Chapter 3:


Assassination Classroom : Afterschool mission ( Short )

(Writer's narrating)

As planned, all the members of the team commenced moving synchronically silently through the jungle. Some were jumping from tree to tree, some were walking on the ground silently keeping an eye on the surrounding, and after some time we were only 400Metres away from the building, but we all were shocked after watching the security ( Because it wasn't like this when we once came to spectate it ),

Around 50 men were standing outside and had fearsome machine guns and also had snipers on the top of the building, and we were completely unknown what kind of danger is waiting for us inside. Chiba, Hayami, and Mimura climbed up trees. Chiba and Hayami were snipers, so climbing up trees will give them a better view and will help them to hide, and Koki Mimura had a kinetic vision, so he climbed up the tree to give information about the enemies' movements then we divided their team into 3 -

Team "X" - Karma , Nagisa , Kimura , Nakamura, Fuwa

Team"Y" - Karasuma , Kanzaki , Teasaka , Itona ,

Team "Z"- Isogai , Maehara , Sugino , Takebayashi , Meg , Hinata .

Then all of us proceeded in 3 teams - "Team X" cleared the north-eastern flank, "Team Y" cleared the north-western flank, and "Team Z" cleared the northern or the front flank, and Chiba and Hayami sniped a few men, and with the help of Mimura who told us about the enemy's every move, we were able to wipe off the outer security and without a single casualty though Kanzaki and Nakamura got injured in the battle, and then we formed the teams "A" and "K,"

Team "A" - Karasuma , Sugino , Maehara , Takebayashi , Chiba , Meg , Kimura , Nagisa , Hinata, Fuwa

Team "K" - Karma , Isogai , Terasaka , Itona , Nakamura , Hayami , Mimura , Kanzaki

Team "A" without wasting any time went inside and Hayami and Mimura were in the same position as they were before and then all the members of team "K" hid themselves (climbing trees and behind the bushes), and then ......................................................

Team " A" under the leadership of Karasuma-sensei went inside, they found traps and confronted armed people at the main gate, Fuwa and Takebayashi assisted them to locate some traps then Chiba, Sugino, and Kimura sniped 2-4 men, and in the meantime, Karasuma-sensei and others crossed the traps successfully and took on the other guards but somehow alarm rung and they saw more guards approaching towards them and when they ( guards) saw that many of their men had been taken out they instantly called for the reinforcements ( as suspected by sensei ), then "Team A" rushed towards them, and after half an hour they took all of them out, Meg got shot on her arm, but she insisted on going with us, so Karasuma-sensei had to allow her because they didn't have any alternative, in the meanwhile Team "K" observed 3 jeeps coming from east and 2 jeeps coming from the west side and they had half a dozen armed men , they all got shocked by seeing such an army, but they had to stop them from going inside or the plan would be compromised,

When the jeeps were about 800 meters away Hayami took 4 of them out and one of their jeeps fell into the traps laid by Terasaka and Itona and bombarded, then they all engaged in battle under the leadership of Karma, and injured Nakamura and Kanzaki were firing from a distance that helped them to do less movement, the enemy had heavy machinery so they seemed to dominate the position but Team "K" was giving them a good fight. Itona, Terasaka, and Kanzaki were stopping the guys on the west side, and Karma, Isogai, and Nakamura took on the other side, Hayami and Mimura were covering their loose ends, then after sometime when they were out of ammunition they rushed toward the enemies and engaged in close combat, some of the other guys took out their Katana, and then suddenly a guy spotted Hayami and shot her on arm, having Hayami shot was a big problem because she was covering the loose ends of her team,

Karma, Terasaka, Itona, and Isogai were in the front and Mimura was telling them the movements of the enemies and was sniping but they seemed in a very bad situation, the members of team 'K" were debilitated and were on their limits, they thought that this is their end, then a man aimed at Karma who was engaged in combat with one of the enemies, seeing this Isogai shouted "Karmaaaaaaaa......!!" but Karma wasn't able to hear him because of the sounds of gunshots and all the other things, then immediately Isogai hastened towards the man aiming at Karma but he found himself late and when that man was about to pull the trigger a bullet pierced his head, it was Asano who took out that man, he came with reinforcements of 4-5 soldiers.

( When he was admitted to the hospital, he didn't stop his exercise, he continued to do it so that his body doesn't get stiff because he desired to go on the mission along with Karasuma, Nagisa, Karma, and all the others. When he was in the hospital Irina came and told him that the team has gone on the mission, then he immediately jumped from the bed and urged him to go with them, the doctors examined his body and said you are ready to go, Irina had brought 4-5 soldiers with her and asked Asano to take them as a reinforcement for their team, so Asano with those soldiers went to the jungle and Ritsu helped them reach to their destination )

then they changed the tide of battle, and then Asano told Karma and others to go inside and help team "A," he assured them that they will secure the position and won't let anyone go inside. So, Karma, Isogai, Itona, and Terasaka went inside, and then under the leadership of the Asano team, " K " started to fight the enemies. On their way, Karma and others observed the bodies of the enemy but didn't find any of their comrades, seeing all of them were a bit relieved, and then after some time, they saw Nagisa and others discussing the plan because they were standing at a place where the path divided into two when Team "A" saw Karma and others approaching towards them, they were a bit puzzled because they were supposed to seal the gate, but when Isogai explained the situation to them they got relieved, and immediately formed two teams and went on their way,

