Chapter 1:

Mori and Curiosity

Window: Forwards

 Although she could never figure out, there was something peculiar about the mundane things of life. Events that would happen out of nowhere would just fade into memory and the habits that are formed become a routine. Why did it feel like there’s a part of herself that was missing? This is what Mori thought in her mind whenever the days at the orphanage moved in slow motion. At times, she felt like time was moving too slow for how active she managed to sidetrack thoughts and ideas. It wasn’t a comfortable feeling but it was one of those habits that became a part of everyday life.Bookmark here

 The orphanage wasn’t at all a bad place to live, in fact, Mori was grateful for the wonderful folks that took care of the children there including herself. Each section of the large complex was overseen by what each child living there called “parents” and would act as the teachers and caretakers. Mori’s favorite section of the entire complex was The Lax. Similar to a large library, The Lax is a place where others can have some time to themselves and relax which Mori used to consider the complexities of life. Mori is 10 years old but is labeled as an outcast to those in her class of orphans. It wasn’t due to her deep thoughts or strange habits, instead, it was due to her outrageous claims.Bookmark here

 “Look over there,” Mori stated once at munch hour, “There’s a small little swirly spirit-looking thing near the doorway.” The other ridiculed her for these claims.Bookmark here

 “Surprise, surprise. Mori’s seeing things again. I bet your parents left you here because they realized you’re cursed!” The things they said were hurtful but there was no point in saying anything back. Mori didn’t approve of what the others were saying about her but what else was she supposed to say? She saw something she couldn’t explain and it was impossible for her to prove the things that she claimed. That was tolerable and a fact she couldn’t argue with which is why Mori felt content spending time at The Lax alone. What wasn’t tolerable were the noises that Mori heard at night.Bookmark here

Wake upBookmark here

Get upBookmark here

Find that part of you that is missingBookmark here

It is waiting for youBookmark here

Follow itBookmark here

The same phrases, the same structure, the exact same words used every night. What did it mean? What am I missing? Why should I follow it? Mori pondered these things in her head. It was most likely, connected to that peculiar feeling she senses from time to time. This was the only conclusion Mori could make and so she decided. Bookmark here

 It was time to leave the orphanage and figure this mystery on her own. It was time to see why something was calling out her from the vast world that she barely understood.
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[Author's Note]
Thank you for reading! I understand that this first chapter is indeed short but this was originally a small idea that eventually became a large premise for a full story. I'm not the best at writing but I certainly would appreciate it if you gave some feedback so I can better improve as a writer. This will be updated to the best of my ability in the future.
-NajiBookmark here

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