Chapter 1:

#01: Run! Run! Ran!


Ran Genesis is the only son of Ran Maria and Ran Joseph, they are both renowned scientists in their respective areas. A good 13 years ago they were fired from their jobs by the newly elected President, not because they are incompetent, but because the new President wanted to take over their invention, hence they and their other colleagues were laid out. Now, they are about to get back on the government with the help of their well-developed child and to hide their identities, they lived in a 3ldk apartment, but in truth, the entire 70 apartment building is actually owned by them.

Ran Genesis was accepted to the Ultimate Brain Academy, the most prestigious school that hosts the smartest and top talented kids in the country, which he doesn't really mind. Ran Genesis's childhood didn't go as he planned, during his elementary days, every time he joined a science fair, he just can't win any, during his 1st try, he lost to a bike-powered generator project, and his project was an Anti-Radiation condom, his 2nd try, he loses again, the project of the other side was an automatic Volcano replica project and his submitted project was Atomic bread, the premise of this bread is if you lie you die, as simple as that. So for the last year in elementary, he submitted his best, and yet, the other project was hailed as the victor instead of his, the project that wins was a talking book, and his project was a single photo, but it wasn't a normal pic, it was a photo where he takes a selfie in the moon, and not just any moon, it was one of the most beautiful out there, Areil, a moon of Uranus.

Luckily for Genesis, his time has come, the time to become a man is within his hands, and middle school is right around the corner

Genesis: Finally!!!         Seeex!!!

He wakes up a little late so after washing his hair and brushing his teeth, he runs off toward the train station, while on his way to school, he put on his uniform, and after tying his necktie, he takes two loaves of bread and butter out of his bag and since the weather is quite warmer he tossed the bread and butter in the air while waiting on the pedestrian lane, the bread was toasted and landed on his waiting hands, but Genesis just can't enjoy his breakfast without ketchup, so he walked into a store and buy the condiment. He rushed to the train station, sadly the train had already left, but that didn't stop him as he was already clinging to the last wagon of the train, and while munching his toast, a baby saw and smiled at him, so he smiled back with ketchup on his teeth.

He was almost caught by the sensei waiting at the school gate but luckily for him, he was quite the athletic type due to his evasive attitude towards his parents who constantly order him around, so he develop a gut feeling on when to and not to move, and right then and there, he walks smoothly to the blind spot of the sensei.

After the ceremony, the students go to their classrooms, and without even landing a foot in their new classroom, Genesis was called to the faculty room by their class adviser named Shizuka Kate

Shizuka sensei: oh here you are, have a sit Ran-kun

Genesis: sure sensei, by the way, why did you call me here sensei?

Shizuka sensei: I know that you are really smart, but sadly, you failed, and you need to immediately go home right now

Genesis: Haha! Rumors!

Shizuka: no it's not! Have a look at this.     ( show him a sheet of paper )

Genesis: well, it's all good I think sensei

Shizuka sensei: no, take a look at this part ( show him the part where the name should be written in )

Genesis: oh, there's no name in it

Shizuka sensei: apparently, this one is yours, and according to the guidebook, we can't let this one slide, therefore, you are automatically out, maybe try again next year

Genesis: ( looks to the floor and he thinks deeply, then he said ) by the way sensei, how come that there were only the two of us in the room when I took the exam?

Shizuka sensei: well, all teachers were assigned a set of enrollees to watch during the exam, 1 enrollee per hour, which means 12 per teacher per day, and to avoid cheating, such precautions were taken, and to intensify the credibility of the teachers and the enrollees, they must go on a 1 on 1 kind of exam

Genesis: wow, that's awesome, by the way, sensei, does that mean only you knew about my test paper?

Shizuka sensei: absolutely, I was watching you all the time, sadly, even though you are one of the top enrollees this year, I can't just let you have a pass

Genesis: well, can I take a look again on the test sheet sensei?

Shizuka sensei: sure, here you go ( she gave the test sheet back to him )

Genesis: ( after receiving his test sheet, he immediately writes his name on it )

Shizuka sensei: what on earth are you doing?!

Genesis: what? Why sensei?

Shizuka: you just write your name there, why?

Genesis: I mean, you said that my name was not there, so there you go

Shizuka sensei: no, that's not what I mean, I mean that's cheating, the allocated time given to you to do so has already expired

Genesis: yes sensei, but I believe that it's never too late, right?

Shizuka: how dare you, just a word from me and you'll be permanently banned from this institution

Genesis: but you've just said that only the two of us knew about this test sheet, right sensei?

Shizuka sensei: yes, but that doesn't mean that you can just do that

Genesis: well, 1st of all, my name is already there and you can't do anything about it, 2nd is my fingerprint already covers the entirety of that test sheet, and lastly, your credibility will be highly questioned which might lead to unnecessary things, so how would you want to approach this sensei, your correct way which might cause for them to fire you or my way which is fine I guess

Shizuka sensei: ( she didn't think twice and said ) well I guess welcome to the school then

After Genesis left the faculty room, another sensei pops out from the shadows, and it was Hakarage sensei

Hakarage sensei: well that's a bold one

Shizuka sensei: ( shrieks out of surprise ) what are you doing here Hakarage sensei?

Hakarage sensei: fresh air is looming around the corner, or maybe just another unjustly thought, what do you think Shizuka sensei? ( he said that while munching a bucket of fried chicken )

Shizuka sensei: I guess, I don't know, but with the freshmen this year, I guess it will be a total roller coaster for everyone

Hakarage sensei: definitely, hmmm ( he said that while kneeling, looking up to Shizuka sensei's skirt )

Shizuka sensei: kyaaah! ( shrieks again and slap Hakarage sensei's face with a baseball bat )

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