Chapter 2:

Chapter 2: The New Transfer

The Spark In Your Eyes

*Ring ring ring*

The sound of the school bell ringing singaled the start of the lesson.

Ayumi sat in her regular seat which was located 3rd row from the front next to the window. Ayumi looked to her left and saw Sora seated in his desk which was right next to hers as usual. She noticed that Sora had his usual smile placed on his face, which was shocking to her given the events that had occured no less than 24 hours ago. Sora had witnessed the events that took place in the alley and what was worse he saw Ayumi's eyes.

"He took that better than expected" Ayumi thought to herself.

After the events of yesterday unfolded Ayumi brought Sora over to her house to try and explain everything to him.


Ayumi sat down on her bed and guided Sora to a chair that was placed opposite.

"So i am sure you have alot of questions, id call you insane if you didn't" Ayumi said looking at Sora with a stern look.

"I only have two" Sora responded in a blank but meaningful tone.

"Only two" Ayumi asked with a puzzled look on her face.

"Yes, My first question is Why did your eyes change color" Sora asked

Ayumi paused for a moment and looked down at the floor before answering.

"Its hard to explain" Ayumi said whilst clutching her bed sheets tightly in her hands.

"Tell me" Sora said firmly.

"I-I am cursed" Ayumi said hesitantly

"Cursed" Sora asked with a puzzled but concerned look on his face.

"Yes, Ever since my 18th birthday. I don't know what is causing it but i am definitely cursed" Ayumi said as she placed her hands over her face.

"I-I get these feelings that burn within me, these feelings of rage and hate and...." Ayumi struggled to finish her sentence.

"And what" Sora asked.

"And i feel like someone else takes over me, when my eyes change i feel like its not me in control but someonelse, someone who is driven by murder, violence and hate" Ayumi said.

Sora paused for a while.

The two sat in silence for a short time before Sora broke the silence by placing his hand on Ayumi's and moving it away from her face. Sora could see that Ayumi was crying. He slowly reached his hand out and wiped away the tears from underneath her hazel eyes.

"My second question" Sora asked plainly.

"What is it" Ayumi said.

"Are you ok" Sora asked with a slight smile.

At that moment Ayumi felt her heart jump, Feeling her hand against his, seeing the concern in his bright blue eyes. what was this feeling?

"Sora i-" Ayumi tried to say before being cut off by Sora.

"Ill help you" Sora said.

"What" Ayumi said with a look of shock on her face.

"Don't get me wrong i am confused, and kinda scared right now, but i will not be able to live with myself if i let something like this affect you and do nothing" Sora said kindly.

Ayumi once again felt her heart skip a beat.


"Yes, much better than i expected" Ayumi thought to her self.

She turned her head to shoot a smile at Sora.

Sora saw her smiling at him and returned a smile back to her.

If nothing else Ayumi knew she was not alone, she had an ally in Sora and that was something, something good that could keep her going in the darkest of times.

"Alright class settle down i need to make an announcement" The homeroom teachers voice called out.

The class all turned in their seats and faced the front of the classroom.

The homeroom teacher pushed up his glasses using his hand.

"We have a new student joining us today" The teacher announced.

The class began murmuring amongst themselves.

"Allright settle down. Now i hope you all show her kindness and consideration, its not easy to move to a new school and have everything be new to you so i expect you all to make her feel welcome. Is that clear" The teacher said sternly.

"Yes, Mr Okamura" The class responded in unison.

"Ok, you can come in now" Mr Okamura said whilst gesturing his hand towards the classroom door.

The classroom door swung open.

A young female student walked into the room.

"Woah she is cute" all the boys mumbled amongst each other.

The girl wore the same uniform as the rest of the class, her hair was long with multiple bangs flowing freely down hair back, a pink ribbon was tired near the back of her head with long strings also flowing freely from it. Her most notable feature was her eyes which were a deep blue almost impossibly blue.

"Hello everyone its nice to meet you, My name is Ai Watanabe" She said in a shy voice.

"Now as i said before Ai is new here and i expect all of you to help her feel as welcome as she can by showing her around the school and catching her up on the work we are currently learning" Mr Okamura instructed.

Mr Okamura gestured his hand towards an empty desk in front of Ayumi.

"You may sit there Ai" Mr Okamura said to Ai with a smile

Ai nodded in response and made her way to her seat.

Ayumi and Sora shared a perplexing look.

