Chapter 3:

An Inner Turmoil

The Spark In Your Eyes

"Who are you" Sora shouted towards the figure standing inside Ayumi's bedroom doorway. 
The female figure slowly raised her arms into the air. "Calm down, i am not going to harm you, either of you". 
Sora looked down at Ayumi who was lying unconscious on her bed. "How do i know that" Sora said with a look of suspicion on his face. 
"You are just going to have to trust me, my name is Krystal i am here to help you, both of you" Krystal said still with her arms raised in the air.
"Are you saying you can help wake Ayumi up" Sora said. 
Krystal slowly lowered her hands.
"I am assuming by now you already know about Ayumi and her condition" Krystal said. 
"Yes, i know" Sora retorted. 
"Well she is not the only one who has been cursed with an affliction, there are seven of us, each with a curse that affects us, it would take too long to explain everything in detail, but in my case i guess i can show you" Krystal explained. 
"Show me" Sora said with a confused look on his face. 
Krystal slowly brought her right hand up to her face and brushed her long blue hair behind her ear, revealing an eyepatch covering her right eye, she removed the patch slowly, the eye patch fell from her face landing on the floor. Sora could now see that Krystal's eyes were two different colors, her left eye was black, but her right eye was a bright green. 
"You- you have the curse too" Sora said with a look of concern on his face. 
"Yes" Krystal responded bluntly. 
"But why is only one of your eyes a different color" Sora asked. 
"My right eye was.....taken from me, a long time ago" Krystal said softly. 
"But who would want to steal your eye" Sora continued to ask wanting to know as much as he could. 
Krystal paused for a moment, her head dropped to look at the floor. 
"My eye was taken by someone close to me... he wanted to harness the power of my eyes to fuel his own" Krystal said with a slight tremble in her voice. 
"he" Sora pondered at what Krystal was saying. 
"look all you need to know is that there is someone who is after me and everyone else like me, and we can not allow him to harness the power of the 7, i was not lying when i said i am here to help" Krystal said with a hint of anger being shown in her voice.
Sora paused for a moment. 
"Ok fine, i don't entirely trust you, but i don't have much of a choice and i will not leave Ayumi suffering without doing something to help, so if you truly can help her, please help" Sora said. 
"Very well" Krystal responded. 
"I posses the eyes of sight, which allow me to see into the mind of others, my other which i share my mind with have reached a mutual agreement, so she does not fight me for control, rather we work together towards a common goal" Krystal explained. 
"How does that help Ayumi" Sora asked. 
"Using my powers of sight i will be able to look into Ayumi's mind and see what entity is keeping her from waking up, then i can convince the entity to withhold its grip on Ayumi or forced it to leave should it not comply" Krystal continued to explain as she moved to sit on the end of Ayumi's bed. 
"And you think that will work" Sora said with a concerned look on his face. 
"Only one way to find out" Krystal said as she reached out to take a hold of Ayumi's hand.
"Wish me luck" Krystal said with a forced smile on her face. 
"Please bring her back safely" Sora said. 

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Krystal woke up in a dimly lit room, she quickly surveyed her surroundings, there were desks placed neatly in rows all around the room and some books were placed ontop of some of them, near the front of the classroom was a chalkboard and another much larger desk. 
"A classroom" Krystal pondered to herself.
"Where is everyone" Krystal wondered as she began exploring the room. 

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Krystal could hear a bloodcurdling scream that sounded like it had came from a girl, the scream echoed through the hallway just outside the classroom where Krystal was. 
"Maybe that was Ayumi's voice" Krystal said in a panicked voice. 
she ran to the classroom door and swung it open, Krystal slowly stepped out into the hallway but it was much too dark to see anything, Krystal could feel a wet substance that soaked her shoes and socks, but she could not see what it was. 
"There has to be a light switch around here somewhere" Krystal reassured herself. 
She slowly moved further down the hallway, using her hand to survey the wall looking for anything that felt like a light switch. 
After walking for what felt like an eternity, Krystal's hand brushed against what felt like a light switch. "Please work, please work, please work" Krystal said hopefully. 
She pressed her hand on the switch. 
A soft buzzing noise could be heard and the lights above her began flicking on, engulfing the hallway in light. 
A look of relief shot on Krystal,s face. a familiar sensation disturbed Krystal's momentary feeling of relief, she could once again feel the wet substance rub against her shoes and socks. Bookmark here

Krystal slowly looked down at her feet. Bookmark here

*Gasp...gasp.....gasp* Bookmark here

Krystal struggled for breath, she could barely form words to describe what she saw, Krystal was ankle deep in blood, she turned her head and saw that the blood engulfed the entire length of the hallway, the walls........the walls were covered with corpses of students and teachers, some hanging upside down, others right side up, all had their throats slashed and eyes gouged out with a pair of scissors being lodged into the eye socket of each of the bodies.
Krystal swallowed hard as if to stop her self from vomiting at the grisly sight she has just seen.Bookmark here


