Chapter 1:

Calastro's Wooden Spoon

The Writer of Magic

Where am I? I know I felt sleepy when I got home. But it wasn't this breezy, nor was it this bright. There was a sweet smell wafting through the air, like lemon zest. There were even birds singing calmly. I wish I could sleep like this forever.

Then an unfamiliar buzz of a crowd annoyed me, and the voices of... teenagers? Why do I hear them in my room?

"Just leave him. Entrants who have abyssmal grades like him won't get inside the Academia anyways." An irritable voice seems to criticize me, so I grouchly opened my eyes. Only to find myself overseeing a clear blue sky, and an over the top academy with clear windows and the symbol of the Libra Constellation.

'I must be dead.' I thought to myself.

"Last five minutes before we close the gates!" The student called, her voice amplified by the megaphone. She looked really familiar... Hair red as the setting sun, and eyes blue like the sky. I then caught myself under her gaze and she frowned.

"Hey wooden spoon! You're gonna get written up again!" She called and I staggered. Wooden spoon?

I then found out my hands weren't mine at all. It was filled with unknown callouses, I never handled things that made my hands like this.

'What in the world is this?!' I asked myself. When I began to think that, a huge blue square appeared in front of me.

'Sub-Quest! Cross the School Gate!'
Clearing Condition: Be on time for the Assessment by going inside the school!
Clear Rewards: EXP and Skill: 'Inspection' and Access to 'System'.
Failure: -50 Academy Reputation

'Yep... definetly going crazy.' I laughed nervously.

"3 minutes!" She called again and I cursed under my breath and made a break for it. Once I crossed the gates, a golden screen then appeared before me.

'Sub-Quest Cleared!'
'You have leveled up!!''You have learned "Inspection" and have been granted access to the System Menu.'

"System?" I asked and a screen appears infront of me. I then realized where I was by the name of my title:

Name: Yman Caliesto
Level: 2Weapon Proficiency: None
Class: EntrantAcademy Ranking: 900th
Title: Calastro's Worst Entrant

"What in the name of fresh hell?" I said, Calastro... That's the school I made on a whim when I was writing that Fantasy Novel I never finished back when I was a college student!

Pridesworn. That was what my friend suggested when I was first starting off my writing dream.

It was a story about a group of academy students who solve problem after problem, which starts in the school up until the whole continent. The only problem is... I didn't continue writing it. Since I lost the master script of my novel, I fell into a stump until I completely decided to put it an indefinite hiatus. Until I completely forgotten about it... until today.

"This must be a joke." I whispered to myself.

To make matters worse, the character I'm playing... I haven't named anyone 'Yman Caliesto'. So who are you?!

I head over the fountain and inspected myself. Hair dark as ebony, eyes blood red, and complexion was fair but scratched up. I transmigrated in my discontinued novel as an extra!!

"Not only are you a wooden spoon, you're also insane." A girl's voice said, sending shivers down my spine. I looked behind and saw piercing green eyes looking down at me, her blond hair was tied to a ponytail and was glistening in the sunlight. I vaguely remember her character... Then I remembered the skill I obtained.


A display then appeared before my eyes, it read:

-Due to a high level difference, skills and talents have been rendered hidden-
Name: Claire Venus
Level: 4
Weapon Proficiency: Polearms
Class: Entrant (Possible Route: Lancer)
Academy Ranking: 4th
Title: Prodigy of the Spear's Path

"Why are you staring at me? Are you possibly a pervert too?" Claire looked flabbergasted and I narrowed my eyes. Sure, she has the looks I mean, her family is the Venus Line. But she isn't my type.

"Sorry." I said blandly and she rolls her eyes.

"It's my mistake for ever striking a conversation with a wooden spoon like you. I hope you're ready to be expelled." Claire said in a haughty manner and strides off toward the large building, which I assume is the gymnasium.

I pondered on what she said, and then I remembered. Calastro Academy has a cruel yet effective education system. Those below the 800th rank will be eliminated. And as it stands, I was at the bottom rung. I will be cleaved if I don't do anything.

