Chapter 14:

Chapter 4: The Doctors of Dragoon Academy Part IV

Dragonoid Chronicles

Chapter 4: The Doctors of Dragoon Academy Part IV


Oh, I’m surprised to see you at this hour?” Dr. Torchedgaze said as he opened the door to his classroom. Don’t you have a class to teach in the morning? Duke Kindlemind.”

Slithering past the old man’s gaze, Dr. Kindlemind checked out the classroom. It was much bigger than his, and he even felt the intense presence of the Dragons. “Oh please, no need for titles Gawain—”

“I’d watch how you address the Cardinal, Snake.” Rhodes gripped onto his blade, ready to cut off Dr. Kindlemind's tongue if he continued to disrespect the geezer.

“Heel Rhodes. It’s ok.” Dr. Torchedgaze said, taking a seat at his desk.

“You’re never going to let that go, huh.”

“What? It fits. The Halfbreed probably doesn’t even know that you wield Cerberus. Which makes it even more amusing to me.”

“You know what? I hope this Snake eats you alive old man.” Rhodes said as he went to the corner of the room and took a nap.

“Rude. You don’t believe I’d ever do such a thing Gaw—” Dr. Kindlemind hesitated as he noticed the slight head movement come from Rhodes and decided he wasn’t going to push his luck. Not around that untamed beast. “Dr. Torchedgaze.”

“Cut to the chase, Dr. Kindlemind. You’re gnawing at me already, and I’d rather not have to deal with you more than I have to.”

“Why so aggressive? What have I ever done to warrant such a nasty reputation?”

“That Halfbreed and that Princess of Water and all of those other infidels. They all tread upon sacred grounds. To allow them to each take part in the ritual, enter Delakai’s Domain. You really want me to kill you.”

“Hey now," Dr. Kindlemind smiled. "I know you can’t see yourself or me for that matter, but that face does not suit such a holy man like yourself.”

“What do you want, Damien?”

“That’s better. And speaking of that Halfbreed.”

Damien couldn’t even keep his fake smile as the mere thought of the creature made him sick to his stomach. What made it worst was how his body chose flight in the face of someone as insignificant as him. Fear usually left a bad taste in his mouth, but humiliation was an indescribable taste of bile that needed to be cleansed.

“Recently, it’s come to my attention that one of my precious students was humiliated by him. Oh, she cried to me for hours, and as much as I enjoyed her company, seeing her distraught has me heartbroken.”

“Quit the games. I already know you were the one who set up the whole confrontation.” Dr. Torchedgaze said, taking a slight pleasure in the Duke’s momentary loss of composure on his face.

“I thought you liked games.”

“Not when my Granddaughter is involved.”

“And that’s why you should’ve left her with me. I would’ve taken good care of the young Princess of Fire.”


With his greatsword in hand, Rhodes appeared before Dr. Kindlemind, ready to strike him down, but he didn’t flinch or cower away. Damien simply spoke.


And Rhodes dropped to the ground. Though he could move his head, his body was forced to sit.

“To think that I would have to reveal my trump card so early in the meeting.” Dr. Kindlemind sighed as he stared down at his handiwork. It was impressive.

“Your blasphemy knows no bounds.” Dr. Torchedgaze said as he too was glued to his seat.

“My, my, the range on this is impeccable.”

“What do you want, Snake.” Dr. Torchedgaze said, seeing the Duke for what he was.

“What I want is something that benefits us both. I want a divination on Ash Spitfire—” Damien could not believe he had to say his full name. He would have to have his tongue brushed 5 times over.

“—I need him to suffer a pain worst than death. But for that, I need to know him inside and out. Yet his family has disappeared without a trace. Not even my own diviners work on him either. So I need you.”

“Ha, I thought you were a non-believer." Dr. Torchedgaze scoffed, remembering all the times the Duke got in his way with his heinous reforms. "That my words were lies.”

“See, I told you. I’ve changed.” Dr. Kindlemind chuckled as everyone in the room knew that was a lie.

“Fine, I’ll do it.”


“Don’t act so surprised. Like I would let an undeserving Human defile my Granddaughter’s name. Just knowing they're in the same room is enough to make me—”

Parts of the room began to catch fire, and Dr.Kindlemind scratched his cheek as he wasn’t too sure if he’d spontaneously combust. That was not how he wanted to go out, but he was too weak from using his Dragontongue that he had to just pray the old crone calmed down.

Thankfully as quick as the fire burned, it went out, and Dr. Torchedgaze hummed to himself with his eyes closed. Then when they opened, he spoke:

“If you don’t want to kill him, then you must break his bonds.”

“Break his bonds. I already told you his parents are gone—”

“I don’t mean familial... I mean his companionship. Turns out for all his hot air, he genuinely cares about his Squad from the bottom of his heart.”

“In two days?”

“Not everyone has a heart of stone.”


“Well, I’m sure you don’t want me meddling with Lissandra, so what am I going to do?" Dr. Kindlemind waved his hands around. "Can’t you dig a little deeper? You know, read the Stars?”

