Chapter 16:

Year 2-5: The walk

Is it ok?

“Shuna grew so much since I last saw her.” Riku was cuddling with the puppy. She waged her tail excitedly. Riku and Shu had met up, just to talk and now they were taking Shuna on a walk. Shu looked exhausted. “Are you sure it´s ok to meet when you´re so tired?”
Shu nodded. “I haven´t seen you in months, well except for the mini golf thing but we didn´t get to talk too much then. So how´s it going?”
“With Satsuki? Good I guess. We meet up a lot.” Riku became quiet for a moment. “I don´t know if you know the feeling but with Satsuki being a third year now I´m worried about what will happen after she graduates. She´s hinted at wanting to study abroad.” Riku looked Shu in the eyes desperate for help.
“Well if she wants to go abroad there´s nothing you can do to stop her. Oh but she could get hormone therapy and surgeries there so that would be nice for her.” Shu could see in Rikus eyes that that wasn´t quite what he wanted to hear. “At the end of the day it´s her decision, she needs to be happy with it.”
“I know but she could wait a year so I could come with her.” Riku took Shunas leash from Shu. “Did you never worry about Hayato-san wanting to study far away from you?”
“Of course I worried. But Sani would´ve still been here.” Shu looked at his arms, just last year they were covered in scars.
“Anyway how´ve you been? And Hayato-san and Sani-san of course.”
“Hayato´s been so busy that we don´t really get to see each other. And Sani got ripped.”
“I know Nozomi showed me some pictures.” Riku remembered the photos of a Sani almost twice the size he was last year, all muscle. Riku had tried to see if he could make out his muscles under his shirt when they played mini golf but he didn´t see much.
“Actually it helped that he got so muscular. Get this my brother showed up a few days ago.”
Riku turned around quickly. “I thought he didn´t like that you and Hayato-san were dating?”
“He came to apologize. Sani was there the whole time too, made me feel really safe to be honest. Well anyway Kai was talking about how he felt like had failed as an older brother. Apparently Momo-nee left shortly after I was kicked out, she didn´t want anything to do with our father anymore.” Shu smiled. “I didn´t tell you about that either right? So when Hayato and I got my things for our move Momo-nee saw my scars and she freaked out!”
“Understandable, I did too. That´s not something you want to see someone close to you have.” Riku said.
“I know. So she came by Hayatos place to talk. We´ve been really close since then. Well then a few days ago Kai shows his face. I´m actually going to be eating dinner with him and his fiancé soon.” Shu sounded excited. His siblings were getting closer with him, accepting him for who he is. Riku couldn’t help but smile. He and Shu were walking some more, talking about everything that came to mind and occasionally throwing Shunas favorite ball for the puppy.

“Your first years were cute. I didn´t get to talk with them too much but they did seem nice.” Shu said after a while.
Riku nodded. “Though I don´t seem to be able to be getting closer to Takumi-kun. I think he doesn´t like me.”
“That´s the guy in your team during mini golf, right?”
“Yeah. He sometimes talks nicely with me, then he has days were he seems to be avoiding me.”
“I don´t think he dislikes you though. Maybe he´s just shy?” Shu petted Shuna.
“I don´t know about that.”
“Just try some more.”

Riku said his goodbyes to Shu when Hayato came their way, apparently he got off work earlier and Riku didn´t want to interrupt their time together. He continued his way through the park coming to a halt when encountering a brown-haired guy smoking. Takumi starred him in the eyes. “It´s just a cigarette.” He said in a defensive tone.
“I can see that. You´re still too young to smoke.”
Takumi put out this cigarette. “Don´t tell anyone ok?”
“I kind of missed hearing that.” Riku mumbled. “Takumi-kun is there something you´re keeping from me? Well besides you smoking?”
Takumis face filled with shock. He looked like he had been caught red handed. “No. Noting to tell you. No secrets.” He sounded unsure almost like he was lying.
“Wanna take a walk together?” Riku offered.
They walked side by side in silence. Takumi did ask Riku what he was doing here, Riku explained and they went silent again.
“How long have you been smoking for?” Riku asked after a while. They had sat down on a bench.
“Not too long. I swear if this is going to turn into some kind of interrogation I´ll leave.” Takumi became defensive; he was standing in front of Riku as if he was making sure he could run away should he want to. “I´ve had the whole don´t do drugs talk form my parents enough.”
“I didn’t say anything about drugs.” Riku turned to Takumi. “I´m not interrogating you, I just want to talk to you. Whatever´s going on you can tell me.”
Takumi looked left than right as if he was making sure that nobody could hear what he was saying. Then he sat down. “It´s a long story.”
Riku took a look on his phone. “I have some time. What do you want to tell me?”
“My secret.” He whispered into Rikus ear.