A transfer student this late into the year? that is weird for sure. But maybe she had a good reason for wanting to transfer schools. Only one way to find out i guess. Ayumi thought to herself.

The school bell signaled the end of the lesson and the class began packing their things up to leave.

"Hey Ai" Ayumi called out towards her.

Ai slowly turned around to face her.

"Since your new here i was wondering if you needed help getting around this place can be confusing to new comers" Ayumi said with a smile.

"Thanks, i would appreciate that" Ai said softly.

During the break Ayumi showed Ai around the school, the school was quite a large complex with multiple Multi-floor buildings dedicated to specific areas of study. The entire time Ayumi was with Ai she noticed that Ai seemed really quiet, i mean its normal to be a little quiet when you are new but this seemed different somehow it was a feeling that would not let go of Ayumi's mind. Something about Ai just drew her in.

"So Ai...if you don't mind me asking" Ayumi said.

"Yes" Ai said in a calm voice.

"What made you want to transfer here" Ayumi asked curiously.

" I - i just needed a change of scenery, a fresh start you know" Ai responded.

An honest yet strangely secretive response Ayumi thought.


"So how was the date with the new girl" Sora said jokingly as he sat across from her at the cafeteria table.

"Shut it Sora" Ayumi responded in jest.

"Alright don't tell me thats fine i can handle it" Sora said whilst shrugging his shoulders and smiling.

"There is just about her" Ayumi responded in a more serious tone.

Sora noticed her change in demeanor.

"What do you mean off" Sora asked.

"I don't know there is just something about her that i cant shake....something about her just gives me this feeling" At that moment Sora noticed that Ayumi's hazel eyes were beginning to turn a shade of red.

"Hey Ayumi Calm down" Sora said as he reached his hand and took hold of hers.

Ayumi took a deep breath and her eyes gradually turned back to there original hazel color.

"Thank you Sora" Ayumi said with a smile.

Sora nodded and smiled in response.

"Anytime" He said.


The end of the school day rolled around and Ayumi was collecting her things from her locker as well as exchanging her shoes. However this time Ayumi noticed something out of place, a small envelope was placed neatly in her locker. Ayumi took it out and examined it.

"Someone is popular" Sora's voice called out from the adjacent locker.

"Your hilarious" Ayumi said sarcastically.

"Any idea who it is from" Sora asked.

"There is no name attached to it" Ayumi responded.

"Loverboy doesn't even have the guts to put his name on the envelope" Sora joked.

"Again you are hilarious" Ayumi continued her sarcastic rebutles.

"I know i am and that's why you love me" Sora said as he began to leave the school building.

Ayumi watched Sora leave, she could not help but put a smile on her face.

She turned her attention back to the envelope and began opening it.

Inside the evelope was a letter written in black ink.

Ayumi please meet me behind the school, i need to talk to you

From Ai

Ayumi had a puzzled look on her face.

"Why does Ai want to talk to me, she barely spoke to me when i was showing her around the school, and why behind the school no one even goes there" Ayumi pondered.

Well i guess yet again there is only one way to find out. Ayumi thought

Ayumi made her way towards the back of the school. She walked along the narrow path and turned around the corner which lead to the back of the main school building. it was a narrow area that was shielded from view on one side by the back of the school and on the other side by a large wooden fence, the only way one could see what happened in this area was seeing it from either side of the narrow pathway.

As Ayumi turned the corner she was stopped in her tracks by what she was seeing. Ai was slouched against the wall with a sly smile on her face, she was with someone a student, a male student who seemingly had his face buried in her neck. Was he kissing her? what was he doing? what was she doing? All these questions raced through Ayumi's mind.

Ai broke the momentary silence by placing her hand softly on the boys chin raising his head up to hers. She looked him dead in the eyes almost as if she was trying to get a glispe at his soul.

"Now would you do me a favor dear......DIE FOR ME" Ai's voice was forceful and dark a farcry from the cute shy voice she had shown earlier. As she spoke this words her eyes changed from their deep blue to a dark shade of pink and her iris had formed the shape of slits just like a cats.

The male student stood in place with zero emotion it was almost as if he was a robot or a puppet being controlled by a puppet master, he brought one of his hands up to his chin and the other to the back of his head. Without hesitation the male students twisted his neck until SNAP. He collapsed on the ground with a thud.

Ayumi gasped and brought her hands infront of her face.