Dr. Torchedgaze shook his head. “I could if I wasn’t stuck to my chair. Kind of need my hands. Where did you even learn that?”

“Don’t worry about it. It’ll wear off once I’m gone.”

Dr. Torchedgaze sighed. “He actually has a strong connection with that Hostage. So use her.”

“Oh really, then this will be easy.”

“How so?”

“Do you not pay attention to your students?”

“Only to the faithful.”

“And that’s why you’ll always be played.” Dr. Kindlemind shook his head as it was true what they say: Only fools received divine gifts. “My heart may not have that fire, but at least I understand people. And Tuvira is quite special. Her entire team hates her and secludes her from everything. Imagine what will happen if she lost the one person she trusts—”

“Can you please shut up!” Rhodes yelled, trying his damndest to grab his sword to no avail, “I can’t move, but I can still hear, and my Dragons, are you annoying! I literally have to concentrate on hearing, yet your voice can somehow slither into my mind droning on and on.”

Dr. Kindlemind paid him no mind and whispered. “How do you deal with such a rowdy beast?”

“He’s not wrong, you know.” Dr. Torchedgaze said, having already decided to torch him within the next 10 seconds if he didn’t leave. “You truly have overstayed your welcome.”

“Fine, fine. Thank you for the aid Gawain. I'll be sure that the Princess isn’t caught in the fire.” Dr. Kindlemind laughed as he walked outside, where Cinder was waiting for him.

“So? Have you found out a way to get back at him?” Cinder said, all giddy as she walked beside the man who cared for her.

“Of course, my precious little student.” Dr. Kindlemind said, running his hand through her grey hair. “When have I ever failed to deliver.”

“Never. It’s thanks to you I’m even here.”

“No need to thank me for that. It was the right thing to do. We’re all Dragonoids, after all, so why can’t we all be treated equally.”

“You’re right!”

“Of course, I am, which is why I need you to befriend Tuvira Moonstar.”

Cinder stopped in place as she was already seen as an outcast among her fellow Dragonoids for being a Ventus Dragonoid, so hanging out with an Aqua Dragonoid would make matters worst. “The Princess of Water?"

“Yup, she is how we’ll get back at that Halfbreed.”  Dr. Kindlemind smiled, beckoning Cinder forward, who was simply entranced by his golden eyes enough to agree to whatever he asked as she threw out a compliment.

“Oh, I love it when you smile like that.”


“Yup, it’s like totally badass.”

And for the rest of the night, Dr. Kindlemind practiced perfecting his “badass” smile in the mirror just so when he sprang it on someone; they’d tremble. Whether that was important to know is another story; however, the night was still young for some.


Hearing more knocking at his classroom door Dr. Torchedgaze allowed them in. It was about 4 in the morning, and even he was about to go to bed, so seeing that his Granddaughter was still dressed was a surprise.

“May I come in, Grunkle?”

“Of course, my door is always open for my little Lizzie.”

“Well... I don’t want to take up much of your time.”

“Please, it’s ok. Sit down. I can have Rhodes make some tea. I’m sure you’re having a hard time sleeping after today. It’s probably stressful leading a group of people again, especially with a Halfbreed no less.”

Lissandra sat down in the chair Rhodes placed in front of Dr. Torchedgaze’s desk, and soon after, Rhodes came back with some Dragon's Dream tea. Partially because he was forced to, but he had no qualms with the Princess of Fire as she seemed to be taking good care of his sister. So he owed her whatever crappy tea he could scramble together.

“Yeah, he wears me out, and he’s partially the reason why I’m up right now,” Lissandra said, thanking Rhodes for his tea that tasted like leaves and steamed water.

“He had a hard time concentrating on his studies." Lissandra continued. "Always having to make a comment about everything. He just never listens. You know I had to restrain him? Just so he didn’t run out of the room.”

“Ahahaha. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you.” Dr. Torchedgaze said, not even attempting to try Rhodes’s hastily crafted tea. “You know I could pull some strings and get him off your team if you want. You shouldn’t have to babysit.”

“You babysat me?”

“But that’s different. You were filled with potential.”


“You still haven’t reached your peak.” He corrected, ignoring the snicker from Rhodes.

“I hope so…” Lissandra looked at her reflection in the cup. She saw herself for who she was. That incompetent little girl from ten years ago. The same know it all that failed to understand even her best friend as she chose to put her life in jeopardy. And for what fame? 

Lissandra let out a sigh deciding not to take another sip from Rhodes' tea. “You know I recently fought Ash—”

“I’m sure it was a piece of cake.”

“I had to use Ignis and overload him.”

“What, why?" Dr. Torchedgaze was practically about to fall out of his seat hearing how worst Lissandra's member must have gotten to use that much force on a mere Human. "That’s like starting a forest fire to kill a roach.”

Lissandra laughed. “You’re right. He’s like a roach that just wouldn’t die. You know I saw his face fill with anguish during our fight. Right when our blades met." 

Lissandra still remembered the blood that ran down from his eyes. It was strange because, at first, she had thought it came from an open wound. But after replaying that scene over and over in her mind. That torrent of emotions. Hidden behind the veil of darkness. Lissandra realized those were tears. The tears of a Devil.

