Chapter 13:

Chapter 4: The Doctors of Dragoon Academy Part III

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 4: The Doctors of Dragoon Academy Part III

With that, Rhodes went back to sitting in the corner, presumably to sleep as he didn’t make a sound for the rest of the class. Speaking of the actual Astrology class, because of all the time wasted, the most they got to was the syllabus which didn’t really say much. Practically the only thing they learned was that the room could let them glimpse into other Domains as it was meant to help them stargaze. Other than that, it was just a pile of reading assignments they had to do. At least Dr. Torchedgaze wasn’t evil like the rest of the professors by making the homework due the next day. He gave them until Monday.

“Ahahaha, I apologize for the delay. I got quite ahead of myself.” Dr. Torchedgaze said, bowing his head to the leaving students who begged him not to.

“It’s fine.”

“Please don’t lower your head.”

“Thank you for taking the time to teach us.”

Looking at how everyone seemed to revere gramps, Ash couldn’t help but bring it up as Squad S walked back to their dorm. It sure beat the silence they traveled in since no one really wanted to talk about the whole Alexis-Rhodes fiasco.

“So what’s up with the way people treat Gramps?”

“Please don’t call him that,” Lissandra replied.

“What, would Grunkle be better?”

“Ssshut your mouth!”

Ash couldn’t help himself after finding out more about the less rip his throat out for breathing Lissandra and the sweeter one he had first met. He just had to tease her.

“Why, it’s adorable, Princesss.”

“Do you want to die!”

“Not in the slightest, Princesss. Cindy took all the fight out of me.”

“You mean Cinder.” Scott corrected.

“Yeah, her.”

“Already forgetting a challenger’s name.” Lissandra sighed. “Like I said, Humans are selfish.”

“Do you realize how many introductions I sat through today? She’s lucky I remember her name starts with a C.”


“I—You—forget it.” Ash couldn’t stand that look in her eyes as she said that. As if he was just like them when he wasn’t. What could he do for her to see him differently?

“Well, to answer your earlier question, Ash,” Scott said, seeing the conversation turn for the worst. “The Cardinal—I mean Dr. Torchedgaze is one of the few religious heads that visits public institutions, so many students, including myself, have met him in one way or another. Not to mention he gives out fairly accurate divinations due to how much time he spends stargazing.”

“Then why have I never seen him?”

“One, he doesn’t like TV, and two, he um….” Scott pressed his fingers together, not quite sure how to put it, but Lissandra was there to save him the trouble.

“He doesn’t like Humans. Or the other Dragonoid races, for that matter. Thinks that Drakos and Delakai are the only ones worth praise.”

“Yeah… that’s where the Duke—I mean Dr. Kindlemind shines. He’s more open to the prospect of different cultures coming together.”

“Well, that’s a pain. I like Gramps way more than Dr. Snakeeyes.”

“Don’t we all,” Lissandra said, holding back a laugh as she opened up their room door. Ash was just about ready to pass out as it was 9 at night, and he had a pretty eventful first day. Now was the time for him to recharge his batteries as he dropped his things by the door and aimed for the bed.

“Finally I can sleep—”

“Oh no you don’t. We have homework to do.” Lissandra said, throwing him his bag, sword, board, and cloak.

Ducking out of the way of his countless items, Ash yawned. “Give it a rest Princesss. I need sleep. It’s been a long day.”

“I am not failing this term because you wanted to sleep in when Dragonoids only need 6 hours of sleep!”

“Jokes on you. I need 8 hours. Did you forget I’m Human—”

“I remember you saying you were a Dragonoid yesterday?”

“Uh… I did say that—Wait a minute, you can’t just pick and choose when you want me to be a Dragonoid.”

“Isn’t that what you’re doing?”

“I’m going to bed.”


“Wait! Please!” Ash quickly covered his head as Baron’s grip was actually painful, but after a few moments of nothing happening, he looked up to see that Baron was nowhere near him. “Wait a minute, where’s Baron?”

Lissandra surveyed the room and noticed that it wasn’t just Baron missing. “Where’s Lexi?”

“Oh, so they’re finally getting that alone time,” Ash said, wiggling his eyebrows 

“Shut the hell up, Human! Those two aren’t like that.”

“I could’ve sworn they were dating.”