Team "L"- Karasuma , Isogai , Kimura , Hinata , Terasaka ,Itona , Takebayashi

Team "R" - Karma , Nagisa , Maehara , sugino , Chiba ,Fuwa, Meg

Then after splitting into 2 teams, they went on their routes, and fought the enemies and hopefully none of them got injured on their way but after 15 minutes both the team found themselves at one place and in front of them there was an Iron gate, so they decided to open it. As soon as they opened it, firing sprung from the other side of the gate, and luckily nobody was harmed, and they hid behind the gate and the wall....................................

Meanwhile, Asano's team wiped out the enemies and injured Hayami, and Kanzaki was treated. Asano decided to remain outside just in case more reinforcements come, then he asked his men to climb up the trees and help Hayami and Kanzaki to climb up the trees too.

( Inside of the building ) - The wall had a windowpane, then Karasuma peeked and saw that many men were standing in front of a room, which he suspected to be the laboratory of Hotaro. They made a plan and then Takebayashi and Hinata threw smoke bombs, then all the others except Chiba and Itona started heavy firing from their side, and when the air was clear, Chiba and Itona sniped their men and helped others to go inside the room, but suddenly Maehara and Itona got shot, Maehara was shot on the leg and Itona on the shoulder, then seeing this Takebayashi ran towards Maehara and was pulling him out of the room, but suddenly a bullet pierced Takeyashi's chest, Chiba, Hinata, Maehara and Itona were the only ones who saw that because the others were ahead of them engaged in combat, then Chiba immediately rushed and pulled both Maehara and Takebayashi, but unfortunately, Takebayashi died on the spot then Chiba told others to be silent about Takebayashi's condition because it might affect the team who was busy fighting the enemies, then after sometime Karasuma's team wiped out the enemies and secured the position then,

Nagisa and Terasaka went to open the gate and as soon as they pushed it, Fuwa shouted to step behind on the meantime Karma ran towards them, and then suddenly the gate exploded but Karma was able to save them but he was hit by the pieces of rocks, a big rock hit his a head and he went unconscious on the spot, Isogai, Sugino, and Fuwa got injured too as they were standing close to the gate, Isogai wasn't able to walk as one of the rock crushed his leg, Sugino covered his body with his arms at the time of the explosion, but his arm got damaged and as for Fuwa she had minor injuries, seeing this Nagisa and others got shocked and few of them started to cry, Karasuma-sensei pulled Isogai out of the rock, then Nagisa and Terasaka who were near Karma started to shout "Karmaaaa! Karmaaaa!" and then Chiba told them about Takebayashi. Some of them immediately went blank and fell on their knees then Karasuma- sensei asked all of them to calm down and motivated them, and then asked Kimura, Hinata, and Fuwa to take Isogai, Karma, and Sugino outside and said that I will bring Takebayashi's corpse outside once we capture Hotaro,

They went inside the room and found many weird and unusual things and observed a block made of glass in which the creature was, it had many wires attached to his body, but they decided not to touch it, or it might cause trouble, then they searched the whole room and found an iron gate below one of the desks, it led to the basement, and they found Hotaro standing with a gun in his hand, when Hotaro saw Karasuma-sensei and others advancing towards him he shouted not to move a finger from their place or he would start firing, then Meg asked him to abandon his weapon and communicate like a civilized person, but before she could complete her sentence he started shouting to keep quiet and while he was shouting Nagisa directly threw a knife towards him, Hotaru dodged it, then Nagisa used his clap-stunner resulting in Hotaro to freeze for a moment and then in the meantime Karasuma punched Hotaro so hard that he fell on the ground with a bang! And then they captured him and came out of the room, and went out of the building where they found Asano standing with 2 of his men, then they told Asano that they seized Hotaro and Asano told them he sent all the wounded to the hospital, then all of them sealed the building and called the army to secure it so no-one can trespass. All of them went to the camp except Karasuma-sensei, he went with soldiers to hand over Hataro to the government and do paperwork.

After some time, all of them went to the hospital where Karma and others were admitted. Nagisa asked about his comrades' health to the doctor; he said that Isogai's leg was fractured, but it will heal in 3-4 months, and Sugino, his injuries weren't much deep, so he's doing just fine, but for Karma, he is in a coma, and there is little possibility that he will wake up. Hearing this, Nagisa started crying, and then Terasaka, and Isogai asked him about the condition and when he told them, they were shocked and sat on the chair, they all were in despair after Takebayashi's death, and now they heard another tragic news after some time army left everyone to their respective houses after sometime Karma's parents arrived at the hospital to check on their son, and when Karma's mom saw his condition she started crying and prayed to god to save her son.