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Another bloodcurdling scream echoed through the hallway, this time Krystal could hear that the sound was coming from the roof of the school building. Krystal quickly made her way up the stairs, all the while she could feel the squelching of her blood stained shoes pressing against the concentrate of the stairs. Bookmark here

Krystal reached the rooftop doors and kicked them open. Bookmark here

Now that she was outside Krystal could see that the sky was dark and there was a blood red moon shining high in the sky, the rooftop was desolate with almost nothing in site. Bookmark here

Lying on the floor near the center of the rooftop was a school girl, she was curled up into a ball and was not moving, next to her stood another girl, she had short purple hair, hazel eyes and was wearing the same school uniform as the students she had seen dead in the hallway. Bookmark here

Krystal moved closer to the girl who was standing next to student on the ground, upon getting closer she noticed that the body on the floor bared a striking resemblance to the girl standing above her. both had the same looks.  Bookmark here

"Ayumi......Ayumi is that you" Krystal called out. Bookmark here

There was a brief moment of silence before the figure responded. 

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"You, you know my name.....who are you" Ayumi said softly. 

"My name is Krystal i am here to help you" Krystal responded Bookmark here

"Krystal" Ayumi said confusingly Bookmark here

"Yes, i spoke with Sora, and i told him i would help you get back to the real world" Krystal retorted. Bookmark here

"The real world" Ayumi asked still confused. Bookmark here

"Yes, i used my powers to enter your mind and bring you back, look i don't have the time to explain right now but none of this is real, you need to come with me Ayumi" Krystal said with a sense of panic in her voice. Bookmark here

"But what about her" Ayumi said pointing to the girl on the floor. "She killed them....all of them" Ayumi paused for a moment, "and then she tried to kill me but i managed to....managed to. Ayumi eyes shifted to her right hand which had a pair of scissors clutched tightly in them.Bookmark here

"She won't stop she will keep coming and she will try to kill me, i am so scared, please help me" Ayumi pleaded with a tremble in her voice and tears welling up in her eyes. 
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Krystal walked up to the body lying on the ground, flip the body over so she could look in her eyes. "I'll make sure you never hurt anyone again" Krystal removed the patch from her eye. "I will lock you away behind a wall in Ayumi's mind, you will never be able to harm anyone ever again" Krystal said forcefully. A green light engulfed both Krystal and the body lying on the floor, the light got bright and brighter and brighter, eventually dissipating. after the light had departed Ayumi found herself alone on the rooftop with Krystal. 

"It is done, i have locked the evil entity in your mind away, she can no longer hurt you or anyone else" Krystal said reassuring Ayumi. 

"Now what" Ayumi asked. 

"Now we leave, there is someone back in the real world who would very much like to see you safe, a certain white haired school boy" Krystal remarked. 

"White haired school boy, you mean Sora" Ayumi said. 

"So that is his name Sora, anyway take my hand and i will lead us out of this world" Krystal said smiling at Ayumi. Bookmark here

Ayumi nodded and then slowly took Krystal's hand in hers. Bookmark here

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Ayumi slowly opened her eyes.Bookmark here

Sora's beautiful blue eyes were looking down at her.Bookmark here

"S-Sora" Ayumi Mumbled. 

"Ayumi, finally you are awake, are you ok" Sora said whilst taking hold of Ayumi's hand. Bookmark here

"mmmm, i am fine, thank you Sora" Ayumi responded. 

"Thank god" Sora said whilst lunging forward to give Ayumi a hug.

Ayumi slowly sat up and looked at the figure sitting on the end of her bed. "Krystal right" Ayumi said. Bookmark here

"Yes, i am Krystal, its good to see that you are awake Ayumi" Krystal responded. 

"All thanks to you" Ayumi said. Bookmark here

"Yes, now i need to explain to you everything i know and how we are going to move forward" Krystal said sternly. 

"Ok but first can i go and wash up, being asleep all day as made me feel groggy" Ayumi said. Bookmark here

"Of course whatever you need, me and Sora will be outside when you are ready" Krystal responded. Bookmark here

"Thank you" Ayumi said with a smile. Bookmark here

Ayumi entered the small bathroom, and began washing her face with water from the sink. Bookmark here

"Well that went better than expected.....they didn't suspect a thing" Ayumi said with a cold and dark voice. Bookmark here

Ayumi's had raised to look into the mirror, her hair was dark purple her eyes a piercing red her pupils had morphed to form slits like a cats and she bore a sick wide grin. she grabbed the pair of scissors from the cabinet adjacent to the sink. Bookmark here

"Lets go and have some REAL fun" Ayumi said with a sly grin on her face. Bookmark here

She turned her head to look at the open window in her bathroom that lead out into the streets.... Bookmark here

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******* AUTHOR NOTE Bookmark here

I hope you enjoyed chapter 3 of this story, a big thank you to Veekeeki for the amazing cover art. stay tuned for chapter 4 coming soon!

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