Chapter 2:

Train and Begin

Assassination Classroom : Afterschool mission ( Short )

We ( Nagisa narrating ) commenced training under Karasuma, Irina and Lovro sensei, and a few others. We made groups to train,

Chiba and Hayami renewed their sniping and were also given close combat training, Terasaka, Takebayahsi, and Itona improved their Knifework and gun control. Meg, Hinata, Kanzaki, Nakamura, and Fuwa improved their close combat skills and gun control, and they were trained by Irina sensei.

Okuda and Takebayashi, with the assistance of Ritsu, helped in designing some scientific things that could be helpful at the time of the mission.

Karma, Nagisa, Isogai, Maehara, Sugino, and Asano trained directly under Karasuma sensei. We all pushed our bodies to the limits, and the training continued for 3 weeks.............................

Now we were in good shape and had an influential will then Karasuma-sensei with the advice of his comrades, Karma, Asano, and Isogai, formed the plan. Karma suggested forming 2 teams, Team "A" and team "K," the plan was that all of the members would go synchronically. After wiping off the outside security of the building, the "A-team" will penetrate the building, and then the "K team" will make sure that if the enemy's reinforcements come then, they don't go inside the building, and the "team K" will be under the leadership of Gakushu Asano as sensei once said that Asano is a leader who can single handly turn the side of the battle, then all of us agreed to it.

Thus, the plan was completed, and we started to train again, we still had 10 days to have the plan in action, and so the training continued, and on the second day we divided into 2 teams to do a practice drill,

Team Red - Karma, Nagisa, Isogai, Maehara, Kimura, Nakamura, Hayami, Terasaka, Fuwa,
Team Blue - Karasuma, Asano, Sugino, Mimura, Kanzaki, Chiba, Itona, Meg, Hinata, Takebayashi

This practice was similar to what we did 6 years ago, we had to take the flag of the opponent team, Irina and Lovro sensei were the referees. As soon as the match started Karma ordered me, Isogai, Maehara, and Kimura to move forward, Hayami, Nakamura, and Fuwa to guard the flag, and he and Terasaka to cover the mid-area and Karasuma sensei ordered Asano, Chiba, Takebayashi, and Itona to guard the flag and left that area under the control of Asano, He and the others charged towards us. Karma said to eliminate Mimura and Chiba as soon as possible because they were a huge threat, as Mimura can locate their movements better than anyone else and Chiba could snipe from a far range and had better accuracy than Hayami, so their duo was the biggest obstacle for us to overcome. We marched forward and encountered Kanzaki, Meg, and Sugino, we eliminated all of them but we also lost Kimura and Maehara, hearing the gunshots Karasuma-sensei rushed towards our place. Karma commanded Hayami and Nakamura to cover us and in the meantime, we rushed toward their flag, Chiba spotted Isogai and eliminated him, seeing this Karma sent Terasaka behind us, and he asked Terasaka not to group with us but stay behind us. We had located Chiba's position which gave us the idea of where the enemy's flag could be, after sometime Karasuma-sensei, Takebayashi and Itona rushed towards our flag ( Karasuma-sensei ordered Itona and Takebayashi to leave their post and assist him to confront the team red) in the cross-fire Takebayashi was eliminated but we also lost Fuwa, Karasuma-sensei and Itona hid in the bushes, in the meantime, Karma spotted Mimura and eliminated him and Hayami eliminated Itona and she also got eliminated. Isogai and I saw their flag, we asked Terasaka to fire randomly so that we can locate Chiba and Asano but we weren't able to locate them and got Terasaka eliminated. Karma and Nakamura fought Karasuma-sensei, in the crossfire Nakamura was eliminated. We spotted Asano who was on one of a tree and fired towards him but he jumped from one tree to the another and from that tree to the another and Chiba covered him, we located Chiba too as he was assisting Asano to escape from us, then I silently moved towards him and eliminated him and Isogai rushed towards the flag, but he fell in of the traps led by team blue and Asano eliminated, Karma and Karasuma sensei were fighting bare hands when we were confronting Chiba and Asano, Karasuma-sensei defeated Karma and knocked him out, and went to take our flag when Asano eliminated Isogai, he saw a snake coming out from the tree, seeing it he got shocked and his leg twisted and he fell from the tree. He wasn't able to stand up, seeing this I rushed towards him and helped him to stand up, and so the match ended without a winner, the main concern was Asano's physical condition because we had a mission after 8 days, everyone was in shock because he was the man who was going to lead Team "K" and on top of that we didn't have much time left, and it was crucial to make the plan in action after 8 days. There was an agitated atmosphere in the camp. Then Karasuma-sensei and his team thought a lot so that the mission doesn't get jeopardized; in the meanwhile Karma raised his hand and said that I will lead team K, losing Asano and having Karma placed outside whose tactics always come in handy in infiltration, hindered with the plan a lot and on top of that, we weren't able to find a replacement, so we had to continue with remaining members, without wasting any time Asano was admitted and given treatment. We revised the plan again before the day of the mission, and all of us rested so that we can recover our stamina.

The day of the mission arrived, Okuda wasn't taken in the mission because she was only taken to make equipment and all the other stuff. Ritsu was connected to all the members via Bluetooth, so she could help us to navigate through the jungle...............