Chapter 6:

Chapter 2: Little Fish in a Big Pond Part II

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 2: Little Fish in a Big Pond Part II


Tekka watched as Lissandra walked into the scene, her long black ponytail burning into a fiery crimson. Every step she took torched the ground, and it made Tekka shudder at how closely she resembled the Red Comet. Why is she getting so mad? Shouldn’t she be thanking us for taking care of the Halfbreed? 

“Lissandra, we’re doing you a favor—”

Hearing him repeat her name when they weren’t even friends, stepping on the name of the person he acknowledged, Ash willed his bloodied hand into a fist and sent it right into Tekka’s stomach. Everyone heard a crack as Tekka held onto his gut, releasing Ash.

“Disrespecting the Princesss in front of her Vanguard. I thought you Dragonoids would have more class.” Ash said with a limp arm.

“Taniss, Tomsk…. Hold off the princess...” Tekka said, coughing up blood. “And Tinto finish off the Halfbreed.”

“Yes, sir!” They all said, following Tekka’s orders.

Taniss, the hooded one, along with Tomsk, the big guy, blocked Lissandra’s path, each able to withstand the heat she emitted. While Tinto, the lengthy one, blurred past Ash, stopping by the bench with Tekka in his arms. There were now two red wings sprouting from his back, about as thin as the rest of his body.

“I thought I told you to—”

“Bwahahaha! I heard you but making sure you’re out of the way of danger is a Scout’s job.”

Tekka could only look on at his friend as he was placed on the bench. Not a word escaped his lips.

“I didn’t feel anything broken, so that means the crack we heard was from him?”

Tekka nodded, to which Tinto could only laugh.

“Damnit, picking fights with two monsters in a day, I really suck at my job.”

Tekka started to open his mouth to say, ‘It wasn’t his fault,’ but the words couldn’t come through. He still hadn’t gotten over the fact that he lost the duel for the Leader position, but worst he let a monster who wasn’t even a Pyro Dragonoid lead his friends. He was just so bitter, so angry, and now his friends were up against a Princess of Fire and some Human who’s still standing even with a broken arm. Tekka was ashamed to call himself a Dragonoid let alone a Vanguard.

Yet without saying a word, Tinto understood his friend’s sentiment and gave him a thumbs up. “Bwahahaha! I’ll finish this in a flash. Then we’ll find out that monster’s weakness and dethrone her as well. Now, where did he go….”


In front of Lissandra stood Tomsk, who was probably about the size if not bigger than Baron though Tomsk definitely had less muscle than the big guy. Which meant it would be easy for Lissandra to deal with him, but her only concern was the kid whose face was hidden behind a hood. Faceless were always tricky to deal with. She thought, and judging by the fact that two in the back had already showcased their traits as being claws the other wings, one of these two had to have the ability to conjure up fire. Unless she got lucky, and it was another aura type.

“Ha, as if I need that,” Lissandra said as the two in front stared at her as if she was crazy.

“You ok princess?” Tomsk said, scratching his head. “You seem to be talking to yourself.”

“Maybe ssshe hit her head on the way. It would explain why ssshe’sss trying to protect a Halfbreed.” Taniss said, shrugging his shoulders as he began to snap his fingers, creating sparks. “Regardlesssss, I’ve alwaysss wanted to try thisss on a Princessss of Fire.”

“I really hope I don’t sound like that,” Lissandra said, shuddering at the thought.

“I can’t control it! It’ssss a—”

“Speech impediment. Yeah. Yeah. I’ve heard it all before.” Ash said, standing between Taniss and Tomsk.

“How are you even here!” Taniss took his crackling fingers out of his pockets, turning his hand into a ball of fire as he struck upward at Ash, who ducked under the blow.

This was it! Ash thought, feeling it again, the surge, the excitement, the freedom! His eyes once again gleamed violet, and a smile spread across his face as he swept Taniss off his feet with his left leg. Then kicked his chest with his right, sending Taniss rolling backwards.

“To answer your question: I’m just doing my job. Breaking through anything that gets in my Squad’s way.” Then Ash added with a laugh. “Though, it helps that the guy who was supposed to be keeping me in check started chatting—”

A blow of hot wind gushed past the side of Ash’s face, and to his surprise, Lissandra was standing there holding back a large ruby-scaled arm that belonged to Tomsk.

“Oh Dragons. The fact that I have to cover you is disgusting.”

“Sorry Princesss, I kind of got carried away.”

“Stop saying it like that!”

Lissandra’s feet cracked the ground as she slowly lifted up the large Dragonoid by his arm. Tomsk couldn’t believe what was happening and still didn’t believe it as Lissandra threw him at Taniss, who screamed in pain once the big guy practically smooshed him.

“H-how did you do that?” Ash asked, slightly afraid.