“Actually no, they aren’t a couple,” Scott said, strolling out of the bathroom and headed for the sink. “They both left some time when we were walking while you two were bickering.”

Lissandra and Ash both looked at Scott as if there was no way they missed them leave, but he just continued talking while he dried his hands.

“Alexis wasn’t in the mood to listen to you two. While Baron went to keep an eye on her. And quite frankly, I can understand how Ash didn’t notice, but Lissandra, this just shows how your hate for Ash is affecting your leadership.”

“I don’t hate him.”

“Yeah you do.” Scott shot back, making Lissandra look away from his clear blue gaze; that was right, but she just couldn’t admit it. Not to Scott, who was only supposed to see her good side.

“I call him Human instead of Halfbreed, just like he asked.”

“Yeah, and you look like you want to bite your own tongue off each time you say it."

Scott had realized something today: if they were to be a team, they simply had to trust one another. Fighting a Baal and winning was a fluke, a miracle that only worked due to luck. Against anything serious, if they bickered... They could die. And he wasn’t going to let that happen.

“Lissandra, can you just try using his name—”

“Not. Happening,” Lissandra said, shutting Scott down as he made his stand.


This time Ash interrupted Scott by patting his head with a smile that said I’m proud of you. “Thanks for trying Scott, but the Princesss has a hard time saying words with an S in them.”

“That’sss not true!”

“You’d probably say it like Asssh.”

“I have said it before!”

“Really, then let me hear it.” Ash cupped his ear as he stood close to Lissandra with a smirk.

“You think you’re so clever, Human. Turning Scott against me. I’ll have you know I will not be fooled, and I’m the one in charge so—” Lissandra placed her hand on her chest, covering her dragon skull tattoo. “Purify My Foes, Ignis!”

“Wait Princesss! I wasn’t kidding when I said I was tired—”

Lissandra wrapped her sword around Ash, effectively tying him up, then her intimidating gaze fell onto Scott, who only gulped as she spoke to him with the command and authority of a Dragoness.

“Go downstairs and bring back a twenty-four pack of DD. We will pass that quiz tomorrow. All of us.”

“Can you bring back a root beer flavor—”

“Who said you could speak.” Lissandra tightened the bind on Ash and glanced at Scott. “Bring a variety pack.”

“Uh, Princess—I mean Lissandra… I think you’re killing him.” Scott said, pointing out the fact that Ash was turning blue as his uniform ripped.

Though Lissandra paid him no mind waving it off as a necessary sacrifice. “It’s fine since we can always ask her to patch him up tomorrow morning. Since he wants to be all friendly.”

“You know I think you may be worst than Tuvira.” Ash managed to say with a laugh.

“Oh I better be!” Lissandra tightened Ignis around him even further as a devilish smile formed on her face matching her red hair and horns.

“That is not a compliment! Why are you smiling? Scott, help a brother out! Don’t leave me!”

Scott clasped his hands together and bowed his head. “For Fire Cleanses All.”

“Don’t give me a prayer! Wait little bro don’t go—Princesss, it’s starting to burn… Ouch! Ok, I’m sorry, I’ll study! I’ll study! Mommy…”

Scott closed the door behind him, trying to ignore his big brother’s screams and… Laughter? It had been another day, and he wasn’t any closer to understanding Humans than the last day. Though that could just be an Ash thing. Scott wasn’t too sure, but he decided he better hurry before the Princess loses it and destroyed their room. So with his goggles on, he mapped out the fastest path to the nearby minimart on campus. It had been a while since he’d done this, but he couldn’t hold them back. Scott thought as he jumped from the second-floor balcony.


Alexis, having escaped the hurricane that was Ash and Lissandra, was chilling out in a tree at the school’s park. She had passed by some students on the way, but they quickly left when they noticed her, giving her the peace and quiet she needed. Plucking leaves from her little canopy, Alexis burned them with a soothing breath as the smell of ashes reminded her of home. Back when she had one—

Alexis's neck began to tighten as if it was caving in on itself. The feeling of being choked by nothing more than herself was one that could only mean someone was nearby staring at her bare face.

“Like what you see,” Alexis called out.

“Not really.”

The pain subsided, and Alexis could breathe again unhindered by the seal on her neck. “Why’d you stop? You know I like it when you choke me, Bear.”

“I don’t. Put your hood back on so we can talk like normal.”