"I even got a vision of him running." Lissandra still felt the young Ash's panic that resonated well with her own. "Of him scared. I mean, he hasn’t been afraid since I’ve met him, and he’s gotten into a fight with me, a Baal, seen a Griffon, and he even wants to fight Rhodes.”

“I’ll take him on any time,” Rhodes said, showing off his Sparkfangs which Lissandra ignored as she continued.

“It was strange because he had as much a clue as to why he was afraid as I did. It was too dark and murky to see anything. I could only hear a woman's voice say:

I’ll protect you.”

Dr. Torchedgaze lifted up his teacup, truly enthralled by her story. “Are you saying your Stars Aligned?”

“Yes, they did.”

“Stars Aligning with a Human… That’s not good.” Dr. Trochedgaze said, placing the teacup down and moving it away from him as it tasted like the Yellow river.

“It isn’t." Lissandra nodded. "Because I’m sure he has my trauma as well.”

“Even more of a reason to get rid of him.”

“Grunkle! I’m not going to kill him!”

“Ahahaha, I didn’t mean it like that. I was just thinking you could replace him with someone else. They don’t even have to be from a different race. The school year just started, and there are plenty of candidates who didn’t come in because we had to appease those heretics—”

“I refuse.”

“But why? I know you’re not adverse to me pulling strings.”

“Actually, I am. If I'm not worthy, then I don’t want it. Chara didn’t need outside help.”

“The Red Comet didn’t have to deal with a Human who is obviously a bad influence. It’s all because he was allowed to enter Delakai’s Domain. We should have never allowed this. I’m going to talk to the Headmaster and make things right—"

“No, you’re not. There will be an uproar, and besides, I’m not going to leave someone who’s obviously crying for help!”  

Lissandra stood up as just feeling the words leave her lips; she knew they were true. The way he clutched onto that woman’s arm, his overbearing attitude yet lack of self-preservation. It was a cry for help that reached out to her. Even after the hell, she put him through. 

“That happened years ago." Dr. Torchedgaze reasoned, trying to calm her down. "For all you know, he’s already moved past that.”

“That’s not how Stars Aligning works. It has to be an unresolved issue.”

“I taught you way too much...”

“You haven’t taught me enough.” Lissandra shot back. 

“Ahahaha. You know, as much as I missed this,  you should be getting to bed. It’s late.”

“Oh wow, time does fly when I’m with you. I didn’t even get to talk about my actual problem.”

Dr. Torchedgaze raised an eyebrow. “It wasn’t about the Human?” 

“Of course not. I’m not even sure how the topic focused on him. What I wanted to discuss is the fact that your behavior in class was inappropriate.”

“Inappropriate how—”

“Let me finish." Lissandra raised her hand, evoking her authority as a Princess of Fire. "Listen carefully, I don’t care how close we are or how much it pains me to say this, but if you ever hurt a member of my squad again, I’ll have no choice but to retaliate.”

“What are you—”

“Alexis took off her hood today. She didn’t tell me, but I noticed a change in her breathing ever since she met Rhodes. I’m sure meeting her brother and seeing him take off his hood forced her hand.”

“Well, I’m sorry that happened, but that wasn’t my faul—”

“It was! Whether or not the Dragons tell you to do something doesn’t make you absolved of all problems. You know Rhodes is unhinged. You know they’re siblings. You know he’s tried to kill her before. And you know she loves him!”

“I'm sorry. That was bad judgment on my part.” Dr. Torchedgaze said, prepared to get on his knees to beg for forgiveness, yet Lissandra would never let that happen as she shook her head.

“If you understand, then don’t let it happen again.”

“I won’t.”

“Thank you and Grunkle... It was good talking to you again. We should do this more often.”

“Of course. Any time my dear.”

With that, Lissandra left the room where she didn’t hear the roar of laughter come from Rhodes, who had heard it all.

“You’re so fucked old man. When she finds out you helped out that snake.”

“Shut up! She just has to not lose.”

“Hey man, I saw the battle myself. It was so one-sided. I mean Tuvira could take out all 5 of them by herself. And that was the run where my Little Sis didn’t go apeshit and disqualify herself. Ash doesn’t even make it to the end of the battle. The idiot’s a loose cannon going off on his own. And Lissandra, oh Dragons, she still only has one trait awakened, compared to Tuvira, who in some scenarios gets a third during their fight.”

“Shut up!”

“Man, this is great!”

“We have a month. So much can change it in that time.”

“Oh, but aren’t they destined to lose? I mean, Drakos says so—”

“I will not lose my Granddaughter’s trust, you hear me! They won’t lose. And she won’t find out.”

Rhodes let out a sigh and smiled. “Maybe there’s hope for you yet, geezer. Just don’t listen to a Snake next time.”

Though by that point, Dr. Torchedgaze didn’t even hear him as his room became an Observer’s Domain filled with Stars where he connected and disconnected from them, viewing into the minds of the Dragons of old. Conversing with those who responded and gazing as far into the future as he could, trying to find a favorable outcome.

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