“With the rigor and dedication of being a princess, that’s how,” Lissandra said, acting as if she didn’t just throw someone who quite possibly weighed a ton. “Though, I’m the one who should be asking questions!”

With how loud Lissandra screamed, it was a miracle no one woke up and decided to check out all the noise—It’s really because most of the rooms on campus were soundproof. Couldn't have idiots disrupting sleep schedules—Ash just stood there all beaten and battered with a limp arm where blood was still dripping down. It was safe to say that Ash shouldn’t even have been standing, but his mind couldn’t process it, so Lissandra did it for him.

“Do you even realize you’re on death’s door?”

“Am I?” Ash asked, then immediately smiled. “Nice to know you worry about me, Princesss.”

“Scott’sss worried about you. Not me. I only came becausssse you were taking too long.” Lissandra said, looking Ash dead in his eyes as he laughed.

“Nice stutter Princesss.”

“I ssshould’ve let them kill you.”

“Well, they just might since it’s a three-on-two,” Ash said, hopping as he got ready for round three. Taniss and Tomsk had both recovered, and with Tinto actually paying attention, Ash felt that the odds weren’t in their favor. But that’s just what makes it exciting.

“They just don’t know when to quit,” Ash said with a smirk.

“Selfish,” Lissandra muttered.


“I said you’re selfish. Just like every other Human. You only think about yourselves.”

Ash flinched from her words and suddenly felt drained. “You know you can stop with the generalizations. I’m different—”

“Sure you are,” Lissandra said, cutting Ash off as she stood in front of him. Two balls of fire were thrown his way, but as they got close, Lissandra dispelled them with her fiery aura.

“Ssso that’sss how it issss,” Taniss said as each one of the fireballs he threw vanished the moment they got too close to Lissandra.

Though with her pinned, Tomsk and Tinto used the chance to attack her from both sides. Ash moved forward to stop at least one of them, only to drop to the floor. His second wind had faded, and he could barely breathe. Yet not being able to breathe wasn’t just unique to Ash because Tinto and Tomsk both dropped to the ground, gasping for air.

“Did you forget who I am?” Lissandra said, raising one of her hands, forcing the temperature to rise even higher to the point that Taniss and Tekka, who were away from her, broke into a sweat.

“Coming at me with your traits. Letting your instincts take over. Harming a fellow student with the intent to kill. I’m ashamed to call you my subjects." Then a broad smile broke Lissandra's dark tone as they all bore witness to the Dragoness's bone crown. "But worry not. For Fire Cleanses All.”


Taniss and Tekka clutched their throats as they dropped facefirst into the ground. At the same time, Tinto and Tomsk couldn’t speak and could only watch as their vision blurred. While Ash, well… Ash had already blacked out.

“Drats, it was getting so good too. But like always, Lizzie has to ruin the fun with her temper tantrums.”

Lissandra knew that child-like voice, yet all it did was add fuel to the fire as Lissandra tore open the top of her uniform and held onto the dragon skull tattoo printed on her chest. “Purify my foes, Ignis—”

Lissandra’s arm pulled away from her body, canceling the summon.

“Why now!” Lissandra roared.

“Because Lizzie, I can’t have you killing off my Squad on their second day. What kind of Leader would that make me? Honestly, what kind of Leader would that make you?” The girl with ruby eyes said as she booped Lissandra’s nose with her finger.

Lissandra’s scarlet hair immediately was put out, reverting back to being a charcoal black. The girl then skipped around, forcing her long twin-drilled blue hair to bounce as she tapped her teammates, getting rid of their cuts and bruises. And once recovered, they slowly stood up with eyes wide in horror.

“W-why are you here?” Tekka asked, receiving a murmur of an agreement from the rest of his friends.

“Did you forget I’m a Moonstar? I like beautiful nights like this.” The ruby-eyed girl said with a little twirl as she clasped her hands. “And I finally found someone who did too until four blobfish surfaced. I should’ve squashed you the moment you showed yourselves, but I was curious about this little guppy.”

The girl tilted her head to the side and reached out to touch Ash, who was still unconscious. Lissandra tried to move but couldn’t due to that monster’s aura, so she opted to use diplomacy. “Don’t touch him—”

“Zip it.”

Diplomacy failed. Welp you’re on your own Ash. Lissandra thought as she couldn’t move her lips anymore and could only watch as her age-old rival poked Ash’s cheek.

“Weird, I can’t feel anything from him.” The ruby-eyed girl said.

“Bwahahaha! We killed him, didn’t we—” Tinto dropped to the ground, unable to move.

“You better pray to the Dragons he’s not because if he is, I’m telling. And if I tell the Headmaster, you killed a student in a one-on-five unauthorized fight, well…. Fire does cleanse all, as you land-dwellers like to say.”

Tomsk then began counting on his fingers. “One on five. But there were only four of us.”

