Chapter 1:

So it begins

Unforgettable Mess

It was a nice August day, at least for Daniel. As he got out of that trash-can called Serra village and breathed in the refreshing air of the capital city of Goynuk, Warlove. But, nobody could have blamed him because, after the long-lasting war, the whole world became a shithole.  Only the capital cities of countries remained "fresh". And the main reason for that, of course, was the rich people of the population. If they hadn't been able to find a warm couch to sit on, old wine to drink, and a room to make love, then they would have been a pain in governments' asses. So, considering all the foreseeable expenses, allowing them to raise their voices could be beneficial to government members' pockets and to the plan that was waiting for Daniel and people like him. 

As he stepped out of the bus, the shiny sun hit him in the face. He almost couldn't hold back his tears as in Serra the sky was cloudy most times for some reason and people were literally starving for some vitamin D. But if he stood still for a bit longer time, the other thing called guardians was going to hit him, too. It was the first time Daniel saw a guardian in his life. The guardian felt some excitement on Daniel's face and thought he was some kind of creep. 

"Get in the line and don't make us angry" one of them shouted

After this behaviour of the guardian, the feelings of enjoyment fell like a warplane. The first thing that he promised himself when he was a child was that no matter what psychological, economical or social conditions he was in, he would never be bad to people around him. So seeing such behaviours would always make him unimaginably sad. He knew the world was in a horrible situation, but "Wouldn't it be better to act politely to take a step forward to a better life?" was the question wandering around every corner of his mind. Probably, he was the only person who thought that way. 

"Stay in the line, don't make funny moves, be patient, and everything will be okay. Don't worry, since you all are here already, no one has the right to force you to go back. Don't forget you are chosen ones" one of the guardians said with a subtle smile on his face. 

What the guardian said made sense to Daniel. Because there were no obligations or any document demanded by the government, if you passed "the interview" you were qualified to live in Warlove, the rest didn't matter. 

And about "the interview".  It was a missing part of the puzzle for Daniel, as he didn't get qualified through the interview. His best and only friend Jacob Aragon helped him to get through without being questioned by higher-ups. Of course, it was no easy job, since there were a couple of people who got executed whilst trying to do the same as Jacob. But somehow he managed to slip from them. 

Daniel wasn't satisfied with Jacob's doing because he had wanted to do the interview. Even though the rumours about the missing people. It was said that after the interview, whether you were qualified or not, you couldn't head back to your hometown. Hell if anyone heard of them ever since. Despite these sayings, Daniel had a strong belief that even if all of these rumours were true, he could make it alive. In fact, those assumptions made him more eager. However, it didn't matter anymore.

As Daniel was waiting in the line, someone shouted his name from the distance. It was Jacob. He was waving his hand so fast that if he kept doing it, he could have lost his hand. Daniel responded to him with a funny head movement. When Daniel got super excited, he would always shake his head and laugh. Even if they had lost their body parts, it would be worth it. Their friendship was the only thing to live for in this world, after all. 

"I see youuuu' said Jacob with a soft, acoustic voice from behind the fences. It's been ages since we parted away, my boy." 

"Can you just stop calling me boy because we are literally at the same age? And I'm a teacher now. What if one of my future students heard that?"

"Wow, look at this self-proclaimed teacher, being worried about his reputation already" they both laughed hard.

If it was a bit overreacting, they seemed to enjoy the dialogue they just had that both cried with joy for at least a minute. Until the guardian got angry; "You two grown-up kids, shut the fuck up, will you?!" 

"Let's not make the big boys angry, Dan. I'll be waiting there for you" he pointed at a red-coloured building and walked away slowly.

It was almost six years since they were separated from each other. It wasn't by force but by choice. When they were at the orphanage they made a deal that if either of them qualified, the chosen one would have to help the other. In the end, it seemed the deal wasn't forgotten. 

"Can you do this shit a little faster, for fuck's sake?"

Everyone turned their heads toward the voice that just raised. It was a tall, blonde woman. She seemed pretty chill by the looks, but the anger in her voice was apparent. 

When looked cautiously, Daniel couldn't see a single excited soul in the line. As if they were forced to be here. Some were angry, some were sad and even there was someone who looked completely clueless. All of these made Daniel a bit worried. 

"Maybe there are things that I am not aware of"

Still, he had a relieving feeling, because Jacob was going to be with him. And no one would hurt him, he thought. 

"Ayo, dickhead are you ready for the torture that is waiting for ya'?" 

That childish voice came from behind. When Daniel turned around, he saw a midget guy. He had never seen a midget in his life, therefore Daniel was confused. It wasn't even mentioned in the books he had read before. 

"Is there a magic behind this?. Maybe devil???. No, no, no it can't be...just think logical, Daniel".

"Hey, dickhead what are you mumbling? I can't hear ya'.

"Don't get me wrong, but your looks...".

"So, what? Are ya' tryna body-shame me?"

", never sir. I'm not that kind of person"

"You better not be. I'm your supervisor, so watch your mouth"

"Wait... How come?"

"I dunno. They asked in the interview what I could do and I said I could supervise people. Since I'm here now I guess they have appointed me already"

"I don't think that's how it works, but..."

