the particle was announced to the public for the first time, many countries that have strong militaries like America, Russia, and North Korea tried to get their hand on this particle but our country doesn’t want to negotiate with this country because afraid that the will the particle for a military power that can cause destructive wars. Either way, the wars broke out between our country with those countries because they want that particle very bad.

After spending almost 10 years with my aunt's family and graduating from high school, I decide to live separately. I think it's time for me to find my own life.

I found a rental house near my old house and decide to live there. By that time, I work as a part-timer in a mart to make my living.

Then I started to think about my plan to discover what really happened to my parents and what is exactly the Ergon particle.

One night, I was scrolling the media social and then I found out that the army has done experiments on human-cyborg for years now.


Our first human cyborg has been successfully developed by our military. Now we can save many lives in wars!

After I found that out, I feel that the army somehow have a connection to my parents’ death, and then I further my research about the cyborg.

It is said that the cyborg is powered by the Ergon particle because of the high energy the cyborg needs to be activated.

After I gather my thought and thought all over that night, I decided that I going to be in the army to investigate how all of this are connected.