Chapter 7:

Never Forget

Death's Rhapsody

Oliver told me a few more small stories about the past. Like how he and my parents often got scolded in the academy and even in the army and also how my parents decided to live together quietly after the battle in which later, they had me.

I also shared some of my stories with my parents with him along the way. Both of us were smiling and sometimes laughing hearing each other’s story no matter how small it was.

The sun was starting to set, the sky painted orange. We were so absorbed in our conversation that we lost track of time.

“Looks like we derailed a bit from our topic.”

“You're right.” I laughed, embarrassed.

After that conversation, we returned to our initial topic at hand.

“Anyway, right. Your enrollment.” he said.

“Right, I was hoping to enroll here.” I repeated what I said at the beginning making sure he didn’t already forget.

“Hmm, I assume you're planning to live in a dorm here as well?” he said while looking at the huge backpack I placed at my side.

“It would be inconvenient to travel from home to here every time after all,” I said. “And staying at an inn would eat up my allowances.”

Luckily, Galdia academy provides dormitory buildings nearby. Though it isn’t a requirement, it is more convenient to live nearby the academy in which they mostly provide the daily necessities you need without actually spending that much.

Oliver immersed himself in thought.

“Is there something wrong?” I asked worriedly.

Oliver must’ve assumed something based on how he looked at me. “No, no. It's not like that,” he said, with a reassuring smile. “It's just, you still need to do the entrance exam required for enrolling.”

“I see. Then, when is the entrance exam?” I asked.

When I arrived, I hardly noticed any students. Though I did see some walking around, I surmised that there were probably upper-level students based on how they casually walked in and out of classrooms carrying what looked like textbooks.

“It’s actually tomorrow, so you’re only a day early.” Oliver said. “There’s no classes during weekends though some students may have special classes to take.”

Explains the reason why there’s only a few students around. He continued. “Usually, I don’t stay in the academy during weekends but I did receive a letter from a certain someone informing me of an enrollee arriving today so I just couldn’t help but come and tell the guard to inform me when someone did come to enroll today.”

And that certain someone was actually my father as he told me earlier during our conversation.

“Then I’ll probably return for the entrance exam.” I said. I should probably find an inn to stay at for a while. I thought when Oliver said something as if reading my mind.

“I’ve been thinking about it for a while but why don’t you just stay at the dormitory then? I’ll make the arrangement for your room.”

“Eh? But I’m not yet officially enrolled though? I haven't even taken the exam yet...”

Dormitories are for official students of the academy only. I can’t imagine having a room prepared for me already when I’m not yet even officially a student here...

“Don’t worry. I’m sure the son of the heroes will pass the exam so I’m just being proactive.” Oliver expressed, smiling confidently.

That’s not the problem though! I felt like pressure was just added to me. I mean, what would I do if I somehow failed the exam? Even if I did have my past experiences of being in a university, this is a different world. And though I do have knowledge about this world, that was 300 years ago and the most I can rely on are the books that I’ve read back home.

“But wouldn't it be bad for you to let someone who’s not a student in the academy stay in the student’s dorm?” Since he’s the headmaster of the academy, it wouldn’t only affect him but the whole academy’s reputation as well when anybody finds out.

“No problem. I would of course make sure no one finds out while you stay until you're officially enrolled”


His face wore a serious expression.

“Come. Allow me to take you to the dorms and make the arrangement for your room.” he stood up and urged me to follow him.

Apparently, I can no longer avoid this unexpected situation.


We arrived at the room that I was about to stay in. Oliver opened the door and guided me in.

The room was quite large for a single person to live in. While it contains a toilet and bath, it also has a small balcony attached to it.

“This is supposed to be for two people like most of the rooms and also for new incoming students. Since you came here early, you're the only one who’ll be using this room for a while.”

“I see...”

That means I’ll be living with someone starting around the first day of academy. It’s probably best to be careful not to leave any trace of me living here beforehand.

“Though, I can arrange a single private room later if you prefer living alone.”

“No, thank you please.” I said, wryly.

It’s already a lot of trouble just having already prepared room for me right before officially enrolling.

“Are you sure?” It looks like he was serious about getting a private room for me...

“...Yes. I’m satisfied with this one already.” I couldn’t ask for more than this so I immediately dismissed that idea. Though, I’m almost sure he’ll still probably do it if I were to ask about it later on...

“Is that so? Well, anyway, I’ll leave you here now. I’ll see you tomorrow during the exams.”

After that, he left. Honestly, he had a really peculiar personality, almost like my parents.

I put down my bag and started arranging my things. It was a long day for me so I felt tired after all that. I took a peek at the bathroom and as expected it provided the minimum size for a student’s use. Despite that, it was still complete with a set of soap and shampoo. I should probably take a bath.

After a few minutes, I finished taking a bath, changed my clothes, and dried my hair using wind magic. This is probably where the hairdryer should come useful and although I don’t have one, fortunately I can still use magic.

Using my essence, a small wind gathered on my palm. I controlled the wind and gently swirled it around my hair until it was dry enough.

Magic sure is convenient.

After my hair dried, my body instinctively fell on the bed. I’m tired and sleepy.

It was still early into the night. Oliver didn’t mention any specific time and said that I just have to go to the academy grounds early. So, that meant I had to wake up early as well. The moon is shining at its brightest. I closed my eyes and let myself fall asleep.

A world of white.

From somewhere distant, I heard a voice echo.

“Hey, do you still remember?”

A woman’s voice. A sense of dread creeps up through my body. That voice...

I tried to trace the sound of the voice but as I did, the world suddenly changed.

Rain? The sound of rain beating through the ground was loud.

I found myself surrounded by trees. Overcast night sky loomed over the ground. I felt something below. When I looked down I saw her.

Her eyes had no light in them, blood flowing through the ground. I don’t know when and how, but I was holding her lifeless hands.

It’s cold.

This is…!

My heart suddenly started beating faster. I broke into a cold sweat. I remembered it as clear as day. It’s something I would never forget like a curse binding my heart and mind.

I fearfully looked around.


Four bodies in total including the one I’m holding right now. Those were the bodies of my friends I’ll never see again.

I started to palpitate. The pain started to become so unbearable that I instinctively grasped my chest.

My eyes burst open. I found myself staring at the ceiling from my bed. I realized I’d been dreaming. No, more like a nightmare. It was the dead of the night.

I grasped my chest and it was beating normally but the sense of pain lingered.

“It’s okay... I still remember.”