Baron stood under the tree with his back turned, avoiding any chance of catching a glimpse of Alexis, but she could care less about that. When was the last time she saw him clearly, his broad shoulders yet meek smile? Smelled his scent, where behind the sweat was a touch of primrose. The roughness in his voice, the softness of his touch, the taste of hate he had for himself due to this being his fault. Even though she told him it wasn’t.

Alexis could only chuckle at his naivete as she flipped out of the tree and landed in front of him with a toothy grin.

“Isn’t it normal to have eye contact when you talk?”

Alexis cupped Baron’s cheek, forcing him to look at her with little resistance, and though it was painful, it came with an indescribable bliss to have his silver eyes gaze upon her.

“Wow, Bear, you’re a lot more manly than I remembered. We should go out sometime. Have some fun. It can be a date.”

“Ask me again when you’re yourself.” Baron brushed away her hand and turned his back on her. “And I’ll say yes.”

Alexis’s chuckle became a laugh. “That’s funny because I am myself! So where do you wanna go? There’s this fancy-schmancy restaurant on campus. I heard it’s all you can eat. Or we can hit up the arcade. Boy, I’d kill to kick your ass at that. Maybe the movies?”

“You hate the movies.”

“I hate watching movies. But I’m always down for a flick and chill sesh.” Alexis made a gesture that Baron was glad to have not seen.

“You done?”

“No, there’s still the—”

“Put your hood back on.”

“Why don’t you look me in the eyes and say that hypocrite.”

Baron turned around with a sharpened gaze and slicked back horns. Though his face was filled with anger, Alexis could only taste his sorrow. It was bitter like raindrops, the opposite of what she wanted. But she just couldn’t help herself as she began to laugh hysterically.

“Man, Bear, you look like a murderer.”

Don’t say anymore.

“Then again, isn’t that what you are.”

Stop it.

“You killed them, and there they are staring down on you high up in the sky.


“Isn’t that hilarious? How the only people who can look down on you are the ones, you killed. My poor pitiful Bear, aren’t you lucky to have me to remind you.”

“You done?”

“No, there’s still that—”

This time Baron embraced her. His stoneface never wavered, but the smell of rain did and became sharp roses that pricked her till her eyes bled.

“Alexis, please put your hood back on. For me.” He asked.

“How can you….”

Alexis clicked her tongue and placed the hood back over her head, taking in one final breath of the aroma filled with love. There her senses dulled, and her thoughts stabilized as she was once again Alexis Sparkfang.


When Scott returned to the dorm room with the energy drinks in hand, Ash was surprisingly still alive, albeit his uniform was torn up and there were minor cuts but all in all, he was breathing. Though the eerie silence of the two studying was unsettling.

“I’m back?”

“Why does that sound like a question?” Ash asked, looking up from his textbook on Monsters.

“Hey! Who said you could stop?”

“I already told you I know about Kobolds. The little green people, hide in caves, fight in groups.”

“Those are goblins.”

“Same thing.”

“Kobolds have tails.”

“Ok, so goblins with tails. Like that is going to be on the quiz.”

“You don’t know what it’ll ask!”

Scott let out a sigh of relief as it looked like the two were ok and handed Lissandra her favorite flavor of DD—Crème—while Ash got his root beer flavored. Scott himself pulled out a strawberry can before putting the rest in the fridge.

“Thanks Scott. You’re a lifesaver.” Ash said once again, taking a break from reading, but that time Lissandra let it slide.

“You’re lucky I’m parched.”

“Parched?” Ash laughed. “Who says that.”

“I say that.”

“Of course you do Princesss—gulp.”

Lissandra rewrapped Ignis around Ash, almost spilling his drink, then released him. “Don’t start stepping out of line just because Scott’s here.”

“Fine. Fine. Sheesh. So Scott, how was the trip?”

“To the store?

Scott wasn’t too sure what he was getting at, but the way Ash looked at him as if he could see all of his secrets. Scott couldn’t help but fidget. He had done nothing wrong! So there was no reason for Ash to worry.

“Where else?” Ash said, drinking his heavenly canned drink.

“It was fine?”

“Hey Princesss, doesn’t Scott fidget when he lies.”

“Where did that come from!” Scott said, surprised Ash knew about his uncontrollable movement.

Lissandra took a sip from her drink, finding it hard not to smile from how easy it was to figure out Scott. “I wasn’t going to confront him about it, but yes, he’s lying.”


