Chapter 2:

TWO- Wake Me Up (Yoshida Masanori)

Life x Like

4 AM

I looked at the time I was jolted up from my sleep. I heard something move and then a "thump".


I turned on a small lamp by my bedside (a night light if you may). I managed to get myself to the source of the noise. It was dark. Everything seemed like it was where I left it.

'It's no robber… Or it would've taken things. Either that or they must've realised that there nothing worth stealing.'

I reached that sort of conclusion in my head and readied my crutches to use as a stick if I needed it to.

'If they steal my paintings or paints though. That's another story.'

I turned on the lights to the hallway and then I saw her.


I heaved a sigh. I was annoyed and mystified at the same time. This person who I had just picked up and placed on the couch, who was sleeping soundly. I think she was even drooling… This girl looked just like the one I drew with the paintbrush.

"Gross…" I said under my breath, seeing all the drool, "She's making the floor all messy. But I don't want to wake her either."

I picked up the brush which I placed on a stand next to the canvas.

"Just what was I given…?"

I dragged myself forward and picked up another canvas from the table. I looked at all the drawings I've made, of all those characters and landscapes I've created.

'If this brush is what I think it is, then maybe I can finally…'

I decided to draw something simple. A furry cute thing, it's fur bring white. It had black eyes and a small tail.

'Well I've ways wanted one as, kid, so why not?'

This process took about an hour to finish. I went semi-realistic with the girl too and yet it ended up so real. After I was done, I waited.

Moments turned into a minute. A minute turned into thirty. Still nothing.

"Huh…?" I said, "Nothing. There's nothing..?"

I looked at the previous piece and noticed something that was missing. I laughed, relieved that I wasn't hallucinating.


I used a thumb brush and wrote my name in calligraphy. Again, I waited.

This time, results were quicker. Minutes later, I heard done shuffling around. The canvas began glowing.


A cat with white fur leapt onto my arms and began snuggling against my chest. I stroked its fur and grinned.

'This is awesome!' I thought, 'But… there must be a catch. There's always one. I don't know what it is but… Until then..'

I looked back at the sleeping girl. Her long, light brown hair was messed up and all over the place. She wore a white coloured dress. A smile was, on her face as she breathed softly and slept soundly.

'All this out of a portrait…' I thought, 'Although, I don't get how she got those clothes all complete. I only drew her from the waist up.'

I shook my head, 'Let's not focus on the details here. All I know is that this brush is a miracle. Whoever this "E" is, I thank them for this.'

With that in mind, I decided to rest. It had only been an hour and a half since this happened. It was 5 AM already, but I decided to cut me some slack. But then I remembered the cat on my lap. I decided to keep it instead of freeing it. Again, I've wanted a cat for a while and I have a soft spot for stray animals anyway. This qualifies as a stray… mostly.

"Get some sleep," I told her, I decided it's a her. "Um… Shiro, Shiro sounds good. You like it?"

The cat purred and took its place on my bed. I smiled for what felt like the first time in a while. I looked back at the girl and wondered what would happen once she woke up.

I shook my head. I had a feeling that when I would wake up, I was gonna have one hell of a time.


10 AM

I hear shuffling in the hallway. I run my eyes heaving a sigh.

"Ugh…" I hear my voice say. I felt the warmth and blinding light of the sun and regretted not closing up the curtains. I walked to the hallway and found that the couch was empty. I look around and find the girl struggling with the chopsticks while trying to eat the ramen I stored on the shelf.

"Well, I guess you found the ramen." I said. Instantly, her mouth hung open and she dropped the chopsticks.

I sigh, "Now how bad do I look to you?"

"Who the hell are you?!" she exclaimed, "Is this harassment? This is harassment isn't it? SOMEBODY -"

"Shut-" I start, but stop myself and sighed. "No, who are you? Wait, do you even have a name?"

"A… name? What's that?" she asked. Her voice sounded strong but cornered and a little meek. It had a sort of a cute it to it to be honest.

"Uhh… How do I explain this..? A name is well… something that people you see call you by."

"So it's a sort of an identification tag?" she asked quizzically.

"You don't know what a name is but you know what a- You know what? Yes, It's like that."

For some reason, I was annoyed that she was here. I haven't had guests in for a while because dealing with social settings were a pain. They always act so nice and friendly but when you mess up, they resort to complaining behind your back. They are some of the most dishonest creatures on the planet along with a few others I can't mention (or it will get controversial and messy and I'll be cancelled online by some Twittards).

"In that case, I don't have a name. I remember being created by you. Your strokes were very detailed and very gentle but apparently, you are hot-headed and a pain in the ass. I imagine you are a lot of trouble to deal with. But I guess you will do. You are my creator after all."

She was getting on my nerves. I don't care about getting insulted in general but how dare she? I forced a smile and chose my words to try to sound calm. Because I had to hand it to her, no one could be such an accurate judge of character.

"I see~. You don't have a name do you? And regarding my personality, tell me something I don't know. I know I'm not that much of a good person, I don't need to be reminded of that. And look who's talking. You messed up my shelf and took my stuff without rearranging it." I pointed to the direction. The shelf was all messy. All those cups of ramen I bought a few, days ago were all arranged beautifully and systematically and here she was ruining it! I was, trying not to laugh when her face turned red with embarrassment.

"Y-you do have a point. But I'm a girl you know! A girl who doesn't know where she is."

"I don't care about that!" I shot back. "Anyone who comes and messes up my arrangement is treated like this. I do understand you wanting food but, messing up my stuff is out of the question!"

"As if this place is clean anyway!" the girl shouted, "Look at that damn table! All messy with your paints and pictures… they do look good though but THAT'S NOT THE POINT! How is it okay when you do it and not me, huh?"

I grit my teeth, "Because, this is my house. I like it this way. If I start working on something, this is how messy it gets, got it?"

Silence feel across the room. The only thing I heard was the sound of the water dripping out from the sink drop by drop. I took a deep breath.

" I'm sorry, I shouldn't have gotten pissed off like that. I just am not used to having people in here."

"I-it's fine I guess. I understand your position. And besides, what did I tell you about your hot-headedness?"

I managed a smile, "Well are you sure that you want me to give you a name?"

"I don't see anything wrong with that. Like sure, you have a temper and you are a little messy. But you are my creator and the first person I've met on my life." she responded, "You must name me."

My mouth widened at that response. I had never expected someone to have anything wrong with something I am doing for them.

'The house feels a teensy bit more lively. I guess I owe it to her. Maybe this gift isn't a bad thing after all. It's more like…'

I made up my mind.

"Miura Rie. Written using the characters for 'blessing' or 'logic'."

Her chocolate brown eyes shined with wonder and that's when I felt a suffocating feeling in my gut." Thank you very much, Master."

I looked at her outstretched hand. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of involving her in my affairs but I thought maybe… just maybe she could make me change.

'Maybe it's for the best.'

I felt myself smile wearily. I took her hand. It was warm and soft and almost… safe.

"Stop it with the 'master'. I'm Yoshida Masanori. Masanori is fine."

"Alright, Masanori. My name from now is Miura Rie. As painful as it is, it's a pleasure to meet you."