Chapter 12:

LOVE!!! Has something deep inside me awoken?! [Part 2]

Magical Knight Lune XY: My HOMIE Swooped Me off My Feet, and Now I Think I Might Be in LOVE?!

After being chased all around the house by Belliney and having to listen to her poor attempt at psychoanalysis, I was unable to fall back asleep. No matter how hard I closed my eyes or how many sheep I counted, it was a fruitless endeavor.

“Darnit,” I cursed.

I was exhausted, but my brain was too hyped up. If it had legs it’d be running a hundred miles per hour. Traffic cops would be chasing it down the freeway, demanding it to pull over.

And what, you ask, was on my mind to cause it to be in such a state? Jack.

Goes without saying that I love him. Platonically, of course. He’s like an older brother of sorts. The kind that's got your back when you’re in a tough spot. Like earlier today at the mall when he risked his life to save me. But that’s it!

So the heck was up with that dream I had?! It was like I loved loved Jack or something!


I curled up under my comforter and gripped my pillow, burying my face in embarrassment as the memory of the dream played on loop in my head. The way he held me after I jumped into his arms. The way we laughed together, spinning around in circles. The way he looked at me as we kissed…

God, I loved every minute of it.

I kicked off my comforter and threw my pillow at the wall. “What am I thinking?!” I yelled at myself. “I gotta get up and do something!”

Yeah. That’s what I needed to do. Do something to take my mind off of that dream.

Oh! Right! There’s a chance that Jack figured out my secret that I’m Magical Knight Lune! Better come up with a plan.

I sat down at my desk and pulled out a pen and notebook, and jotted the word “Ideas” down. I’ll just jot down everything that pops to mind, then whittle them down until I figure out the best course of action.

My pen tapped the paper as I tried to think of an idea.

Tap tap tap.

Tap tap tap.


Nothing was coming to mind. Man, this was tough.

I leaned back in my chair and began to imagine out how the scene could play out tomorrow. He’ll meet me in the cafeteria in the morning like he always does. Next, he’ll sit down across from me, and look me directly in the eyes. Then he’d smile, resting his head upon his hand. I’ll try to say something, but then he’ll place a finger on his lips and go “shh”. He’ll lean across the table, as I do the same. His hands will comb through my hair and then move to my chin, which he’ll lift ever so gently.

And then…

My notebook went flying across the room.

What am I writing?! Yaoi fanfiction of my own life?!

I needed some fresh air.

Looking out my window, I noticed the early morning twilight seeping through my blinds.

“A morning walk should clear my thoughts,” I said.

With that decided, I got dressed and ready for the day. As there were only a few hours left until I had to leave for school anyhow, I picked up my backpack and took it with me. I could head straight for school after my walk. Maybe get a coffee or something. Not that I drink coffee, but with how little sleep I got, I sure was gonna need it.

Outside, the morning sun peeked out over the horizon, dying the sky various shades of pink. The air was still chilly enough for me to see my breath.

I walked to the middle of my backyard and transformed into Lune, albeit still wearing Daniel’s attire. Lune’s battle armor wasn’t the greatest when it came to keeping me warm. It especially sucked this one time when I had to fight Red Sandrea in the middle of a freak snowstorm. Thankfully, she too found it too unbearable. The two of us agreed to call it a day and went home, where I had hot cocoa and laid next to the fireplace like a kitten.

Sprouting my wings, I launched high into the sky and–

“Ngh,” I squinted in discomfort.

I plummeted back down, landing on the ground with a soft PLOP!

“Forgot about the underwear,” I mumbled, transforming just my underwear to that of Lune’s for… obvious reasons. I learned the hard way how painfully awkward it is to wear t-shirts without proper undergarments.

After a quick pat down to check that everything was nice and secure, I flew back into the sky. Catching a gust of wind, I glided over the city suburbs. A flock of birds heading North were shocked by my appearance, sending them into a flurry as they loudly cawed.

“Sorry! Didn’t mean to scare you guys!” I shouted.