Ai turned to face Ayumi.

"Such a shame that, he was such a sweet boy" Ai said mockingly.

Ayumi said nothing in response, she was still processing what had just happened.

"What's the matter Amelia aren't you going to show yourself" Ai said with a grin on her face.

"Amelia" Ayumi asked.

"Ahhhh i see, you have not yet managed to completely overthrow your vessal, well that is embarrassing isn't it forced to share your body with this....girl" Ai said darkly.

"Share my body, what do you mean" Ayumi asked.

Ai let out a laugh.

"You cannot even begin to comprehend what is happening to you can you" Ai said.

"What-what is happening to me" Ayumi asked forcefully.

"Let me guess you think you are cursed Ayumi, Well you are, but did you seriously think you were the only one to possess the eyes" Ai said

"What do you know about this" Ayumi asked.

Ai sighed.

"Well let me offer you some context" Ai responded.

This curse is not just simple powers, its a entity in its own right, you were probably feeling like there is someone else in your soul, well there is and only one of you can win in the end.

"So AI-the real Ai was-" Ayumi tried to see before being cut off.

"That's right she lost her fight to me and now she is lost to this world forever" Ai said with a sick smile on her face.

"And him" Ayumi pointed towards the male student who was lying dead on the ground.

"How did you do that to him" she asked.

"Not all our powers are the same, to give an example you have The Eyes of Evil a power which gives its wielder an enhanced ability to kill amongst some other lesser known abilities, however as i am sure you have guessed it comes with someone negative personal consequences. Feeling the desire to kill all the time until it completely takes over you or should i say until she takes over you. As for me my power is called The Eyes Of Lust which gives me the ability to attract and control those to my will, its especially effective against the opposite sex. Ai explained.

Ayumi was trying to process all the information that was being thrown at her, all this time thinking she was cursed that another entity live within her soul and it turns out she was right.

"Why are you doing this, just because you have these powers does not mean you can use them to hurt anyone you want" Ayumi shouted.

Ai gritted her teeth in response. She lunged forward grabbing Ayumi by the throat and shoving her against the wall.

"You are one to talk, your entire being is focused on killing its all you can think about isn't it Amelia" Ai said forcefully.

Ayumi's head dropped her eyes closed.

"Ayumi is that you in there" Ai said mockingly.

"I am sorry Ayumi is not here right now, you have me today" A dark voice called out.

Ayumi's head shot back up her eyes were a deep red.

"Finally i was wondering when you would come out to play Amelia" Ai said

"You are going to regret that decision bitch" Amelia shouted as she pried Ai's hand off her throat.

Ai's grip was broken and she took a few steps back.

"I know how your powers work and unfortunately i am not into girl on girl" Amelia said mockingly.

"You know nothing" Ai said with a grin on her face.

"I know one thing" Amelia stated.

"Oh yeah and what is that" Ai responded.

"Today you will die" Amelia said darkly.

Amelia ran at Ai as fast as she could, But was immediately stopped as Ai reached her hand out grabbing Amelia by the throat and lifting her off the ground.

"I guess you did not pay attention to what i said earlier, just because my powers work better on the opposite sex it does not mean i don't have other talents to help me out in a pinch" Ai said.

Amelia grunted and struggled to get free.

"This strength, its intense way more intense then why she grabbed me earlier" Amelia thought.

Ai pulled Amelia closer to her before throwing her effortlessly across the floor.

"If i had it my way i would kill you now but i have orders to leave you unharmed.....for now" Ai said

"Orders....Orders from who" Amelia asked.

"That would be telling....but don't you worry we will meet again and we will finish this" Ai said reassuringly.

Ai lept of the large wooden fence and disappear from view.

Amelia scrambled to her feet.

"That girl.... i am going to....going to....Kill her" Amelia painfully grunted before falling unconscious on the floor.


"So how did your reunion with your old friend go" A mans voice spoke to Ai.

"About as well as it could have, it seems our dearest Amelia is in a internal battle with her host" Ai responded.

"I see, well we are going to need her to fully activate her powers if we are ever going to harness the power of her eyes" The man's voice said.

"That won't be an issue, the more this girl loses herself to the curse the easier it will be to be rid of her, then we can use Amelia for our own ends" Ai responded.

"Yes, and once i harness all 7 cursed eye powers for myself i will be the most powerful being on this planet!"