“Lookssss like our Leader is too young to count.”

“You guys, she’s obviously counting the princess with us,” Tekka said, making the most sense, yet the ruby-eyed girl didn’t care as she dropped all three of them to the ground.

“Hmmm, maybe I was being too optimistic restoring those four.” She mumbled. “Also… I’m not too young! Water Dragonoids just hit their growth spurts late! Hmph! The nerve of some, but where was I….”

The ruby-eyed girl then looked down, noticing the unconscious Ash, who she—for some reason—couldn’t get his vitals. Typically she was able to feel the insides of everyone she touched as the Dragonoid body consisted of 60% water—generally—yet she couldn’t detect any with him. Which did not mean Ash just didn’t have any water in his body because he was clearly bleeding. So she tried poking him a few more times, then slapped his face, but nothing happened at all except for her hand that needed an icepack. Why did that hurt so much!

She let out a sigh seeing as it was getting nowhere, and the longer she used her aura on five people, especially on someone like Lizzie, the worst it would get for her mental state. She then gazed upon Ash’s bleeding arm, and she couldn’t help but smile.

“You know I don’t typically do this, but because you’re cute, I’ll make an exception. Just this once.” She said, wiping her salivating mouth as she held his hand up and revealed the four holes in them. “Wow, they really did a number on you, and you still kept fighting. You might have even more screws loose than me.”

Though after she said that, the ruby-eyed girl brought Ash’s hands closer to her mouth then stopped. “Maybe I should get his name first.”

She looked over to Lissandra, whose glare practically said, “Go fuck yourself.”

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter, not like I’m doing you a favor or anything, Lizzie.”

Lissandra tried to say something, but only a mumble came out, which the ruby-eyed girl simply ignored.

“No, no, you lost your chance. I’ll figure it out on my own thank you very much, missy.” She said as a memory popped up in her mind. “You called him Ash earlier, didn’t you.”

Lissandra wanted to groan as she did not use that Halfbreed’s name. It definitely didn’t happen! But what appalled her further was when the ruby-eyed girl bit into Ash’s hand, closing up his wounds as she released him. S-she really didn’t have to do that…

“A-A-A-Amazing!” No longer able to control herself, the ruby-eyed girl wrapped Ash in her long blue dragon tail while licking the blood from her teeth. “Squad T, I’ve decided that this guppy–no–this pup will be our newest member. Sadly I’m going to have to let one of you go. You can choose or fight. I don’t really care.”

The ruby-eyed girl started to walk away with Ash being held up by her tail yet was stopped by a raging presence.

“Like hell! I’m going to trade Ash for one of these jokes,” Lissandra said as her hair reignited. “I doubt they’d last longer than a minute against me, let alone five.”

“Hey!” The rest of Squad T said at the obvious underestimation.

“Oh, hey yourselves! Purify My Foes, Ignis!” Lissandra pulled out her chained obsidian sword of fire from her chest, ready to break school rules for her team. I hate to admit it, but she’s right. Losing a member of my Squad on the second day would give Mother a bigger excuse to call me a disgrace.

That was something Lissandra could live without. Staring at her rival, all she needed to do was put more of her will into Ignis, and she’d win. After all that healing, Lissandra knew she wouldn’t lose. Not this time.

“Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You know what I love the most about you, Lizzie. Is that you don’t know when to quit! It makes it so much more fun when I crush you!” The ruby-eyed girl turned around, ready to face Lissandra, her teeth like a piranha’s sharp and never-ending. “Show Them Terror, Typhon!

A whirlpool of wind and water formed around her, but as it began, it suddenly stopped. She clicked her tongue at the miscalculation and then calmed her nerves though she couldn’t hide the monstrous smile on her face. “Oh Lizzie, if you fight me now, Ash will die before you can even get him to the hospital. So I suggest you run along now.”

Lissandra looked at Ash and clicked her tongue as she could barely hear his heartbeat but losing to her again… I am going to kill you myself when you get better, Ash. “And how do I know you’re not lying?”

“By Dragons,” The ruby-eyed girl shook her head. “How long have we known each other?”

“Too long.”

“Exactly. And how many times have I lied to you?”

“I don’t know. How many times have you lied to me?” Lissandra said, raising an eyebrow.

“Zero. Not a single time. I swear by the Water Dragon Prukis.”

Tch! Fine,” Lissandra said as her hair returned to being black. “But if I don’t see him in class tomorrow, oh there will be hell to pay.”

“Yeah. Yeah. Whatever you say, Princesss.”

“Don’t copy him!”

“Boo, you’re no fun Lizzie.” The ruby-eyed girl said, walking off once more, but that time, she didn’t stop as she stared up at her unconscious prince, who was just putty in her hands. I can’t wait for you to wake up Ash. We have so much to talk about. 

T.K. 月狐