Gripping the straps on my backpack, I flew eastward toward the rising sun, beyond the suburbs, and into the surrounding farmland and ranches. Not many people drove out on those old rural roads, which made it a great place for me to gather my thoughts without anyone to see me.

I landed with a small bounce onto a gravel road that ran alongside a grass field with nothing but cows. One of the cows looked at me, munching on a mouthful of grass.

“Morning,” I said, giving a small wave.

The cow chewed a few more times without reacting, then turned around.

“R-right…” I said, lowering my hand.

For the next couple of hours, I walked along the gravel road, looking onward at the seemingly endless fields as I pondered what to do. I knew I was going to see Jack in the morning at the cafeteria, but what was I going to say? Heck, how was I going to bring it up without sounding suspicious?

Oh, hey! That sure was something with Lune showing up to put a stop to Red Sandrea, huh? What?! You met Lune! Dang! Wish I could’ve met her! I was too scared when Red Sandrea showed up and hid in the bathroom, so I didn’t see anything! Ha ha!

Why didn’t I meet up with you afterward? Well, ya know, I had to get home and all and do homework. And I didn’t want to be a bother to you, ya know? So anyway! You wanna go to the arcade after school?

“Uuuuugh!” I moaned, knowing what I had thought up was total garbage. “Why’s it so hard for me to think of what to tell him?!”

“Boy trouble, eh?”

I hopped in surprise at the sound of another person’s voice. At some point an elderly man wearing crusty overalls and a tattered white shirt appeared next to me. He snorted and spat out a wad of snot, making me cringe in disgust.

“W-when did you get here?!” I asked.

The elderly man put a hand to his fuzzy chin. “Oh, been ‘ere ‘bout ten minutes, give’r take. Surprised ya ain’t noticed, what wit me honkin’ my there horn.” He pointed at a rattling truck that appeared to have a severe case of Parkinson’s disease.

“I see,” I said.

“Ya know ‘dis ‘ere road’s a private one,” he said.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” I apologized. “I didn’t know!”

“Ya should’ve since ya would’ve seen th’ sign ways back when ya first started walkin’ on ‘er.”

“I flew here, so I didn’t,” I said, assuming he knew who I was.

Flew? I may be old, but last I checked, ‘dis ‘ere noggin’s still as sharp as it were when I was in my twenties. What’cha mean ‘ya flew?

Uh oh. He was thinking I was coming up with some excuse for trespassing.

“I used my powers to fly… here…?” I said, trailing off as I spoke, making me sound even more suspicious.

He raised an eyebrow.

“Do… Do you not know who I am?”

“Well, ya ain’t Christ,” he retorted.

“I’m Magical Knight Lune,” I said.

He scratched the back of his head in confusion. “Magic night?”

Magical Knight. I’m a magical girl.”

“A what girl?”

“A… forget it,” I said, giving up. “But I’m serious when I said I didn’t see a sign!”

The old man furrowed his brow, glaring directly at me in the eyes.

“...I believe ya,” he said.

I sighed in relief.

“I’ll let ya go ‘dis time,” he said, looking at the cows. “So. Ya’s got trouble confessin’ to a boy ya like, huh?”

I flinched at his words. Trouble? Confessing? To Jack?! Clearly he was misinterpreting what I had said minutes ago. “It’s not like–”

He patted me on the head. “No need ‘t hide it. Yer face might as well be a billboard to ya feelin’s. Red as a sweet cherry pie,” He let out a hearty laugh.

I wanted to leave, but I also felt it’d be disrespectful to him. Especially after having been caught trespassing on his property.

“Lemme let ya in on a lil’ somethin’,” he said, putting a hand to my ear like a kid sharing secrets. “Us boys? Dumb as dirt. Can’t beat ‘round ‘th bush wit us. If ya want yer feelin’s heard, ya gotta be up front! Loud-like!”

The old man approached the barbed wire fence and cupped his hands to his mouth.

“I LOVE YA!!!”