"No buts, dickhead. Choose your words wisely from now on. Sooo what's YOUR occupation?"

"I'm a teacher"

"Hehe, loser"

"Can you just not belittle one of the holiest jobs in this world? That's very disrespectful"

"The holiest job, my asss. You know it was decades ago, right?  After the war, have you ever seen any relevant teacher? I mean even being one doesn't take too long. You don't need  a degree or diploma. To be honest, it is applied to all jobs, isn't it?

He wasn't wrong. Due to increasing problems in the country  during the war, the government couldn't invest money in any side except the military. So, all the professions couldn't maintain to develop further. Instead, they went downhill. After some time almost all of them went extinct. At least, it was what had been written in the books. And nowadays, people tend to call themselves whatever they want. Like Daniel...

"If you put your heart into it, nothing is impossible," said Daniel

"Oh for fuck's sake... the midget shook his head-You are too optimistic, I can't bear it."

"No, actual...

"Hey, you! Stop the crap you are having and move!" a guardian said aggressively to Daniel

It was his turn to check-in. The conversation he had with the guy was so smooth that he forgot about the queue. The short chat with this "little" downy-bearded man was fun to him. Since the people of Serra weren't this talkative. 

"Thank you, sir. You were very helpful to spend time. I'm very grateful."

"Yeah, sure dickhead... and my name is Jules. Call me Sir Jules I."

"Understood, your majesty. Next time I will be more careful."

As he ended the conversation, Daniel started moving forward slowly. First, he got through some noisy weird box and guess what, it made noise. Daniel got confused. He had never seen or heard something like that, so it made him curious.

"Are you keeping any metal on you, right now?" asked the guy in a funny uniform.

Daniel showed his watch and said that was the only one. The other guy searched him and confirmed what Daniel said. They let him move forward. He approached the gate. There was one more person in a uniform waiting next to the gate. He seemed pretty chill, but the first thing Warlove taught him was not to believe in a person's look. So he kept his guard on. Fortunately, Daniel wasn't wrong. That person was very calm and he was there just for greeting all the newcomers.

"Man, I hope this city won't make me paranoid." he shook his head and kept on moving. 

Now that the red building was seen clearly, Daniel felt happy. He was eager to hug his best friend Jacob. Six years in Serra without him was hellish because Jacob was the only one who really could help him in every way possible. They were like brothers to each other. 

He finally reached the meeting point after 10 minutes. The building's door was open and he could be seeing people. There were at least 50 people and they were having a chat. 

As he wanted to get in somebody stopped him. He was looking like a soldier, very tall and muscular. He asked what Daniel was doing there. As he wanted to explain the situation Jacob appeared. 

"Heyy, Dorman he is my friend let him in. Also, he is one of us already. Don't make yourself look so bad."

"Don't exaggerate things, bro. It is my job to ask."

"I know, I know... just let him"

After going in, both smiled and then hugged each other. They stayed like that for 2 minutes or more.

"Man, I've really missed you," Daniel said.

"Same, brother, same... Let's take a sit. We have a lot to talk about."

They took a seat and began to talk about what they had been doing since they parted away. Daniel told him about the books that enlightened him and taught him how to teach. He had even finished all of Tolstoyevski's and Jack Warlove's books. It was guessed impossible considering the time you had to spend to finish all of it. Jacob was surprised and proud at the same time as he knew it was no easy thing to do. In exchange, Jacob informed him about everything. What he had been doing, the rules he had to follow, what to do to live safely and so on. 

While talking to each other, something got Daniel's attention. It was a weird box-like thing with a black screen. 

"Oh, that's television- Jacob said, you can watch everything with that." 

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well, there is too much to explain, so I wouldn't want to make you confused. Let's say it is just a magical box. There are a lot of things you are not aware of by the way. Like the internet, video games, computers and so on."

"Wait, what?" Daniel was surprised."

Unlike what Jacob thought, Daniel knew what those terms meant. 

"I know what they are!-he was so excited, They are a myth. I had read several books that were mentioning computers, video games, and even robots. Hey, tell me are robots real??

"I'm not quite sure, but who knows, right?" Jacob chuckled.

"Man, I would never have thought they were real. I had thought that was just a human imagination."

"Every imagination will become reality sooner or later.

Jacob looked tired. However, it wasn't physically but emotionally. Daniel wasn't a dense, oblivion guy who wasn't aware of his surroundings. He could be feeling that something was wrong with Jacob. As if his soul was being tortured. His emotionless eyes stared at one point and didn't move for a moment. Jacob wasn't like this earlier. Daniel was wondering what could change his mood. It got Daniel worried as he wanted to say something, but Jacob was the one who broke the silence.

"You know... We should not forget your job application. The principal must be waiting for us right now. We'd better get going."

"Wait, right now? I thought..."

"Look, brother, we don't have time to waste. You know, this job represents the country. It's considered unreachable in today's conditions. If someone took your place then even I wouldn't be able to help you. So, let's not waste any more time."

"You've got a point. I wouldn't want to lose a job that I intend to make memories of."

"Don't worry. You'll never forget the experience you will have even if want it.. "


Unforgettable Mess