Chapter 0:


Death's Rhapsody

Would you listen to my story?

A story of how I came to this world.

A story of my past.

A story of how I lived.

“I’m glad you're alive.”

It was raining that night. Deep within the forest, tree canopies barely covered us from rain. Lying on the ground, her eyes seemed to be wandering off in the distance, her hands gradually losing energy, blood flowing through the ground.

“Yeah.” I said, ruefully.

The sound of rain continuously beating the ground was loud but we were close enough to hear each other. Feeling helpless and the fact that I can't do anything suffocated me. I bit my lips in frustration.

“I’m sorry.” That was all I could say.

“Why are you apologizing?”

“If only I were stronger... This, this wouldn’t have—”

Her eyes were wavering, struggling to keep it open, she locked her gaze on me.

“All this time, you were trying so hard. You’ve worked so hard… I… we know. You’ve shouldered all the burden.”


“Be stronger and stronger…” she said “Strong enough that you can protect anyone...”

I felt the faint warmth on her palms as she tried to reach my cheeks. I held her hands tightly to not let them go. I was afraid... that it would disappear the moment I let go. That was how I felt.

“I’m tired... I’m gonna take my rest now. I’ll be waiting for you. So, even for just a little longer...” It was as if she was about to go to sleep. A long sleep. Her eyes slowly closed.

“...please stay alive until then.” Just like that, her hands completely lost their energy, and her eyes finally lost their light.

This was a story hundreds of years ago. A story of a world almost forgotten by now but has undoubtedly changed history and many lives throughout time. Beyond that certain moment, is where the story of the one who saved the world... ends. 


Hello everyone! Armanyan here.

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