Chapter 1:


The World's Beauty

          I'm walking on the sidewalk at night. Feeling the atmosphere heating up, people screaming running the opposite direction. I wonder, how everything would turn out if I stayed with my parents? As I walk, there are no more people... I see a girl in front of me, she holds a notebook and wears a mask. She looked at me and said,Bookmark here

          "It looks beautiful... don't you think?" then she points at the sky.
          "The planes?" I asked,
          "No, the world." She takes off her mask, she looks beautiful.Bookmark here

          As I look at the sky, I now understand why people are running away... I also understand why she is saying that.Bookmark here

          No wonder, I would be scared too if planes kept dropping fire... but the world engulfed in flames... takes away the fear. It looks beautiful, like a painting; like her.Bookmark here


The World's Beauty

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