'But why should I do anything? I'm just an NPC, an extra. I won't have an impact in this story!' I told myself, and that was when I realized that saying things like this means I'm tempting fate. Because once I thought of that sentence, a golden quest screen appeared:

Clearing Condition: Rank up in the Academy Standings to avoid expulsion!! Be at least the 800th Ranked Student. There will be bonus rewards for every hundreth rank jump.
Initial Reward: EXP, New Title, and Talent: 'Late Bloomer'
Failure: Expulsion from the Academy

And I feel like a ton of bricks just fell on my shoulders. How the heck can I rank up if the assessment is today?!

"Hey, did you hear? This assessment will be a team exercise. Those who gets first place will automatically be placed in the Top Spots." The students walking towards the gym said. And I perked up, that's a great way to motivate the students.

Except I know that the Hero and his team will always be ranked one. My luck is just playing tricks on me.

Tobias King, or 'Toby' to his friends. I created him from the ideal heroes cliche. Likable, strong, wise, and has a string sense of justice. He had soft brown curly hair, fair complexion, and sea blue eyes. He is a consistent Rank 1 student, and was every teachers favorite.

"Guess I should just get over there." I sighed and ran towards the Gym.

It was jam packed with students carrying swords, bows, shields, hammers, axes, claymores, staves, and even guns. Yep, this is a futuristic setting if I ever see one. I wonder what possessed me for writing this?

"Hey, is that him? The Wooden Spoon?" A student asked and all eyes were now on me. They were all giving me conceited looks.

"Man, we're finally going to be rid of him. His last assessment, he used a gun. You just point and shoot right? Yet he failed that too..." A marksman said and they were all laughing.

"That means he is a master of none. Heh, look, he's going for the weapon's rack." They were still looking at me once I reached the Hall of Armory.

The Hall is lined with Academy Weapons, basic things that offer basic stat boosts. The problem is, according to my profile... I have yet to find a weapon that is compatible with me. But now... I have a skill to determine if I am compatible with it.


I first looked at the Swords:

-Item Appraised!-
Academic Steel
Type: Sword
Bonus Stat: Strength
Compatibility Rate: E

Then at the Polearms:

-Item Appraised!-
Academic Javelin
Type: Polearm
Bonus Stat: Strength and Aim
Compatibility Rate: E

Then at the Bows:

-Item Appraised!-
Academic Sling
Type: Bow
Bonus Stat: Agility and Aim
Compatibility Rate: E

I appraised every weapon rack. And found out I was incompatible with every mainstream weapon.

'I am so screwed.' I told myself.

"Entrant! You're the only one left!! Hurry up!!" An instructor barked at me and I looked at her pitifully. None of these weapons were compatible with me. I was about to give up when something caught my eye. It was a rack of Magic Catalysts. Dolls, Paper, Crystal Balls, even Books. I took a deep breath and head over there and activated:


-Items Appraised!-

Name: Academic Puppet/Academic Astrolabe/Academic Sheets/Academic Grimoire
Type: Catalyst
Bonus Stat: Mind and Intellect
Compatibility Rate: B/B/B/B

"ENTRANT!" The instructor barked again and I cursed under my breath and just took the Grimoire.

A screen then appeared before me yet again:

-Hidden Quest Cleared!-

-You have leveled up!--You have been bestowed the Title of: The Path of the Spellcaster-

-You have now access to Beginner Magic of: Script of Water/ Script of Wind/ Script of Light-

"What? Did he just... came out with a book?" The students looked at me and they all laughed. But the instructor narrowed her eyes at me.

"This is your last chance to prove everyone wrong kid. Get to the board, your team has been decided." She said and I obliged.

I head for the large screen in the center of the gym, and my name is listed with the Male Lead, Second Lead and the best friend of the female lead:

"Tobias King, Claire Venus, and Lheon Khalid. You will be paired with the last placer." The Headmaster said and I could tell, Lheon and Claire didn't like the idea. But Tobias walked up towards me and gave me a reassuring smile.

"Hey there, Yman Caliesto, right?" He asked.

"Y-yeah. I'm in your care." I bowed politely and Tobias grinned widely, Lheon sighs and Claire rolls her eyes again.

Off to a great start I suppose.