Chapter 1:

Chapter 1 - A New World

Seducing the Ladies of my Family

Chapter 1 - A New World


"Where is Jia Chin?! Where did he go?!"

"I-I don't know... l-let's look over there!"

"You moron! If we don't find him soon, then we are dead!"

"I-I know already! Why do you think I am running around in the middle of the night?"

"Oh heavens above, let us find that bastard soon.."

'Hah! Search all you want, you are never going to find me!' A young man smirked as he gazed at the running figures one last time before he re-started the escape from his pursuers. He ran and hid from time to time to throw them off guard, as he moved further away from the palace.

His name was Jia Chin. He was a very generic-looking man with an average body average height and a thin body. He had just turned 26 years old and his profession was that of a thief.

He had a very troubled childhood, as he found himself abandoned in the streets and had to learn how to survive in the harsh world of cultivators. He could never trace his bloodline anywhere and always had to rely on himself.

The biggest achievement of his life was not any object that he stole, but the wife of the City Governor that he stole.

Yes, he had seduced the wife of the City Governor while working there as a gardener.

And he had hidden the affair pretty well... until the wife became pregnant and the City Governor realized what was happening behind his back.

Though, to Jia Chin's credit, the wife was too beautiful to be ignored. She was born in a commoner's household and was a very beautiful and intelligent lady.

Jia Chin had infiltrated the place to steal some valuables away but ended up having his virginity stolen.

He himself had never known how sweet the touch of a fair lady could be, and to his credit, he did enjoy doing it all very very much.

Unfortunately though, today he got found out.

He never expected to impregnate the lady like that & wanted to take her away with himself, but she refused to leave as she felt that being the City Governor's son was better for the child's future.

And so, Jia Chin had to leave the palace in the middle of the night to prevent ending up on the noose or being beheaded.

As he ran farther away, Jia Chin scolded himself for being so weak.

He didn't like to run like that with his tail between his legs.

And he did train by himself to become a great cultivator, but the resources needed easily dwarfed his measly money.

He could never steal enough to properly train himself, and so had to remain second fiddle to the powerful and wealthy all his life.

He had been enduring this shame and humiliation for so many years that at times, he even felt that living was a curse in itself and had suicidal thoughts.

But, there remained a little hope in his heart.

He wished for a miracle to happen, to change his fate, to let him become something that he always wanted to become..


Suddenly, in the middle of his path, a strange incident occurred.

Jia Chin saw an ominous dark matter floating in the middle of his path.

He tried to stop himself, but the momentum forced his body to move a bit further anyway, as the dark matter crashed into Jia Chin directly.

He suddenly felt like his world had turned grey and the surrounding noises became silent progressively.

"Wait... what has happened?" Jia Chin thought, as his consciousness started to fade.

The being known as Jia Chin had disappeared from the world.


After dwindling like that between the void and the darkness, Jia Chin slowly opened his eyes.

"W-what happened? Am I dead?" Jia Chin muttered slowly. He knew that messing with that ominous object was nothing good, but he still fell victim to his own impulsive nature. He had no idea what happened to him after being hit by something like that, but judging by the pain that he felt in his body, he knew that he fucked up badly.

A wave of dizziness and weakness overcame him and he felt confused about what exactly did he suffer due to that ominous thing.

As he couldn't make any movements to his body, he gave up in the end and started to calm down his spirit.

After focusing a lot, he seemed to be dragged along somewhere, as if he was being carried somewhere.

He still couldn't make out the details and a buzzing sound rang throughout his head.

But, he still could decipher a few things.

It was daytime, as it was too bright to be night & he was in some streets, as his body kept fumbling here and there.

He was certainly a useless burden to someone who was carrying him, but he couldn't help it in his condition.

After some time, the speed of the two people carrying him slowed down, as an old household came into his view.

Although the area it covered was massive, the place looked to be weary and old. It certainly didn't look like a noble's place of residence.

That was when his head started to throb again suddenly, as a searing pain erupted inside it.

Unable to bear it, a silent scream came out of him, though it went unnoticed by the two people.

Some weird memories started to pour into his mind forcefully, as he found another person's POV inside it and went through everything in a short while.

His spirit shuddered, as the experience was very traumatizing and Jia Chin didn't want to go through it all ever again.

After a while, the fragmented memories started to weave together, and his vision started to clear up.

A thought came straight to him.

'Have I transmigrated?! B-But, I thought it was all fiction, but now that I know about these memories, what else makes sense..' Ji Chin contemplated in his mind as he started to understand what kind of world he came to.