“Sorry Scott, but I can’t help but wonder what took you so long,” Lissandra said, inching closer to him.

“I went as fast as I could.”

“We both know that’s not true since if you were, it would’ve taken you 15 minutes, not close to an hour. Did someone get in your way?”


Ash appeared in front of Scott with a demonic grin. “Who did it? Who hurt you? I’ll kill them.”

“No, both of you calm down. I just ended up getting sucked into a conversation with the lady at the register.”

“Oh,” Ash said, calming down.

“Why didn’t you just say so,” Lissandra said, also giving Scott some breathing room.

“I said I was fine.”

Seeing an opening between the two beasts, Scott slipped through their encirclement and headed to the safety of his bed, where he pulled out his Bestiary, flipping through the pages. “So we’re learning about Kobolds. Does that mean you already went over the Psych homework?”

“Yeah, just like him, his homework was a joke. We have to keep a journal and log our feelings for the school year.” Ash said, waving a small bound notebook.

“By the way Scott, did you see Alexis or Baron while you were out?” Lissandra asked as she finished her drink.

Scott shook his head. “Nope.”

“Hmmm, maybe we should look for them?”

“Or you can just use your PDA,” Ash said, going to his bed and pulled out his PDA. “And find out they're on the way back to the dorm.”

“Wait, it can do that?” Lissandra said, surprised that the school allowed such a feature.

“Only with people you’ve registered as contacts. How else do you think I find Tuvira.”

“I wonder” Lissandra pulled out her own PDA and smiled. “We can even track our professors with it.”

“Wait, really?” Scott said, checking his own PDA.

Ash shrugged his shoulders. “So?”

“Only you would think not knowing what your teachers are doing as unimportant.”

“It is. I barely like seeing them during class, so what should I care about seeing them outside of it.”

Lissandra shook her head with a sigh. “Humans, what can you do.”

“Princessess, what can you do?” Ash said, mimicking Lissandra.

“So it says here that Kobolds also worship Dragons,” Scott said, ignoring them both. “They’re more like us than I realized.”

“Yeah I know," Ash said, noticing Lissandra's lizard tongue. "I’m looking at one right now—”

Lissandra threw her empty can of DD nailing Ash right between the eyes.

“Keep talking, and I’ll be breaking an arm.”

“I’d like to see you try—Wait, I was kidding!”

“Oh Dragons. We’re going to fail tomorrow.” Scott muttered as he popped open another can of DD, which shrouded the sound of the two love birds entering the room.

“Wow, they’re still going at it.”


“Lexi!” Lissandra appeared before her hooded friend and pulled her in close. “Is everything ok? Do you want to talk about it?”

Alexis didn't know what to say as once again Lissandra surprised her with how she could care about a Faceless."I’m good Liz. Already had my therapy sesh with Baron.”

“Oh.” Lissandra deflated a little bit, but that didn’t stop her. “I kind of figured that, but you can talk to me. We’re best friends, remember.”

Alexis scratched her head. “Yeah…”

“And I’m your Leader. If something is bothering you, I need to know so I can take care of it.”

“Alright." Alexis sighed. "I get it. I’ll see what I can do Liz.”

Accepting her friend’s answer, Lissandra looked up at her giant friend. “Thank you Baron, for taking care of her.”

“It’s no problem at all, Lissandra.”

“Is that DD, I see?” Alexis said, snooping past Lissandra’s earnest gaze. “Hell yeah!”

“Yup, Scott brought back some,” Ash said, popping open another can from the fridge. “Want one?”

“Damn right!”

“So we’re really going to be studying late tonight,” Baron said with a sheepish smile.

“Study???” Alexis pulled her head from the fridge then began to creep towards the door, only to be restrained by Ignis. “I hate studying!”

“You and me both,” Ash said, catching her can of lemon and lime flavored DD that flew from her grasp.

“We are not failing the easiest part of school!” Lissandra roared, torching some of the air.

“Fighting is so much easier.” Alexis and Ash both muttered.


“Double Jinx!!”

“Triple Jinx!!!”

Ash and Alexis broke out into a fit of laughter while receiving wary sighs from their childishness. And though they sighed, everyone in the room was happy to see the sparkle from Alexis’s smile that could be seen even past the veil of darkness from her hood.

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