Chapter 18:

The Reunion Part 1

Cyberpunk Ghostwriter

Amity ducked behind another pillar as the scissor-demon slashed right through her previous position with a gigantic pair of rusted black shears.

I-I’ll make you be~eutiful!”

Amity ran for the stairs.

“St-op running!”

She deflected the incoming blade with her broadsword.


The impact was too much for Amity to handle without any physical reinforcement and she was flung into the staircase railing with considerable force.


She ignored the intense pain coursing throughout her body and forced herself to get up. Amity limped towards the top floor using the sword as a crutch as she recovered a bit from the damage.

Ke-check’ ‘ke-check

The scissor-demon approached the stairs and slowly walked towards Amity.

“D-don’t you w-ant to be Pre~etty?”

“…no thanks. I’m good.” Responded Amity with a half-assed wave of her hand.

She picked up some of the debris from the fight as she picked up speed.


“Well, I’m pretty confident about my looks, you see. A beauty like me obviously doesn’t need any major cosmetic surgery.” She said with a completely serious and somewhat arrogant tone.

“…then Die!diediediediedie!

“I’m busy at the moment. We should reschedule.”

She tossed the debris at the monster, quickly activated the sword, and swung it into the debris, smashing it into dust that sprayed onto her pursuer.


The scissor-demon flailed around erratically, slashing and slamming into everything around it.

“Y-you Bi-itch! I’ll ki~ill you!”

“You can try. But not today!”

Amity ran as fast as she could up the staircase and then down the hallway at the top.

She quickly ducked into another room.

I can’t beat that thing without magic, at least not by myself… She thought. …I’ll have to distract it and hope for an opening.

She looked around the room. It was a dressing room with racks of odd outfits, some tall lamps, a vintage mirror, and a large translucent room divider shade.

Ker-chack’ ‘ker-check

Wh-ere are Yo~ou!

She heard her pursuer coming closer from behind the door.


“Yo~ou can’t hi~ide li-ttle RAT!”

She was trapped inside.

“…Ok, I got this.”

She had to work quickly.

First, she moved the divider to the corner of the room, facing away from the door. Then she took all the clothes off the rack and threw them into a pile near the door. She moved a tall lamp behind the divider, turned it off, and took off the lampshade. Then she moved another lamp behind the first one.

Ok, one more thing…

She took out a coat from the pile and placed it over the first lamp, repositioning it until it looked just right.

…Let’s hope this thing is stupid.

Amity dived into the clothes piles and hid herself.

“Hey I’m in here! Come get me!” She called out.

The door suddenly burst apart with a large pair of shears stabbing right through them and the scissor monster burst right into the room soon after.

“Found Yo~ou!

It ran straight for the silhouette behind the divider and sliced right into it.

“N-ot he~ere?”

The only illumination left in the room was the sparks that flew from the lamps when the creature cut through them.

“Right here.”

Amity leapt up from the pile and stabbed her knife into it’s back.

AaAAaaAah!” Shrieked the creature, as it tried to shake her off, flailing around.

“Ugh. It’s not going to be that easy!” Amity shouted, as she activated her knife’s special feature.

The blade split into three parts, inside the creature.

EeREeeK!” It continued to shriek as an explosion of a inky black fluids sprayed out of the wound.

Amity twisted the blade in deeper, trying to keep her hold onto the grip.


The creature started to struggle as hard as it could to get her off. It slammed her into the walls of the room with considerable force. Amity could feel her consciousness slightly slipping with each impact, along with her grip on the knife.

I can’t hold on much longer…! Thought Amity as she rode the raging monster like a mechanical bull. The knife won’t cut it, and I don’t have enough leeway to get the sword…!

She decided to take the opening she created to run, while it was writhing in pain.


But before she made her move, she was flung off into the hallway, and the creature was quickly regaining it’s senses.

“H-how da~are yo~ou! DieDieDie!

…Well obviously in a bad way.

The creature raised up it’s blade onto Amity, ready to strike.

She braced for the end.

“Not happening, asshole!”

The monster was blown away by a small explosion followed by a drop-kick to the head.

Amity watched it fly away, into the wall, as if in slow motion.

“Yeowch! Probably should’ve thought that through a bit.”

“…Idiot.” Said Amity with a flurry of emotions flashing onto her face as she looked at the Raven haired intruder, lying sprawled onto the ground.

“Yeah, yeah.” Replied Elusia with a large grin on her face.