His raspy voice rang loudly across the field. A couple of the cows turned to look, puzzled by the old man shouting. But their curiosity was fleeting as they quickly went back to grazing.

He spat out another wad of snot. “Darn. Just a couple.”

Was he trying to get the cows to turn to him?

“Like that,” he said. “If ya want ‘im to hear ya feelin’s, ya gotta get the attention of every one of dem there cows.”

“I… see…” I replied.

“Lemme ‘ere it, then,” he said.


‘I love ya’! Lemme ‘ere ya shout it.”

“What?! N-no way! I don’t wanna be a disturbance!”

The old man laughed, then hocked another loogie. “Ain’t nobody ‘round here fer miles! Ya ain’t gonna disturb nothin’, except fer ‘dem cattle. But dat there’s th’point!”

He smacked me on the back, where I almost tripped and fell. I stood in silence, embarrassed by the entire scenario I found myself in.

“Well?” he said. “Let ‘im hear ya!”

My voice cracked in silence as I somehow forgot how to speak. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t manage even a whisper.

The elderly man put a hand on my shoulder, then pointed to one of the cows in the distance. “There he is! Right there! Tell ‘im!”

“I-I-I” I stuttered, picturing Jack standing in the middle of the field. Looking at me. Smiling as he usually does. “I… love you…” I squeaked.

“Louder!” the elderly man demanded.

I took in a deep breath and tried again. “I love you!”

None of the cows looked at me.


“I love you!!!”

One cow looked.





More cows looked our way.


I pictured the dream I had last night, where Jack and I embraced and kissed. Taking in as much air as I possibly could, I dug my feet into the ground, and leaned forward, gripping my chest.

What came next would be a mystery that would baffle the science community for eons. Some believed it came from an exploding volcano out in the middle of the ocean, while others dismissed that, saying it was some sort of transmission from aliens deep in outer space. Some believed it was the voice of Jesus himself or even God.

But the truth was a little more mundane. The voice heard around the world was that of a fifteen-year-old kid, being forced to confront their emotions.


My voice was like a nuclear bomb going off. A massive shockwave exploded outward, flattening everything in its path. The grass was sliced clean from its roots like someone gave the field a clean shave. Cows were flung into the air by the rippling ground but miraculously fell back down in a gentle fashion, protected by some sort of magic barrier.

I had accomplished the elderly man’s goal: I caught the attention of every cow. More so than I’m sure he had thought.

I fell backward onto the ground, legs trembling in embarrassment. My cherry pie-looking face buried itself into the palm of my hands, wanting to hide. I shouted as loud as I could, but I didn’t want the whole freaking world to hear!!!

“Hrmm,” the elderly man said, cleaning out his ear with his pinky. “Well, yer gettin’ there. Ya just gotta have ‘ta practice more.”

“Sure thing,” I answered with a wavering voice.

“Wit dat, how ‘bout I give ya a lift back to–”

His jaw dropped to the ground at the sight of his old beat-up truck, which was now upside down after being thrown by my voice.

“MY TRUCK!!!” he yelled.

I jumped up from the ground. “I’m sorry!!!” I quickly apologized.

Without skipping a beat, I ran over to the truck and tried to push it back over, but was unable to do so because, well, it’s a truck!

Wish I knew how to command that super strength I had last night! It would’ve been really helpful right about now.

The elderly man walked up to me. “Yer gonna strain’ yer back if ya keep tryin’–”

If yelling as loud as I could flipped it the first time, then I figured yelling should be able to unflip it.

Once again, I dug my feet into the ground, took a deep breath, and cupped my hands to my mouth.


Not sure why I said that of all things, but another shockwave occurred, flipping the truck into the air like a pancake. It then crashed onto the gravel road right side up, looking never better. Well, for a truck on the verge of being scrapped for the past three decades anyways.

The elderly man stood in disbelief with what he had just witnessed.

“I’m sorry!” I cried.

I sprouted my wings and flew into the sky, then darted to school like a jet fighter. The entire time I covered my head in embarrassment, tears flying behind me.