He even wondered if he had started to hallucinate or not, but with the way his body was suffering, he knew that it was too real to be a dream.

Initially, he thought that he came right back to his own world, but the way this world worked was far too different.

Jia Chin cursed the one responsible for his terrible fate and roared inside his mind.

'To whoever is responsible for my assholish situation. I certainly don't appreciate being forced out of my world like this! I am a cultivator! But, there is no such thing as cultivation in this world... Am I supposed to be a vermin in this life too?!'

Jia Chin just let out what was going on in his mind. He never expected anyone to reply back to him at all.


[Welcome to the System User.]

[This system is called the 'Fuck the Heavens' System. FtH in short.]

Jia Chin looked around himself, as he tried to find the one who spoke so loudly in his mind. He never expected to hear such gibberish all of a sudden.

[The User has not gone insane. This System is designed to prepare the User to retaliate against the heavens above.]

Upon hearing this, Jia Chin became pleasantly surprised. He thought that some spirit was speaking to him, so he replied respectfully,

'Ah, Dear System? Can I return to my world instead?'

Jia Chin already knew that this world was just too pathetic to reside in. Even the dogs of his previous world were more powerful than the Emperors here. If there was a way to go back, he would certainly not give up the chance.

[Not a Chance. The user has to become strong enough to be able to take on all things in existence. Being a weak ass shmuck won't help at all.]

Jia Chin immediately fell into despair, as he sobbed to himself, hoping it all to be a nightmare instead.

[No worries, User. Once the User becomes strong enough to even rival the Gods, then User himself can jump between the worlds and return to his homeland.]

That statement immediately rose Jia Chin's spirits as he excitedly asked.

'R-Really! Then tell me already! How do I become strong here? There is no cultivation here in this world!'

[This System is run by absorbing the darkness radiated by the people's hearts. The amount varies from location to location. The User must Log-In once a day to receive the rewards. The rewards will vary from God tier to Mortal tier and depend upon the location and circumstances.]

[The System will try to influence the outcome to get the User the rewards he needs the most. The User just needs to patiently Log-In daily and grow with time.]

[Some special locations can provide multiple Log-In trials and the System will inform the User about them when he reaches such a location.]

[CAUTION: Places of worship and confrontation with Light Magic are strictly prohibited! The accumulated darkness will dissipate upon the violation and the Log-In for the day will be canceled.]

[Rest for now, User. You have tough days ahead.]

Jia Chin nodded to himself and tried to calm his mind. Now he knew that he would be able to return to his world someday and would be able to become a strong person with time.

He won't a vermin anymore and won't ever be a slave to his fate.


As Jia Chin started to scan his new memories, he couldn't help but curse his luck.

This world was a lot smaller than his previous world and was much different too. Magic and some other things were the dominant forces here, while Qi was unknown to anyone.

There was no mention of cultivators or cultivations in his memories, as the people here couldn't fly on their swords or live long lives. They only lived for around 120 years and the beauty standards of this world were also poor in comparison.

He had transmigrated into the body of a 16 years old man, whose name happened to be Leon. Though one thing was common between Jia Chin and Leon. They both were the victims of poor fate.

The Previous owner of the body was the son of a prestigious Empire that dominated a major portion of the world. It was said to be the third greatest Empire in the world & his family held the fate of millions of lives.

The family had lots of children, and Leon was just one of them. He was a sleazebag and was lazy beyond comparison. His body never grew up like most others in his family and he was a skinny person by birth. No matter how much he ate, his body size never grew and no matter how much he exercised, his muscles never developed.

In the end, even his family gave up on him and he started to live a life of reclusion. That didn't mean that he wasn't arrogant or anything. Actually, he was one of the most headstrong and opinionated people in the household and everyone wanted to stay away from him.

Hence, he was never bullied too greatly. But, when disaster struck, he was too weak to prevent it. A devious noble launched a revolution in the Empire, which led to the Royal Family being surrounded by enemies from all sides.

The entire family was butchered by their alliance almost overnight. Only a few people survived the incident and were able to escape the place.

His mother had prepared a secret route outside, which saved the lives of a few members of their family. Leon was one of them.

They hid their faces and ran far away from the place, all the way to the other side of the continent.

Beside him, only a few members of the family survived his mother, her twin sister, his sister-in-law, and his two cousins.

He was the only male left in the household and had to step up for the sake of their continued survival.

Alas, that was what led to Leon's sad ending.


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