Chapter 0:

Definitely Not an Ad

Simular Beings

Welcome to Simular! A simulated reality where you can escape too!

Is there a problem in your life that you just can’t sort out? Simular is here for you!

Were you deceived and finessed out of your hard-earned bills? Simular won’t betray you!

Do you lack purpose in all that you do? Simular can give you what you desire!

Or maybe you suffer from a never-ending existential depression where you cry yourself to sleep? Well, Simular can help you forget those truths!

Simular! A new world, a new age! A reality where your actions have no consequences!

Now on sale for 50% off, buy your simulasets and get your life together! Start your second life with just a little more spice!

(Subscriptions are separately charged. We are not responsible for any deaths, murders, kidnappings, physical and simulated assaults and altercations…)